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The Question of Conflict...

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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 09:04 PM
Conflict is bad. This is a phrase or idea that is given to us from very young ages (in many western cultures). The natural problem of course is…why?
From even the most cursory glance at the universe in which we live, it becomes apparent that conflict is not only everywhere, but is what the universe itself is composed of. Whether it is a proton vs. an electron, gravitational pulls, mankind fighting the physics of nature in order to survive, etc. Conflict is everywhere.

But is conflict really BAD?

Of course it is a tragedy to lose a loved one to war or suffering, or to be struck by lightning, or even hit by a meteorite whilst golfing…but as far as it being unnatural or unjust or unfair, it is simply not the case. Take something that you love, anything, and tell me that there is not some form of conflict involved. I would imagine that even at the most basic levels of intuition you cannot find a single thought or emotion that is neutral (or more accurately inert). But who would want to? Who would want to spend their days having no conflict, it would be like modeling your philosophy after a neutron…or enjoying life like a methane poof…at absolute zero.

We are told that we should all just get along, live and let live, etc. But the problem is that if one simply behaves in a non-confrontational manner they are not DENYING conflict, they are becoming a CONDUIT on which conflict flows.

Another misconception that we seem to hold is that “balance” is the absence of conflict, but is this really the case? I would propose that absolute “balance” is only a stalemate in which neither side has the upper hand, and that striving to achieve balance (a very human sentiment) is the CONFLICT that is associated with such a stalemate.

I think that the point should be to understand the importance of opposing forces and not quest to push ideas of neutrality and pacifism on the plates of children. I believe that there are things in this universe worth fighting for and although it seems cliché…I would think that the universe is very accepting of the idea.

Through conflict we develop higher levels of order- H. Bloom

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 09:19 PM
Who I am? Where is it?

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by hyperion.martin

Take something that you love, anything, and tell me that there is not some form of conflict involved.

"Conflict". It is in our nature.

OK. So, we love our child. They, (no, let's say "she") is just a baby! Somehow, we really do love her. We're not quite philosophers yet, but we do love her, even though perhaps we have known her only a few months...

And then she DIES.

Ah, now here is conflict! Why this child? You casually mention lightning, nothing to do with fair. Perhaps. But when it's your child, it becomes rather personal. Suddenly it's not the cataclysm on the other side of the globe. We want answers!

Sorry, there are none, short of the usual trite "character building" nonsense...

Ah yes, now what were you saying?


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