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UFO Researcher, Ahmad Jamaludin and The Malaysian Micro-Aliens

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 09:45 AM
Interesting post S&F

This reminds me of the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy's Vl'hurgs and G'gugvunts war

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

If there's a *they,* how would they know where borders lie? Furthermore, why would they keep their business within the borders? It's suggestive of human nature at work.

Hi, Kandinsky, Thank you for being here.

I could not agree more. What you mention in your quote there is an aspect of UFO cases and folklore that is really interesting to me. All of the elements concerning Jamaludin's case studies that you have mentioned are what cause me to look at the stories as episodes of what I would call 'High Strangeness' rather than Episodes of actual alien visitation. That was a mouthful, but what I mean is that the sociological and cultural aspects of these stories are much more compelling to me than the alleged aliens and their machinery.

What is nice about Jamaludin's work is that he includes his thoughts on all of this in his work and does a good job writing about it. I would suspect that Mr. Jamaludin studied anthropology and sociology when he was in school and got As.

The modern conception of UFOs and their occupants have only really been with us since Arnold and these cases have only been happening in Malaysia since the 1950s; yet folklore has been with us since the beginning of 'us'
In a nutshell, I think that the geographic isolation of these 'flaps' firmly ensconces them within the realm of Folklore, and can only really be considered to be within purview of aliens and UFOs for as long as Malaysians have been aware of the modern conception of aliens and UFOs; so at the time of Jamaludin's writing that would be about 35 years. Folklore is much older than that and the 'little people' feature prominently in the folklore of Malaysia and the Philippines. Thankfully this is not lost on Jamaludin and he brings it up in his writing.

Hope that made sense.

I didn't have any issue with the C and P at UFOEvidence; and I was using Chrome so I am surprised you had an issue. Sometimes the Firefox browser makes it easier to C and P. The site was not blank at all. Did the links work for you?

If I had been able to locate the primary document it would have been a lot easier but it is nowhere to be found; hence the crazy sourcing.

I am so glad that you found stuff you liked here. Thanks again.

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by Frater210
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

Wow, that Twilight Zone episode is almost custom made for these stories out of Malaysia; right down to the ray guns.

Watching her chase the things around the room and under the furniture was pretty hair raising .

Original Twilight Zone is still one of the best ever things made for TV, the imagination in the shows still amaze today.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Frater210
Hiya Frater, I entertain the same thoughts you've described and whilst not being a folklorist by tendency, elements of folklore are definitely embedded in the subject. Trying to tease the folklore from potentially technological elements is half the fun. Too many are wedded to ETH and so opposed to folkloric explanations that, in my opinion, they skew their own interpretations.

Humanoid encounters have been fascinating me for a while and it's worth becoming familiar with psycho-social, folkloric and any other explanations in case one or more elements ring true and implicate a cause.

It's funny about ufoevidence, I'll try IE and see if that shows any text. Like I said, it's been months and all that shows is a grey wallpaper with no text whatsoever.

ETA: IE works on the site.

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Trying to tease the folklore from potentially technological elements is half the fun.

You said it. I can't get enough of this kind of stuff; I think I could subsist on Forteana and water.

I have had the pleasure of working with and making friends with lots of folks from the Philippines and since I have such a hankering for folklore I always ask for their strange stories from their home. Kandinsky, I can think of not a single one that did not have something to share. If folks knew how much strange stuff seems to go down daily in the Philippines I think they would be shocked. Flying severed heads is a big one followed closely by Vampires and centaurs. I have heard it all.

So with that in mind here are some more cases from Jamaludin that are not necessarily UFO and alien related...

Utusan Malaysia, 18 Aug. 1970.

Since 11 August students of a Vocational Institute have reported that they have been disturbed by three 10-ft-tall hairy creatures. These strange happenings occurred between 10pm and 5am. Several of the students reported that they have seen the entities with their own eyes. These entities have red eyes and they usually disappeared mysteriously into thin air. The Institute was later temporarily closed and all the students instructed to go home.

Berita Harian, 6 Oct. 1979.

Several cases of an encounter with a man with a dog’s head were reported in this town. A local resident reported that he had chased a man carrying something in his hands behind his house. The man suddenly vanished when he put the thing that he was carrying on his head. Residents of this small town lived in fear of this mysterious dog-headed phantom for some time until all the excitement died down.

Utusan Malaysia, 15 Feb. 1981.

On 13 Feb. 1981, at about 9.30am, 20 students out of 100 taking part in a cross-country run suddenly went into hysteria. The incident began with one of the girls started screaming claiming she saw a dark figure in front of her, then she fainted. This was followed by a few more of the students falling to the ground. Things became worst when many more began to faint and they all had to be taken to the hospital.

Sounds like it would be a pretty crazy place to live.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by gortex

Hey, Gortex. Just wanted to get back to you to say thank you for the update on the Metepec creature. I had no idea. I saw it on the History Channel and just took their word for it and never checked in again.

The only excuse I have is that it is before my time on ATS.

I grabbed this quote from the OP of the thread you linked me to..

Nauseating, isn’t it?

Yeah, it is. I think the guy that did the taxidermy job needs to have his head examined.

Thanks again.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 02:17 AM
reminds me of this commercial:

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 09:44 AM
Are there any new signtings reports from him?

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 07:30 AM
It does look a lot like the little Sirius Humanoid alien found in the Atacama dessert in Chile.
It was studied by a team of Steven Greer. Conclusion was that the DNA looked humanlike but was not completely human.

posted on Jan, 29 2014 @ 10:43 AM
TThis is awesome, thanks OP!

I had a vivid dream that later made me wonder if the people I was from in the dream were really tiny. They had come to our planet and one of them (the first pilot) had committed suicide not long after, which was completely unthinkable in their culture, and I was one of the men investigating why.

So, I know it's a funny reason, but it makes me wonder if the reason they didn't show up till the 50s and only showed up there is because literally, "they didn't show up till the 50s and they only showed up there." !

posted on Jan, 29 2014 @ 06:32 PM

reply to post by 11165

how bout if a lot of the "average" sized (jet sized) ufos that are seen are actually entire motherships transporting large populations

That could be mind bendingly awful. Grab a shovel!

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 10:36 PM
Is there any more information on the:

Ahmad Jamaludin is the author of A Summary of Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Events in Malaysia (1950-1980), which was published by the Center for UFO Studies, USA in 1981.


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