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What would happen if America STOPPED outsourcing its manufacturing jobs to China?

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posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 04:11 AM
WHY OUT SOURCE JUST BOYCOT CHINA PRODUCTS only thing that doesn't work there is drugs are made in china want to slow down the biggest economy next oil.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:43 AM
Speaking "as" a manufacturing company, I can assure you, the post along buying quality is the exception, not the norm. We purchase things to dispose of shortly down the road, we are literally buying goods in China in order to bury in our landfills, and we might as well just complete the picture and have this garbage sent directly to the landfills and ommit stocking them on any shelves.... This is the sick truth to it all, and the boomers who have squandered our resources, have lived as the elite "entitled" work force, is finally dying out and what we are left with is a huge mess.

We don't buy quality, we want crapola, and we don't care where it comes from, even if it's fueling our enemies, it's about the bottom line, with endless consumerism run rampantly out of control. Guess what, no matter how much you buy, you won't fill that void, the marketing companies lie to us, they are there to make a buck, and we insist they are all legit, and never dare to look below the surface to realize that we are starving our local economies just to have something that will only take up space.

Right now America is being purchased by communism and islam, we are selling our inheritance to the highest bidder, and it's only a matter of time before we are going to be kicked out of our own country. You buy local, something made locally, and hopefully not through or by some useless union, and the positive's far outweigh the negatives, but you gotta think further then a 24 hour period in order to realize those bennies. One worker, a mere grunt or cog in the process, getting paid for a full wage is going to be paying for fuel, food, supporting their own needs just to do the job, not to mention their families, and their money's transfer directly back into the economy. You end up "hopefully" with something of quality that will outlast anything made in commie land, that can actually be fixed up down the road for further use and/or resale, and you don't have to purchase it again in your lifetime. We don't think that way, we still insist upon our local's to live off of a bowl of rice, and wonder why there is no motivation for getting things done right.

We used to defend our way of life and our democracy with a vengance, we have sold it out and continue to do so because we don't think past the end of our noses. I saw this whole mess coming the moment gas hit over 2.00 a gallon, back in 2007. Once that happened, all goods and services skyrocketed, and it has never recovered. You control the cost of fuel, you control the economy, and guess who is controlling the cost of fuel....islam!!!!

I've ran many experiements as a manufacturer in the past, computer workstations for example, where I can build something that will never fall apart, even my prototype which I used for over a decade, took serious effort to take apart, yet it wasn't made out of glass and metal by some huge conglomerate, so they never really took off. Those competing workstations, all totally obsolete, replaced with the newer, shinier garbage, are on the market to replace their prior ones, which in turn are in the landfill only a few short years after they were purchased. We don't buy quality as well, not price wise, but because we change our minds every year, so it doesn't have to last past our constant need to change themes and rearange stuff. Remember similar cabinets made in the 70's? Those still are kicking around the second hand stores to this day, it goes to show, that we have the capacity to build quality, but the problem is, one must also build something tasteful and not dependent upon current trends.

What I do now for a living is merely filling in on jobs nobody can afford to have happen for them, I can charge a far less rate entirely because I don't live on the high end at all., I would shudder to think if I had a family to support, it would be government assistance for the bulk of what it would take to survive. Well, guess what living upon government assistance's communism...and honestly, I don't see anything democratic about our country at all anymore, even the formal communists have greater freedoms then we do, and until we wake up, it's going to get worse. I can't wait for the dollar to be worthless, I can't wait for us to have to barter on a local level for all of our goods and services, I can't wait until we are forced to have to rely upon our local community again, the way it used to be, and we get to become a free nation again....

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:56 AM
What would happen if we raised tariffs?

On your next trip to walmart, the xbox will cost more....the tv will cost more....essentially everything will cost more except for food.

That means you quit buying the starts to go into your pocket. Meanwhile, someone will start a business here thinking, "Wow, with the tariffs foreign companies have to pay, I can start my own business here and sell for a cheaper price than they can (and even pay a decent wage to their workers).

While this is happening, tax revenue will roll in from tariffs helping to stave off our deficits and hints of job creation will return.

IMO...the only way to get job creation in this country again is be ending free trade and implementing fair trade.

It's time we go back to what worked in the past instead of continuing the same exact policies that has caused our country to take a noise dive economically.

Once our job problem starts to get fixed...many of the other problems will take care of themselves.

States and Federal governments will suddenly have more revenue, people will be paying into SS and Medicare again instead of drawing unemployment.

Jobs jobs jobs. Most people aren't stupid....Jobs is the answer to our problems...and just cutting taxes isn't going to do jack to create them.

We need to put people back to work...I don't care if it's a public or private.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 10:16 AM
David: Most people aren't stupid, I beg to differ here, or should I say, most people are drones and sheep with little to no concept of original thought, much less being able to problem solve. They want it all laid out for them, in a cookie cutter system that takes away any concept of having to use your brain on the job and pay attention.

I will say they are darn smart at remembering how to get to the next level on some game, or will rattle of sports stats that would make the average math student look like they cannot balance a check book...but where it really counts, they choose to follow along the path of not rocking the boat, even when the boat is sinking into the mire..,

We have people working for companies that are having massive lay off's, what's the mindset with these people? "Hope I don't get the ax", is pretty much it, none of this "what can I do to help this company stay afloat", or if sales are slumping, are they taking a few minutes "off the clock" to spread the word about how they like the company they work for? You know that we complain how things aren't going well, blame Obama, or some other idiot in office upon it, yet are not at all willing to go the extra mile for the very place that's giving us a paycheck. Do you want to keep your job, then you are the only one that is going to be able to insure it remains, and this means fighting for it, which is entirely up to you taking some time out of your day to help fill in the gaps. It means to find ways to make the company more income, improve efficiency, to innovate and explore what can be done.

I was raised with the ideal that if I take care of the company, it will take care of me, the problem in my generation, applying it means I am the "only" one taking care of the company, and who I am forced to work next to is dead weight...this is why often the regular jobs I had in the past, I've made entire crews obsolete and am darn proud of it. You don't hire me on the job if you want to be lazy and suck the energy out of the company, you hire me if the company needs someone that cares about "it's" well being, sadly though, people don't want to hire on innovators, they want drones that will not buck the system.

You want to run an experiment on this one, the next time you purchase something, ask the person behind the register if they want to make an extra dollar. Have them manually calculate the cost, tax included on your purchase using only a pencil and paper, then give them the money, and have them manually calculate the change for you. Verify it's accuracy by running it through their automated system and you'll see just how far off they are in their results, this is if they don't just give up out of frustration because they cannot do basic math... Anybody that tries to tell you it's not worth all of that work for the buck, ask them how much they get paid per hour, and you can tell them why they are being overly paid, for they aren't willing to do this one simple task that any grade school student should be able to do.

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