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Africans marabouts are numerous in Paris :

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 05:04 AM
Visitors to Paris, on exiting the metro may now and then receive a card, normally handed out by Africans. They are paid about 8 euros per 1000 cards distributed and probably you have received a card for one of the local marabouts. These are "intermediates" between the common person and the Koran. They have the image of being witch doctor like and for some are thought to have some magical powers.
The marabouts of Paris live up in the 18th, the Goutte d'Or and have consultations for various disorders one might have.

The card I received yesterday mentions a "Monsieur Charles" guerrisseur, i.e. he cures you of various things. Or everything.

He is a "grand specialiste des science occultes, serieux, rapide, efficace, discret"

All marabouts are specialists in love life problems, and so advertises Monsieur Charles. But he also can improve your business, attract clients, help you with your driving permit etc. You have a problem, go to Monsieur Charles.

Towards the end of his card his love life advice performance will all you to have the person of your life "run after you like a dog behind his (or her) master."

I have not listed on this posting Monsieur Charles address (indeed in the 18th on rue Marcadet) or phone number. A recent article in "Le Parisen" indicated that not all of the marabouts clients are Africans, many a nativist French person will seek their advice. Cost: From 15 to 40 euros a consultation.

Having been in Paris for over 25 years I have never consulted a marabout. The urge is always there, one of curiosity. Western skepticism gets in my way, but after all maybe the Senegalese soccer team did have extra help from the sidelines.

[edit on 17-8-2004 by Nans DESMICHELS]


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