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Afrocentric dreams crushed

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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 04:41 PM

If you are ever lucky enough to bump into an afrocentrist whilst walking down the street you can look forward to be lectured (particularly if your Caucasian) on how Black africans once ruled the world and were the first to implement agriculture on a large scale (Nile valley agriculture), first to study Science (the Sciences practiced by the pharaohs priests), first to make major achievements in Engineering and Architecture ( construction of the pyramid’s ), first to develop complex writing systems (Egyptian hieroglyphics) and mathematical concepts.

Essentially then the afrocentrist prefers to concentrate his firepower on the Nile valley civilisations, the most famous of which is at Giza with its great pyramid. The preference is to avoid the subject of deep Africa due to its clear lack of the above mentioned accomplishments.

The Afrocentric message is that society in general has robbed the Black African of his true identity and history. The consequence of this is that a healing must now take place, this healing is to be brought about through “knowledge of self” i.e. knowledge of ones ancestors and their great accomplishments, the pharaohs of Egypt.

Has society really denied black Africans “knowledge of self”, where they indeed the pharaohs and builders of the pyramids?

In ancient Egypt the priests of the pharaoh and guardians of the knowledge of Egypt would tell you that originally all the knowledge of Egypt came from the gods. It is said that there were originally ten of these gods who arrived in ancient Egypt via boat. They came from an unknown location and the pharaohs are presented to us as direct blood descendants. It is for this reason that pharaoh is not only seen as a king (being of royal blood) but also partly divine or godly in origin.

One of the most important gods is Thoth, the ancient Egyptians inform us that all the knowledge they have was secured from him. Thoth according to legend also brought the gods into Egypt.

“In Chapter LXXXV of the Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Nu), Thoth rules the "Western Domain," and by the end of the New Kingdom he is called "Lord of the West" (Seth, 1912). He is said to be the inventor of writing, astronomy, mathematics and civilization in general (Budge, 1960). Thoth is often called the Scribe (Pyramid Texts; Book of the Dead, et al.); his Egyptian name, Tehuti, means "the measurer" (Budge, 1960).
In summation, a catastrophe occurred which darkened the sun and disturbed the gods, but Thoth led them across the sea to an eastern country [Egypt]. Thoth is depicted as the "controller of the Flood," (Leyden Papyrus) and the Theban Recension includes the Island of Fire in the Flood story. (Papyrus of Ani, Chap. CLXXV) Thus it appears that Thoth was once the ruler of an Island Kingdom beyond the western horizon before the Egyptian priests turned him into a god.”

If we are to believe the ancient Egyptians account then the knowledge of Egypt was inherited from an older civilisation, indeed Plato’s account of Atlantis is said to originally have been given by pharaohs priests.

Afrocentrists will usually tell you that the Nubians, an ethnic group originally from northern Sudan are responsible for the Nile valley civilisations and the construction of the pyramids.

Sudan is in north Africa so already it looks like the ancient Egyptians got confused when they said the knowledge originally came from a westward direction, perhaps the ancients who aligned the pyramids to the stars and compass points didn’t know north from west?

We have talked about the gods so next logical step is to discuss their direct blood descendants, the pharaohs as they were the inheritors of the knowledge of Egypt. Where the pharaohs black Africans?

The afrocentrists will tell you that the pharaohs were indeed black Africans , that they were Nubians from north Sudan.

Afrocentrists inform us that at the inception of the Nile valley civilisations white people didn’t even exist. If they did exist they were in caves somewhere painting themselves blue or in forests foraging for tree roots eat whilst black Africans were busy building pyramids!

Ancient wall paintings in Egypt depict people of various skin tones, it varies from black, brown, light brown, white, red, yellow and even blue and green.

Afrocentrists inform us that there is an amazing diversity of skin tones amongst black Africans, however all those wall paintings represent black Africans in their opinion. The modern Egyptian is seen by the afrocentrist to be recent invader and are in no way responsible for “their” great civilisation.

Egypt is in Africa, Africans are black and therefore Egypt must have been built by black Africans the afrocentrists tell us.

Using this same logic we could say South Africa is in Africa therefore South Africans must be black. Caucasians must have came sometime after to rob native Africans of the city’s they built and their culture.

Hierakonpolis also known as “Nekhen” is an early and important Nile valley civilisation in north Sudan which has had many interesting finds, first a little bit about Hierakonpolis:

“Hierakonpolis is one of the most important archaeological sites for understanding the foundations of ancient Egyptian society. Best known as the home of the exquisite ceremonial Palette of Narmer, so-called the first political document in history, and attributed to the first king of the first dynasty at about 3000BC, it contains far more. Well before the construction of the pyramids, Hierakonpolis was one of the largest urban centres along the Nile -- a vibrant, bustling city containing many of the features that would later come to typify Dynastic Egyptian civilization. Stretching for over 3 miles along the edge of the Nile flood plain, already by 3500 BC it was a city of many neighbourhoods and quarters.”

In 1998 during excavations at Hierakonpolis several mummies were uncovered. Hair samples were taken and sent off for laboratory analysis. The finding of this analysis was :

“ Most of the hair samples are cynotrichous (Caucasian) in type as opposed to heliotrichous (Negroid). Though most hair found is a natural dark brown and wavy, one ancient man had curly, naturally red hair.”

“1Cynotrichous hair – from the ancient Greek: “To be like dog’s hair”, due to dog’s fur that can range from curly to straight. Cyno = dog trich = hair ous = of a type.”
“Dr. Fletchers results gave evidence of the “pre-dynastic” Egyptians hair type displaying an array of many differing hair colours and shades known as ‘Celtic Colours’ ranging from: very dark brown, brown, red/brown, dark blonde and blonde, colour that is seen today in North Europe and North America. Also the hair ‘type’ (which was also used in the entire construction of the ancient Egyptian wigs) was not of the wrongly “supposed” Negroid type but was found to be 1Cynotrichous hair.”

So it looks like Caucasians weren’t sniffing at tree roots and living in caves after all but have somehow got themselves into Africa at an early period and are living along the Nile!

It is interesting that the hair samples were described as being of “Celtic colours”, something that we will get back to later!

Lets stick with hair for a bit because it’s an interesting topic with relation to Egyptian mummys and pharaohs. It’s a fact that many mummys have been observed to have straight hair of the type described above, often red or blond in colour.

The afrocentrist will inform you what their ancestors the pharaohs of Egypt used a special herbal, plant based product on their hair. This herbal product had a dual function, firstly it dyed the hair and secondly it relaxed the hair strands (much like a modern hair relaxers) Using this product afro hair was transformed into long wavy hair we are told.

It is true that ancient Egyptians liked to dye their hair, often they used henna but henna won’t relax hair and make it become straight. Egyptians also liked to wear wigs, some experts say the reason for this is similar to the reason why some wore wigs in Europe, people had fleas and hair lice! The easiest way to deal with this was to shave the hair off. Other experts disagree and assert that ancient Egyptians were more fashion conscious then one might think.

Ancient Egyptians also used makeup, this includes men also. We know that they used it to protect themselves from the hot sun. There is even an ancient account when construction workers downed tools and refused to work because they ran out of makeup! A green or black paste was applied under the eyes and acted as sun block. Oils were applied to the skin of the body and for stronger protection a red or yellow paste (red/yellow ochre) was applied which completely blocked the harsh effects of the sun. We know this was in wide use due to the depiction of red people in Egyptian art, obviously there is no race of people on this planet that are red or ochre yellow for that matter.

The above image is taken from the British museum, it depicts Pharaoh Ramesses II charging into battle against lighter and darker skinned black Africans. The afrocentrists insist that Pharaohs are Nubians so why is Ramesses II in battle against his own people?

Hair samples of Pharaoh Ramesses II also nicknamed “Ginger” because it was observed he has straight red hair has shown that he would have had natural red hair in his youth (natural red pigment was found in the hair shaft. Analysis of the hair leads scientists to conclude:

"After having achieved this immense work, an important scientific conclusion remains to be drawn: the anthropological study and the microscopic analysis of hair, carried out by four laboratories: Judiciary Medecine (Professor Ceccaldi), Société L'Oréal, Atomic Energy Commission, and Institut Textile de France showed that Ramses II was a 'leucoderm', that is a fair-skinned man, near to the Prehistoric and Antiquity Mediterranean's, or briefly, of the Berber of Africa."

The Image above is of a mummy known as the “elder lady ” clearly she has long wavy hair, she has been confirmed through genetic testing to be king Tutankhamen’s grandma backing up earlier tests on a lock of her hair found in her grandsons tomb which came to the same conclusion. As stated before the afrocentrist will tell you that that long hair is afro hair treated with herbs, you’re looking at an image of Pharaoh Amenhotep III wife!

On the subject of Tutankhamen the above image is taken from a chest in king Tuts tomb. Like Pharaoh Ramesses II the image shows king tut charging into battle with Egyptian warriors. The enemy of the Pharaohs again is shown to be the Nubians. A group of Nubians behind the Pharaoh are forced to fan king Tut whilst he shoots their own people!

The afrocentrists will tell you that like Ramesses II king Tut is a black African so why is he also fighting his own people?

In 2005 National geographic sponsored three teams to forensically examine Tutankhamen’s skull and reconstruct his facial features.

“First a CT-scan-based skull model was made for forensic anthropologist Jean-Noël Vignal of the Centre Technique de la Gendarmerie Nationale. Vignal typically works with police to reconstruct victims of violent crime. He identified the skull as that of a male, 18 to 20 years old, with Caucasoid features. "

The practice of forensic reconstruction of a face from a skull is now well established. A skilled practitioner can determine the racial identity of a person by examining skull features, measurements and angles.

As a simple example to prove that there are visible clues look at the image above of the two skulls. The one on the left is that of a European (Caucasian), the one on the right is of a black African American. If you examine the nasal opening on both skulls you will observe that the one on the left has a triangular opening whilst the one on the right has an oval opening. The nose bridge on the skull on the left is raised whilst the one on the right is lower and more rounded. Basically there are several differences including jaw angles, eye sockets, roundness and squareness of features.

The resulting reconstruction of king Tut’s head formed part of an exhibition which caused outrage in the Afrocentric community. The afrocentrists said that king Tut was a black man and that white people were stealing their ancient Egyptian history.

"Molefi Asante, professor of African-American studies at Temple University, led a protest yesterday in front of the Franklin Institute claiming the museum's exhibit on King Tutankhamun is racist.

'This is a crime scene,' he shouted. 'This is an area of criminal theft, identity theft.'

Among the grievances shared by members of the Association of Kemetic Nubian Heritage, of which Asante is president, is that the exhibit has no mention of Africa and that information within suggests that King Tut, an African, was white."

“About 50 protesters walked in front of the crowded museum stairs carrying signs bearing statements including “Nefertiti is my sister,” “Stop stealing our history” and “King Tut’s daddy was black.”

Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass was pushed for his opinion on the matter, he stated:

"Tutankhamen was not black, and the portrayal of ancient Egyptian civilization as black has no element of truth to it”

He also stated that in his opinion, the most accurate representation of the boy king is the mask from his tomb.

Later additional forensic analysis was preformed between 2007 and 2009 on king tut. This time a team of geneticists extracted DNA directly from king Tut along with other mummies suspected to be related. The genetic analysis confirmed:

“Yuya and Thuya were recognized as King Tut's great-grandparents. Pharaoh Amenhotep III and the mummy known as the Elder Lady (KV35EL) were found to be his grandparents, while the mummy known as KV55 -- most likely Akhenaten -- and KV35YL, the Younger Lady, were identified as siblings, as well as King Tut's parents”

The DNA readout accidently released during the above filming resulted in the SRT values being entered into a DNA mapping program to discover king Tut’s closest modern relatives. The map which resulted is below, as you can see Europe lit up like a Christmas tree! By entering all the STR data inadvertently shown on the Discovery video, a 99.6 percent fit with the R1b haplogroup was revealed.

“The significance is, of course, that R1b is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard — in other words, European through and through.”

The highest count was in Ireland followed by Scotland suggesting king tut had “Celtic” ancestry! It is at this point I would like to remind you of the hair samples with “Celtic colours” that were discovered in Nekhen north Sudan, coincidence? Perhaps not.

DNA testing of the pyramid builders bones (the masses who actually worked to build the pyramid’s) was compared to modern Egyptian DNA. The analysis confirms that modern Egyptians are the “direct descendants” of those who built the pyramid!

Not only is the afrocentrists assertion of being descendants of the Pharaohs unlikely but their assumption that they were the builders of the pyramids has also been disproven by the above DNA analysis.

It is interesting to note how quickly Dr. Zahi Hawass was to announce the racial identity of the builders of the pyramids but when it came to announcing the racial identity of the Pharaonic line he was more shy. Obviously the European Celtic connection is a matter of political sensitivity!

Afrocentrists have always claimed that modern Egyptians are later invading scum who wanted to steal the black Africans achievements. We know this is not true because they “are” the genetic descendants of those who built the pyramids!

If all the above information wasn’t damming enough for the Afrocentric dream, further DNA analysis comparing mummy DNA with DNA of modern Egyptians suggests it was black Africans that entered into upper Egypt in mass during the” twilight days” of the Egyptian civilisation. This would further completely rule out the possibility of them being the builders of the pyramids.

It is presumed that all the above factual evidence will be viewed as “racist” by afrocentrists due to the fact it disproves the Afrocentric view of history. It brings into question what the afrocentrists are so proudly calling “knowledge of self”

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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 04:49 PM
Great work but... The Egyptian Civilization wasnt the first, it is predated by the Babylonian/Mesopotamian civilization by a 1000+ years. They were the first pioneers of farming,science,engineering and mathamatics.
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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by LUXUS

You wouldn't happen to be a Caucasian, would you..?

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:01 PM
"Most of the hair samples are cynotrichous (Caucasian) in type as opposed to heliotrichous (Negroid). Though most hair found is a natural dark brown and wavy, one ancient man had curly, naturally red hair"

Cool,so they had Gingers back then too. Talk about a minority.

How about the Chinese back then? We should see what they were up to at the same time in thei history books and compare.

Nice post.

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:03 PM
Translate the name Adam, in original text hebrew Adawhm!

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:04 PM
dude..are you for real...!!

they were black...he has features of a do the images in the tombs....golden black...thin lips, soft hair, ..BUT BLACK.

both of his parents were black...

his father was killed and removed because he changed the religion of state, and was paitrachal.....either way his family and him were not accepted by the people....Ay & Horemheb removed his family and started the ramsees lineage of the 19th dynasty.....

so if anything...due to akhenaten and his patrachal move away from per-aa and the bloodline of osiris....he was considered an outsider....but still black...

further more...have him....with suede tim`s on!!.....the dude is the most IRRELEVANT pharaoh that ever lived...


posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by thePharaoh

Hey pharaoh, there is enough science in there to make your head spin for a week!

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:15 PM

reply to post by LUXUS

Not only is the afrocentrists assertion of being descendants of the Pharaohs unlikely but their assumption that they were the builders of the pyramids has also been disproven by the above DNA analysis

your BS really is on an outstanding level.

this comment you made...really dude...!!

it is known that the majority of builders and materials (ie granite) came from aswan.....BLACK.
also the pyramids were built over 1000 years before king your claiming the pyramids, then king tut are european......???

in the ancient the centre of the world...egypt had direct contact with the worlds races...
to claim they were celts is hilarious....celts royal line..listen now...came FROM egypt...not the other way around.

the maitrachal throne of the per-aa (pharaoh) is upper egyptian, (osiris wears upper egypt crown) THEY WERE BLACK...ONLY LOWER EGYPT HAD CONTACT WITH ASIATICS....even alexander the great couldnt dare step foot in upper egypt....

stop confusing yourself....except it....the divine right to rule was a BLACK CONCEPT... which the roman empire high jacked....

ask yourself...why do they have to be from else where....we have MASSIVE archeological finds in naqqada, nelhen and the most facsinating place abydos....

your ignorance is allowing you to miss out and to enjoy the deeper layer of egyptian history


posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:18 PM
First of all. GOD came to save all people. Jew & Gentile, (non-jew). But, for anyone to even think for a moment that black people are in anyway shape or form from Hebrew blood are completely out of their minds. Translate the scriptures from their original language. When God named humans he had a reason behind it. For example...with Abraham & Sarah, they laughed at the idea that they could have children at their old age, so God told them to name their son Issac, because it means laughter. God named Adam, means white man. Why do you think that the earliest caucasian bones ever discovered are approx: 7600 years old and not 70,000 years old? Take into account that carbon dating can be affected by extreme heat and other factors, but it still puts it in the ballpark of when humans went from pre-adamic people to actually functioning as an intelligent being! Do research for crying out loud! If you believe in the bible then you believe in truth, but do not rely on King James Version, find the source of the original text and then translate it from the original language. DNA testing can trace Jew familys more than 2,000 years seems funny that their is no negro blood in say...the line of Levi. Do your research man!

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:24 PM
Sorry, I never got to the point and realized that I would end up writing a book to explain the simple nature of this thread.

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by thePharaoh

you dident read it obviously, if you did you would know that the builders of the pyrimids dna was extracted and compared to modern confirmed that they were the builders sorry

btw its not my oppinion, its the result of scintific investigation.

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:28 PM

Originally posted by NeoAlef2012
First of all. GOD came to save all people. Jew & Gentile, (non-jew). But, for anyone to even think for a moment that black people are in anyway shape or form from Hebrew blood are completely out of their minds.

one word...semite`s...

i dont know about "hebrew blood" but what i do know, is that the powerful cults in lower egypt, struggled with the pharaoh (power strugle) and were ultimatly dismissed/banished from the state.....(well, ran before the army from the south reached the north).....

so the powerful religous cults of these people was definatly egyptian in origin....maybe a covenant preisthood.....
egypt was black in origin...
thats how people make the connection...

think about it...king herod...his ideology was pure egyptian...

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:31 PM

Originally posted by facelift
reply to post by LUXUS

You wouldn't happen to be a Caucasian, would you..?

Afrocentric people are very specific group who claim that they built the pyrimids, there is no scientific proof, infact all the science says they dident. They claim people are robbing their history but actually they are stealing the history of the egyptians...its a fact egyptions built it!

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:44 PM
Afrocentric people claim to be from the hebrews, the egyptians, etc. But at no time in the history of the world has there ever been a group of people of their kind that has actually thrived. They are a pre-adamic people who are missing the fundamentals of why God decided to make man in "His Image" instead of destroying them. We are all mixed now, which is why the world is in turmoil. They can cry racism all day & all night long, but the simple fact is they are a lost people and should be on their knees thanking God everyday that they are not banging rocks together to make a fire and running around with a bone in their nose, which in some places...they still do. The "afrocentric people" seem to never mention that during the slavery trade times, it was their tribal leaders that sold their undesirables to the slave traders. Why is that?

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:48 PM
By the way, I am not a racist. I am 60% Native American and 40% mutt! The white man had a purpose for black people, he didn't have one for my ancestors.

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by NeoAlef2012

ok..afrocentrics....american blacks are 95% west african....egytp was n.e. african.....they are as different as blacks could be...

the images on the tombs are n.e. africans....trampling over ethiopians....egyptologists CLAIM that these dark blacks are nubian....nubain means you tell m if the pharaoh is golden tanned or not


posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 06:00 PM
What is it with those ancient gingers? They were in China when they where not supposed to be also! Red headed folks being found mummified all over the world, neat

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 06:03 PM
That's a great point. I have seen red headed asians, red headed blacks...but I have yet to see a red headed native american tho. WOW!
I do know that we were made by the same hand!
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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by NeoAlef2012

Yet "your people" had their land snatched right from under them, were forced to walk the Trail of Tears, and had to live in poverty on various reservations well away from "the white man."

I usually stay out of these conversations but I couldn't help it in this instance. I'm also part Native American as well as black and European and even I say your statement is bs.
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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 06:26 PM

Originally posted by thePharaoh
reply to post by NeoAlef2012

ok..afrocentrics....american blacks are 95% west african....egytp was n.e. african.....they are as different as blacks could be...

the images on the tombs are n.e. africans....trampling over ethiopians....egyptologists CLAIM that these dark blacks are nubian....nubain means you tell m if the pharaoh is golden tanned or not


Sorry pharaoh your not getting out of it that easy, look at the image of rames II, there are light and dark skined nubiens he is in war with.

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