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European petition against RFID microchip :

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posted on Aug, 21 2004 @ 10:31 PM
As far as the mark of the beast goes, which is why I am afraid of nay kind of implants, we know that it will be mandatory for buying and selling and that it will only be in one of two places, in the arm or forehead. I am still going to stay clear of all kind of implants into my body aside from organ transplants if the time ever came for one.

posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 08:06 AM

Originally posted by Nans DESMICHELS
Anyway :

You will notice that there are NO STUDIES about the impact on human health of the RFID-MC and facilities (scanners, detectors...).

I won't give you a lesson of neuro-biology, but the interferences between pulsed micro-waves and brain-waves is well known.

It is not well known to me. Do you have any journal papers to reference this? I'd be curious to see them.

But, I just have a scientific question for Nygdan and those who are jumping on the RFID/MC's as the securitarism graal of XXIth century

I have said nothing of the sort. I have merely said that if people want to have this tracking device implanted in their children, then they should be allowed to.

If the stuff cause insanity and cancer, then it should quickly become obvious.

Can you give me a link to any studies showing that the RFID micro-chip implanted is safe for human health ?

I'd rather see some studies that show that it isn't. The article you posted above was from 1998 and it didn't cite any particular paper. The popular press isn't a good place for getting scientific information.

Regardless I'll look around in the Nature and Science archives for any papers that referece things like 'RFID' or 'Pulsed Micro-Waves and Brain' and then update this post with some of the results.

ok here are some of the results. I'll post the abstracts and such here and maybe a little bit about why I choose them and then we can discuss the information in this thread.

Mark Hallet Transcranial magnetic stimulation and the human brain Nature 406, 147 - 150

[which has in its references section:]
Amassian, V. E. et al. Suppression of visual perception by magnetic coil stimulation of human occipital cortex. Electroencephalogr. Clin. Neurophysiol. 74, 458-462 (1989)

Pascual-Leone, A., Gates, J. R. & Dhuna, A. Induction of speech arrest and counting errors with rapid-rate transcranial magnetic stimulation. Neurology 41, 697-702 (1991).

so this establishes that electromagnetic waves can infact alter brain patterns. It looks like motor control is what most researchers have been looking into, but apparently visual processing can be interupted also. However this isn't the same thing as saying that 'microwaves drive people insane'.

C Johansen et al Mobile phones and malignant melanoma of the eye British Journal of Cancer (2002) 86, 348-349. doi:10.1038/sj/bjc/6600068

Recently a four-fold increase in the risk of malignant melanoma of the eye was associated with the use of radiofrequency transmitting devices, including mobile phones in Germany. We contrasted the incidence rates of this rare cancer with the number of mobile phone subscribers in Denmark. We observed no increasing trend in the incidence rate of melanoma, which was in sharp contrast to the exponentially increasing number of mobile phone subscribers starting in the early 1980s. Our study provides no support for an association between mobile phones and ocular melanoma.

Leszczynski, Dariusz doi:10.1038/87172 [poster abstract]
the question of whether exposure to radiofrequency-modulated electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) generated by mobile phones affects human health remains unsolved [...] the expression and phosphorylation of a large number of proteins isolated from EA.hy926 cells seems to be altered by short RF-EMF exposure, suggesting that cells mount a vigorous response to RF-EMF stress. However, whether the observed stress can cause long-lasting physiological effects remains to be determined.

J. E. Moulder et al Cell Phones and Cancer: What Is the Evidence for a Connection? Radiation Research Volume 151, Number 5, May 1999[please note, this is a large pdf file]

The epidemiological evidence for an association between RF radiation
and cancer is found to be weak and inconsistent, the laboratory
studies generally do not suggest that cell phone RF radiation
has genotoxic or epigenetic activity, and a cell phone RF radiation–cancer connection is found to be physically implausible. Overall, the existing evidence for a causal relationship between RF radiation from cell phones and cancer is found to be weak to nonexistent.

Rothman et al. OVERALL MORTALITY OF CELLULAR TELEPHONE CUSTOMERS. Epidemiology 7(3):303-305; 1996

The authors concluded that the overall mortality rates of portable and mobile cellular telephone users are similar. The mortality rates found are much lower than corresponding rates for the general population

Please note however that the paper lists its 'funding' as 'Wireless Technology Res. LLC'

The authors conclude that a nonsignificantly increased risk for brain tumors located in the temporal or occipital lobe was found for people who had used a NMT cellular phone on the same side of the head (that is, the tumor was in the area with the highest radiofrequency radiation exposure). This finding, however, is based on small numbers and must be interpreted with caution. Most of these cases had used NMT phones and an increased risk was found only for such use, but GSM phones were only introduced in the early 1990s so the observation time is too short for definite conclusions to be drawn [emphasis added]

Anyway, there wasn't much that I could find on this subject, however a lack of papers on microwaves not causing insanity can't be used as any sort of evidence that they infact do cause insanity.

[edit on 23-8-2004 by Nygdan]

posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 09:32 AM
I'm sorry, I know it's a bit unrational, but actually, what is rationnal yet ?

But actually, what we know is that a mysterious disease will hit everybody who will get the mark fo the beast.

REVELATION 9:3 Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth;
4 they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads;
5 they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man.
6 And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them.

Of course, the Bible work with allegories, this mean that you need to interpret (right) the Bible words to understand the truth. Sometimes, people can only understand a Bible quote after the events related, but this time, I think this mysterious disease is connected with an uncontrolled impact on human health of the RFID-MC.

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 08:54 AM
I just come back to the hypersensitivity problems caused by EMF radiations :

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and depression
Some individuals report "hypersensitivity" to electric or magnetic fields. They ask whether aches and pains, headaches, depression, lethargy, sleeping disorders, and even convulsions and epileptic seizures could be associated with electromagnetic field exposure.

There is little scientific evidence to support the idea of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Recent Scandinavian studies found that individuals do not show consistent reactions under properly controlled conditions of electromagnetic field exposure. Nor is there any accepted biological mechanism to explain hypersensitivity. Research on this subject is difficult because many other subjective responses may be involved, apart from direct effects of fields themselves. More studies are continuing on the subject.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by 7th_Chakra

ahm safety from what exactly, what do we need to be safe from what does this chip serve us what is wrong with currency, why do we need these you do realise that the government can just take your tax from you, you do know that we will have no say in where our money goes in any respect you do know that with out one nobody can buy food, what does that sound like to you that sounds like fascism to me.

yes the bible says something cryptic about micro chips and alot of people will play down the unethical implantaton of these things by pionting at the religious finatics and telling them they are all nuts and hate progress, but dont you realise that the government can just turn off your chip if you step out of line, forget morality or nobility people have to stop saying they wouldnt do it because thats mad because they will.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 04:59 AM
RFID implants cause cancer and should therefore be banned.

Study: RFID Implants Could Cause Cancer
Add subcutaneous RFID chips to the list of dangerous tech (along with cellphones, WiFi and printers). AP has published a study which shows the chips' tumor inducing effects in animals.

None of these studies were investigating the cancer causing effects of the chips; the results were observed as side effects of the main research. Because of this, no control groups were established. That said, the results are pretty hard to ignore. Tumors grew in mice in between one and ten percent of cases, and most of these grew around the RFID transponder itself, indicating a strong link.

RFID chips have been approved for human use in the US by the FDA, and chip maker VeriChip Corp. has already implanted 2,000 of them into humans. Of course, VeriChip maintains that the tech is safe. Scott Silverman, CEO and chairman, says that the company has been putting chips into animals for the last 15 years and there has been no problem.

We won't comment on the science here. It's too tough to call: Mice aren't men, no controlled studies have been done and Big Money has an interest in the results. On the other hand, if RFID chips do cause tumors, at least they'll be easy to find.

Associated Press will issue a breaking story this weekend revealing that microchip implants have induced cancer in laboratory animals and dogs, says privacy expert and long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

As the AP will report, a series of research articles spanning more than a decade found that mice and rats injected with glass-encapsulated RFID transponders developed malignant, fast-growing, lethal cancers in up to 1% to 10% of cases. The tumors originated in the tissue surrounding the microchips and often grew to completely surround the devices, the researchers said.

Albrecht first became aware of the microchip-cancer link when she and her "Spychips" co-author, Liz McIntyre, were contacted by a pet owner whose dog had died from a chip-induced tumor. Albrecht then found medical studies showing a causal link between microchip implants and cancer in other animals. Before she brought the research to the AP's attention, the studies had somehow escaped public notice.

A four-month AP investigation turned up additional documents, several of which had been published before VeriChip's parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, sought FDA approval to market the implant for humans. The VeriChip received FDA approval in 2004 under the watch of then Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson who later joined the company's board.

If these chips ever become mandatory for buying and selling, I for one will simply carry the chip in my pocket. I will never allow such a device to be implanted in my body.

Where's all the scientific studies proving that these RFID chips are safe for implant? There hasn't been any. Ignorance is truly bliss when it comes to making money.

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