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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 11:15 AM
You know how far evolved we are ... LoL ... HA HA HA ... I mean we can't even make viruses go away without injecting something into your body has anyone ever thought about maybe just walking through a room of some kinda of Gas or Some chemical ... I have a theory kinda ... ok so sit back ... Everything in this world has a positive and a negative a little bit of anything is good Criticism , Negativism lol .. not sure if that is a word but any how you get the point ... being sick isn't good but if your body never got sick then its anti bodies would not build up and as your got older when they stopped building up yuou would be more prone to getting sick faster. I mean arguments are good not alot of them but if wife and husbands never fought then they would never be able to make up and get to know each other better and become closer to one another. Well as in anythign if you have to much pride it can hurt you although pride is good ... it is good to be funny but who wants to be told a joke during a movie ... My point is I think that there are chemicals or some kind of something that would attract the virus aids ... and certain other Diaseases ... what if this is true what if you put a large amount of thie chemical outside of the body would the diasease spread to it leaving behind a trail or would it gravitate to it like metal paper clips to a magnet /????OH yeah ... back to what I was talkin about before These aliens have figured out most likely how to live longer possibly not polluting ther own land and ozone .... maybe only breathing oxygen pure and making there bodies AND more importantly MInds last longer .. I mean I see peoples bodies that would make it a while but they lose thier minds or get alzheimers ... or what not you ... oh yeah I think I know what causes alzheimers it is quite simple ... the patients have been doing something for a long amount of time such as taking care of somebody or doing the same routine for years and years and years and one day thier husband dies or they move or something catastrophis happens or not so catastrophic just a change and changes their daily routine ... well when this happens their minds telling them to get up eery morning wash there teeth there and take a shower get up go here ... well that imprints in our minds and something that imprints in our mind that is stuck there that is trying to be erased is almost like a disk ... if you delete something off of this liek a 4 mb picture and try to put a 6 mb picture in its place without formatting it ... then it will cause errors ... Also liek our brain anyways ... tell me what you think PEACE

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 11:22 AM
Not to sound rude, but in all honesty, I think your train of thought was derailed by a kid with a penny.

Sorry, but I couldn't follow what you were saying. Are you alright?

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 11:22 AM
Ok...I'm losing my mind...I just for the first time opened this thread..but I know I have read this somewhere else and just a bit a ago...I know I did!!!!!

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by LadyV
Ok...I'm losing my mind...I just for the first time opened this thread..but I know I have read this somewhere else and just a bit a ago...I know I did!!!!!

Me too...he just posted this in

It was totally out of place there, but I think he meant to make it a new thread, like right here, but not to be a part of an existing thread.

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 01:21 PM

by bet555

tell me what you think

Most of this is offtopic, but since you're obviously young the mods might go easy on you.

1) Most people would agree that the concept of the Yin and the Yang, or the opposites, is fundamental within the universe.

2) Viruses and diseases propagate in different ways, although the basics is a malfunction on a cellular level. I'm not quite sure what you're getting at with the chemical attraction of viruses. When viral organisms are attached to cells they insert malicious codes, not unlike a computer virus.

3) It's not just Extra-terrestrials that know how not to pollute their environment, humans know aswell. People have a need for energy and waste that outweighs their concerns about the environment.

4) Everyone, providing they live long enough, will develop Alzheimer's disease by some age. The cause can then be narrowed down to a mechanism of the body, which is switched on by age, and causes memory to stop functioning, almost diliberately. That is, physical memory storage areas of the brain (or bad sectors).

edit: spelling

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 02:03 PM
Not to be mean or anything, what the hell is this guy talking about?

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 12:55 PM
This was very imformative I understand about alzheimers although I cannot spell i tall the time hehe ... but ... what if that memory storage stuff you were talking about went bad for a reason ? What reason is that happening ? Why is it happening ? and on the viruses ... What you said you couldn't follow me Ummm .... I will try better to describe .. What if you put baking soda and Vinegar together there is a reaction ..Wait wait ... bad xample ... ok ok here ya go .. What if there is water in wood liek treated wood they have this stuff you put on it draws all the water out ... .some chemicals when mixed in a glass will mix together and some will stay seperate some will explode ... with any kind of chemical you get every other chemical has some kind of different reaction with it or with every part of our body has different reactions to different things such as ... swimming fills good ... but if you stuck our heads in water we would drown ... no matter what the rest of our bodies are doing ... every thing works differnt That is why penecilin doesn;t cure aids but cures other stuff .... so something out there simple like carrot juice ... may cure aids .. or stds ... ,, I wasn't goign to go here but ... I willl .. I am a devout christian ... I love god with all my heart I make mistakes all the time I mean all the time .. .but ... all the miracles and stuff happen I think they are god I think god works in mysterious miraculous ways but I think there are explanations about the things he does also .... I mean he is god .. he can do whatever he wants if not he can make it up ... and just make it .. But .. Just think ..

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 01:22 PM
WTF is this thread about? Im openminded and all, just can't get it ..

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 01:25 PM
I'm not really the one to be saying this (because my english isn't that good either) but, it would be alot better if you wrote in a non-conversation kind of way, and instead in an informative way, just a thought. That way we might be able to understand you a bit better. No worries.

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 02:04 PM
bet555 wrote:

"You know how evolved we are? I mean, we aren't even capable of making viruses go away without injecting something into your body! Has anyone ever thought about perhaps just walking through a room filled with a certain type of gas or chemical? I Kind of have a theory, so sit back... Everything in this world has a positive and a negative: a little bit of sickness is perhaps good, but too much can obviously be negative. (note: I think that's what he meant) Being sick isn't good, but if your body never got sick then your antibodies would never build up. Therefore, when you get older and the antibodies stop building up you would be much more prone to getting sick.

I mean, arguments are can be good to a certain degree; for example, if a wife and husband never fought, then they would never be able to make up and get to know each other better. Well as in anything, if you have too much pride it can hurt you, but a little can be beneficial. It is good to be funny, but who wants to be told a joke during a movie? My point is that I think there are chemicals or perhaps some kind of material or substance that could attract the AIDs virus and maybe even certain other diseases. If this is correct, what if you put a large amount of that substance/material/chemical outside of the body? Would the disease spread to it leaving behind a trail, or would it gravitate to it like metal paper clips to a magnet?

Now, back to what I was describing before; aliens have most likely figured out how to live longer by possibly not polluting their own land and ozone, perhaps they only breathe pure oxygen making their bodies and more importantly their minds stay sharper and fit for a more prolonged amount of time. I mean, I seen people with bodies that have stayed healthy long then their brains (i.e alzhiemers patients).

I believe I know what causes alzheimers; it is quite simple, those who suffer have done something for a long amount of time, such as taking care of somebody or following the same routine for years and years until one day thier beloved dies. Perhaps also they move or something catastrophic happens and changes their daily routine. When this happens, their mind tells them to get up every morning and go ahead with daily events. Well, that imprints something in our minds that is stuck there but is trying to be erased is almost like a disk! If you delete something off of a computer like a 4 mb picture, and try to put a 6 mb picture in its place without formatting it THEN it will ultimately cause errors. I believe our brain acts the same way."

Okay, I took the original text and just tried to clear it up a little.. No disrespecting Bet, but I thought if perhaps it had punctuation and was in paragraphs it might be a little easier to discuss. Now that it has been slightly formatted, it makes a tad bit more sense, even if it does skip from one topic to another a lot.

I think for the alzheimers theory what bet was trying to say was that if something big happens and toys with our emotions and starts eating up our brainpower because it's always part of our thought pattern, that perhaps it becomes harder to focus on other usual matters. Which is a good point when related to life; when 9/11 came along I personally remember it being hard to focus on anything other than the tragedy at hand and the thought of another strike for months. For a while, there was definitely a noticable difference in my concentration and attentiveness, at least in from my point of view.

However, when relating that theory to alzheimers, I don't believe it's that easy to just pass that simple equation off as the root for the whole disease. At least three people within my family have had alzheimers and all three came from different backgrounds and lifestyles, so that makes the theory even harder to grasp. But good thoughts Bet. Don't let anyone bring you down. If no one spoke their mind, what would we have?

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 02:09 PM
I am very new...and sorry to everyone...kinda funny how stupid I sound after I read my own input. It does make sense you just have to read it a couple of time and not really try to make anything flow together. Because believe me it doesn't my mind roams fast and my fingers roam even faster, But any how I am an insurance Agent and the time I spend on here typing replys usually depends on the customers walking in the door. So this one as you see is pretty well typed. And for good reason lol...we are slow. So anyhow, anyone have any questions about any of my theories that you are able to exactually comprehend, then just send me some questions ?

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 02:22 PM
Thanks for cleaing up all my thoughts. About your three different family members I mean just because they came from different past there minds all work the same that is where the problem occurs, you know ? I meant earlier that if you do something everyday all your life liek elderly people do or anyone I believe that has alzheimers it may not be something other than brushing your teeth a certain way or tieing your shoes a certain way. I mean people get in habits and those habits are good like some husbands wake up every morning and bring there wife a cup of coffee and then get ready for work pants first shirt second socks last ... some do it other ways .. Most people have a way they like it I believe I am not sure you guys let me know...I will try and keep up with myself it is hard to actually study what you yourself do. But my theory is that no matter what different things people do as they get older there minds gets in rhythyms and unfortunately when our minds gets in rhythm with something and it is broken it throughs are mind into alzheimers that is what I am trying to say or something along those lines.

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 05:20 PM
Eh? I thought you must have been about 12 years old to type like that. Anyway, makes sense now that you've explained.

I'm not an expert on the brain or memory, but as I understand it, conscious memory operates similar to a stack of hay.

When you receive a new memory you place a new bail of hay on the top of the hay stack. When you replicate a memory you take the memory from the bottom of the hay stack and place it onto the top. But here is the important difference; when you replicate an old memory the original memory, or bail of hay, stays there. Old bails at the bottom of the stack become more difficult to retrieve as others are piled on top.

So that means things like your name are stored in thousands of stack locations. People who suffer from head injury, and then subsequent retrograde amnesia, rarely forget things like their own name; even though they like to portray it that way in the movies. They usually will forget events, people, names etc. dating to several years before the injury occured. This indicates to me that the top of the stack is what becomes damaged by physical injury. If the top of the stack doesn't heal, then you'll suffer from something called anterograde amnesia.

Every time you think about something like an event in your life, you create a new stack of hay for that memory right on the top. And this is why some events in life stand out more than others. It's just a matter of reprocessing it over and over. This also shows why repetition can be considered a form of brain-washing.

Alzheimer's is not limited to destroying the top of the hay stack. It can destroy hay bails randomly, and what you're left with can be quite unpredictable.

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 10:37 AM
Electric thanks for explainning what you think I think I think that same thing now ... thanks I am going to try and stay around here aned type and read and learn.. this place is great .... whoever came up with this idea is a genius... Deus .

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 11:01 AM
viruses spread trough air or by physical contact.once inside the body they pick a cell to attack.a virus cannot reproduce like other microscopic organisms.they are made by proteins,with a capsule that contains the genetic information (DNA or RNA).the virus then "lands" on the cell and introduces it's DNA/RNA into the cells.basically it hijacks the cells building organs to make millions of other viruses .the cell is destroyed when all the new viruses leave the cell (it's membrane is burst).

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