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Calling All Astral Projectors: A Study of the Astral

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:23 AM
By Projector, I mean any one who has had at least ONE INDUCED OBE. I'm not trying to create a thread of speculation. I would like to cross-compare experiences and hopefully talk to someone who is really good at this.

I'm going to reserve my experience for a bit.

I had a few things in mind every time - mainly talking to someone/higherself? where i can learn - I heard rumors of an invisible college ( theres a popular picture that i cant find that depicts this school with wheels on it, indicating that this school can go anywhere) - which may be symbolic of the Akashic that Cayce insisted about.

Will be back in 24 hrs to update with experience and insight

Please tell us yours.

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:25 AM
ETA: Bonjour cava?
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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:25 AM
I saw this coming.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:27 AM
well thank you for stopping the trend, we couldve reached some high levels of energy

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:30 AM
Darn, The OP posted in the Astral. I only have 3G............

what's he sayin?

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:31 AM
The aliens told me this! I saw this coming from the implant the little gray men put in my head!
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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:46 AM
i had my most intense OBE of my life when i went on a spiritual journey and tryed to stay on as little sleep as possible for 2 weeks. the things i learned were everything, nothing less. but it was too much information to carry on in your mind, you could only see it for a split second. However everyday i see more that i can remember and learn more about what our potentials as humans are. To me life feels like a movie ive already seen most of the time(not in a bad way either). ie dejavu's and "i swear i was thinking exactly that"s and dreams coming true etc etc.

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 08:20 AM
I will send along some conclusions or takes on my experience. First, it is real and second, it is not fully freedom we will experience later. Being out requires self confidence and no, I never had all the answers when there.

Second, we are assisted in some of this, a place of learning. I feel we are like kids on a playground with supervisors present. I have heard them, gotten angry and demanded that I am in control, been stopped when trying to travel too far away. I have been shown my light body and it is greater than myself which still contains my ego from here.

All that aside, it is fun and it allows us to meet with others that some would call alien I suppose. It is a mystery from my perspective yet to be learned. My wife recently came out of sleep and stayed connected to the other realm, being fully aware of the others waiting for her to go back to sleep, the tall ones and the short ones. It seems that when she goes, I go with her and this time they wanted her alone which distressed her. What supports her in this, was I was awake for the two minutes she slept before coming back, yet I lost nearly an hour. This is not as simplistic as many thing, very complex.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 08:46 AM
yes, it is real. and yes, you can also learn in astral. my 4th experience i consciously called upon a master, my body was basically wrapped around a kaleidoscope were everything i thought about manifested around me. i became in a room, like a normal house. i found myself floating, and i saw a family dinning, suddenly the father in the room sat up and walked towards me and said: "are you in astral?" i replied: "yes, how is it possible for you to see me if you are awake" he said: "i can't, i feel you", he then basically was trying to hold my hand, but i was going back to my body, faintly i heard the last he said to me: "always remember and ask yourself if you are awake or in astral".

ever since, i've been able to OBE consciously, seen and done things that have helped me grow emotionally, spiritually, mindfully.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 11:11 AM
I can only do it by accident, never on purpose. Such an unfortunate, but my mother did it while I was in the womb, and its sort of been passed down from my grandparents.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 01:08 PM
Astral projecting isn't as easy as some people may lead you to believe. It is extremely difficult. I would lay there, and try to get into the 'light as a feather-stiff as a board' state.
And needless to say i feel asleep a lot. Sometimes i wouldn't

Sometimes i would lay there for an hour and get into deep states of mind. I would see lights, feel vibrations, and sometimes it felt like someone was gently gliding their hand across my face. My heart would start racing. All of this freaked me out at first but as i got used to the sensations. It felt like i was in the middle of some dark woods.

My friend needed me to drop him off at work( a different night) so i did, when i got back it was idk maybe 530 600am. the sun wasnt quite up yet. I was just kinda laying there this time when i said 'hey let me try it now'. My body was already relaxed and when i said that, i focused on this 'gray-window' in my minds eye. ( i dont know if i produced this window or not) It was 'above me' and i thought nothing of it. i wasn't scared or even thinking. I focused so intently on this window...nothing more. ( i have butterflies just talking about it) It seemed like that's all i had to do...I 'felt' my body shutting down and fall asleep. When that happened

it seemed like the physical world pushed and the astral world pulled in what seemed like a sucking motion. ( i do not remember a sound, i was in too much shock that i did it) I had to contain myself for fear i would wake myself up...

Dear God...amazing and life-changing. Truly beautiful what our minds can do.

Blackness all around me. My thought process was the same as if i were awake. I was in the room i feel asleep in but it wasn't the same. the ceiling was black and it seemed like the house was...idk seperated? if that makes sense. I saw my body but didn't look at my own face ( for w/e reason) I twirled around in the darkness and i was truly flying. I felt the wind...WIND!!! on my shoulders....i remember thinking...'Is this real?' 'Is my mind doing this?'. either way i was having fun.

This truly makes me believe we are living in an illusion. Like a dream, its all very convincing- but you hold the dream together, but what great mind is holding this reality together?

I went into the next room, through the wall. Flew straight it. My friends ex-g/f was sleeping there(unfortunately) and in my mind, i lusted for her. As soon as that thought entered my mind, i flew into her body and awoke

I was disappointed in myself for letting a weak emotion end my wonderful journey. It seemed like 5 minutes but an hr or 2 had passed and my body felt extremely fatigued and i hurt all over.....

Now - can someone astral project to real physical locations? or is it all in the head?

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 01:54 PM
I began trying to astral project just over two years ago. Bought a book and everything. And it worked!

I've only been able to have an OBE twice. The first time, pretty much as soon as i realised that i was floating i shot straight back into my body. The second time is what really convinced me that this is real, possible and not just a dream.

I was lying in bed, relaxing my body from the tips of my toes to up to the hairs on my head. I then began visualizing a cande and what it would feel like to be the flame (this was always the technique that i used, sometimes coupled with a mantra) and i began to feel 'fuzzy'. Really fuzzy. Its really hard to explain because it was so long ago but anyway, the next thing i know i'm floating above my body.

I wasnt attached by some kind of stretchy thing like some people experience. I then floated down, through my bed, through the floor and into my kitchen below.
In the kitchen i used to (my old flat) have these cupboards on the wall that didnt go all the way up to the ceiling. There was probably a 2 or 3 foot gap from the top of the cupboard upwards, i had quite a high ceiling.

Anyway as a was floating down i was concentrating real hard and trying to keep calm at the same time so that a wouldnt be snapped back to my body. And as i was doing this, i was coming down above one of the cupboards in the corner of the room. On top of the cupboard i noticed a white piece of paper with 2 screws sitting on top of it.

As soon as this broke my concentration i was back in my body lying awake in bed. I immediately began visualising the candle again but fell asleep.

When i woke up the next day i went down stairs, straight past the bathroom (taking a piss would have to wait) and into the kitchen. I climbed up onto the breakfast bar and took a look on top of the cupboard, and guess what was there... a dusty old oven instruction manual and 2 screws!! I couldnt believe it.

And since i had only been living there about a year, never put that instruction manuel there (oven came with the flat) and had never even climbed up onto the breakfast bar before, i can guarantee that i had no prior knowledge of those objects being there. This fully convinced me of the reality of Astral Projection and the lost knowledge of the power of the human mind.

And so when i see ignorant people on this site laughing and critisizing others because of their belief in AP just because they cant wrap their head around it, i cant help but laugh at them. This awakening has led me to have a much more open mind about everything. I mean, if you can travel without your body then surely anything is possible!

Unfortunately i never was able to have another OBE after that and so gave up. But after reading this thread and re-living my experience through writing this, i am going to begin trying again!
Thank you!

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by iksose7

Thank you and very nice story; fuzzy is an excellent way of describing the feeling you get.

I was laying in bed once and my body had that feeling like when you sleep on your arm and it gets numb, but my entire body. I concentrated on it and intensified it until i woke up. I didnt notice but i had drifted off for 5 minutes and probably could have projected at that point if i realized what was going on.

It felt like i was 'charging up' or something.

This all reminds me of the Mer-ka-ba that D. Melckizedek or w/e talks about the chariot of the body shaped like a star tetrahedron. Bottom tetrahedron represents energy from the earth and feminine, top represents sky and male energy. Theres actually a meditation involving this shape that he spoke of once that i never tried bc it seemed comploicated lol.

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 07:32 PM
I have extensive experience in "out-of-body" states although I am ANYTHING but a "natural" at it. In fact, I've spent a small fortune in acquiring these skills--but with that said, I must admit that I should probably be better at it than I am.

I am a graduate of TMI's Gateway Voyage residential program and my experiences there are the main foundation of my ongoing "hobby" of exploring the universe and its bizarre layers. Cool stuff.

Although I learned a lot of technique at TMI, my first OBE took place with my brother and was experienced by both of us. I have many more experiences pertaing to this subject but due to the fact that I'm typing on a touch screen, I'll stick to this one experience. It is recounted below.

It was my 18th month of purification for a certain degree I was seeking. It was 18 months of no sex, vegan diet, and much more including yoga. My everloving brother was not participating in the purification ritual but he knew what it was about and was patient with my eccentricities and since we were flatmates he was stuck with me anyway.

Well, one night in my bedroom, my brother joined me for midevening meditation, stretching and yoga. We meditated at length and then he watched as I did my stretches and then did some yoga. After some easier positions, I started to stretch out again to get ready for some tougher stuff. I stretched my sides and then did a deep backbend. I doubled my fists, put them in the small of my back and then let my body bend over them. At the deepeat part of the bend, I hears "BANG" or something like hitting a metal garbage can filled with broken glass with a baseball bat. Everything went black and I apparently collapsed.

I revived and rose to me feet. My head was sore. I looked on the floor and saw my plastic fan all black and charred with a fanblade broken off. I realized I must have hit my head on the blade. I looked over at my brother who was seated (as before) against the wall. The expression on his face was like he was seeing a ghost. I asked him "what the hell just happened?". He responded "you turned to black ashes and blew away. how did you get back on the floor?" To my brother, it looked like I did some type of illusionist trick--as I'd I went POOF and blew away and then reappeared. Well, that was some weird crap.

So bizarre and shocked were both my brother and myself the we decided to try some new meditation techniques. We got this idea to lie on the floor next to each other with our heads reclining against pillows stacked against the wall--we were half-lying or lounging, you might say. We clasped hands--my left and his right--and our elbows rested on the floor with our forearms sticking straight up like a tower.

We closed our eyes and did a few deep breaths. Within seconds, I felt an exalted presence. Behind my eyelids I could see waves of white strobing faster and faster accompanied by a high-pitched whine getting higher and higher.

Within seconds I was pulled of my body and my brother was there too. We were joined by two others--one of whom was once a living man and the other who is still a mystery to me. The former human was someone I knew through literature and I won't reveal who it was because this story sounds crazy enough as it is. But here's a hint: I changed all my plans and enrolled at TMI within a month. The other entity was introduced to me as Mr. Green and indeed he appeared to be made of green light vaguely in anthropomorphic form. My brother said he reminded him of a green shape-shifting amoeba. To me, my brother appeared as a ball of light that if looked upon gave away his identity. He described me in the same way but said that I sometimes took a fuzzy anthropomorohic form. I noticed the same about him.

The two entities told us to talk it over and that they would be back to take us on a "ride" if we wanted. Also, the former human thanked me for sending him and his wife good thoughts and he even showed me images of myself when reading one of his books and thinking fond thoughts of him and his wife. He told me that he and his wife appreciated it. He also asked me to explain to my brother who he is because my brother hadn't read his books.

My brother and I opened our eyes after seamlessly transitioning back into our body awareness. And HOLY CRAP were we excited! And freaked out too. Being two adventurous guys, we knew we had to go with the entities again.

At once and clear as a bell, I got the call. Yes, CALL. No kidding. It's like your brain is "set on vibrate" but a more accurate
description is the overwhelming feeling of wanting to lay your head back along with a strange "exalted" or euphoric feeling. Very unique.

My bro and I clasped hands yet again and no sooner do we close our eyes than:


strobe strobe strobe strobestrobestrobe.....

And there they were. We were in swirly blackness like before but this time the former human entity told us to "pick anyone or any place" and he directed our attentions to what I call "the network". Everyone is there. All I needed to do was think of someone and BOOM I was at their "profile"--like MySpace, I thought at the time. The formerly human entity took me to the girl I liked at the time and I communicated with her but that turned out to he a big mistake. Long story but let me say that amateurs like myself at the time have trouble communicating telepathically without "spilling the beans" so to speak. Instead of saying "hi", it's like I told her everything that I ever thought including every lie, every nightmare, every twisted thing that I ever concocted in my depraved mins, in other words.

Needless to say, she was really freaked out. Damnedest thing is that my brother, shortly after I freaked her out, did a 3-way telepathy Dr Phil routine nd patched things up between us.

Running out of time here and my hands hurt. There is much more to this story. I got several more "calls" that night and answered most of them. I wound up dipping into my savings for TMI and it was the best money I ever spent. There really is a network, folks. And I'm not the only one you'll find there on most nights.
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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by SimultaneousFinal

I think i had an accidental astraltravel in a dream couple of weeks ago, but i dunno for sure. I would really like to experience this awake. Any tips for a newbie? Sorry if i sound ''too'' newb
Have some experience with yoga also

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by SimultaneousFinal

Wow, great story, you should definitely make your own thread and share more of your experiences, I would love to hear them.

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