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radio archives from ww2 from toyko rose to the death of fdr and otheres interesting downlode

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 02:27 PM
link i know torrents arent generaly liked or tolerated on this site so if it gets taken down im in now way condoning copy right infringement but its a link to a bunch of archives of radio transmissions from ww2 and i figured some of us might be interested in this kinda thing some of the radio brodcasts in the torrent are as follows 19xx-xx-xx Tokyo Rose Describes Her Show.mp3
194x-xx-xx AFRS Mail Call Navy Jane Nigh King Sisters Betty Grable.mp3
194x-xx-xx Home Canning.mp3
194x-xx-xx Sounds of War US 16 Inch Navy Gun 1.mp3
194x-xx-xx Sounds of War US 50 Caliber Machine Gun.mp3
194x-xx-xx Sounds of War US Iwo Jima Battle Ship 5 inch and 40mm Guns.mp3
194x-xx-xx Sounds of War US Iwo Jima Motoyama Airfield Plane Launches Rocket.mp3
194x-xx-xx Sounds of War US M1 Rifle 2.mp3
194x-xx-xx Sounds of War US M1 Rifle1.mp3
1945-01-02 NBC Words At War 79 Its Always Tomorrow.mp3
1945-01-07 CBS World News Today.mp3
1945-01-09 NBC Words At War 80 Borrowed Night.mp3
1945-01-10 AFRS Mail Call Ann Rutherford Johnny Mercer Garry Moore.mp3
1945-01-12 AFRS GI Journal Fibber McGee And Molly Frank Sinatra.mp3
1945-01-13 NBC These Are Our Men Fleet Admiral Ernest Joseph King.mp3
1945-01-14 CBS World News Today.mp3
1945-01-14 NBCB Yanks In The Orient.mp3
1945-01-15 NBCR Authors Playhouse Theres Money In Poetry.mp3
1945-01-16 NBC Words At War 81 Verdict On India.mp3
1945-01-17 AFRS Mail Call Groucho Marx Ida Lupino Gloria DeHaven.mp3
1945-01-20 Truman Inaugural Address.mp3
1945-01-23 NBC Words At War 82 The Story Of A Secret State.mp3
1945-01-24 AFRS Mail Call Bing Crosby Cass Daley Martha Mears.mp3
1945-01-26 AFRS GI Journal William Bendix.mp3
1945-01-31 AFRS Mail Call June Allyson Ozzie Nelson Danny Thomas.mp3
1945-02-01 AFRS Mail Call Dinah Shore Nat King Cole Dorothy Lamour - Assembled Program.mp3
1945-02-07 AFRS Mail Call Edgar Bergen Ingrid Bergman Marion Hutton.mp3
1945-02-13 NBC Words At War 84 What To Do With Germany.mp3
1945-02-15 KLAC Irwin Allen Show clip.mp3
1945-02-19 BBC Sgt Richard Mawson Lands On Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN First Strikes On Iwo Arthur Prim.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN Iwo Flight Arthur Prim.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN Iwo Landing.mp3
1945-02-19 CAN Live Iwo Landing.mp3
1945-02-19 MBS On Iwo Battleship Leslie Nichols.mp3
1945-02-20 NBC Words At War 85 Battle Report Pearl Harbor To The Coral Sea.mp3
1945-02-21 AFRS Mail Call Jack Carson Frances Langford Jerry Colonna.mp3
1945-02-22 CBS The March Of Time How American Wives Are Fairing.mp3
1945-02-24 CAN SECNAV James V Forrestal Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-02-25 CAN Bud Foster From Flagship Of Admiral Kelly Turner.mp3
1945-02-25 NBCB WWII News Walter Winchell.mp3
1945-02-25 WMCA New World A Comin Furlough Home.mp3
1945-02-26 NBC Cavalcade of America Fight Nurse.mp3
1945-02-27 CAN Battle Of Motoyama Airfield Sgt Dick Mawson and engineer Sgt Harvey Williams.mp3
1945-02-27 NBC Words At War 86 Faith of Our Fighters The Bid Was Four Hearts.mp3
1945-02-28 AFRS Mail Call Dick Haymes King Sisters Jimmy Durante.mp3
1945-02-xx CAN Iwo Jima Underground Fortifications.mp3
1945-02-xx NBC Battle for Iwo Jima Bud Foster.mp3
1945-03-01 CBC Fred Tilston Wins Victoria Cross For Attack In Germany.mp3
1945-03-04 CBS World News Today.mp3
1945-03-05 CBC A Soldier At The Breaking Point Matthew Halton.mp3
1945-03-06 NBC Words At War 87 The Rainbow.mp3
1945-03-07 AFRS Mail Call Jack Benny Paulette Goddard Claudette Colbert.mp3
1945-03-08 CBS Command Performance ep165 Frank Sinatra Elizabeth Taylor Margaret OBrien.mp3
1945-03-09 AFRS GI Journal Groucho Marx Lucille Ball.mp3
1945-03-13 NBC Words At War 88 Can Do.mp3
1945-03-14 AFRS Mail Call Nelson Eddy Cass Daley Andrews Sisters.mp3
1945-03-15 CBS The March Of Time Report Of Vatican Policies.mp3
1945-03-18 CBS World News Today.mp3
1945-03-20 CBS Feature Story UN Conference In San Francisco Harry Marble.mp3
1945-03-20 NBC Words At War 89 Tomorrow Will Sing.mp3
1945-03-21 AFRS Mail Call Frank Morgan Harpo Marx Burns and Allen Rita Hayworth.mp3
1945-03-22 CBS The March Of Time Black Marketeers In France.mp3
1945-03-27 NBC Words At War 90 Banshee Harvest.mp3
1945-03-28 AFRS Mail Call Bette Davis Bing Crosby Barry Fitzgerald Jack Benny.mp3
1945-03-29 BBC ITMA Toms Newspaper.mp3
1945-03-29 CBS The March Of Time The Kitchen Of Tomorrow.mp3
1945-03-xx CAN Desolation On Iwo Jima Marine Staff Sgt Alvin M Josephy Jr.mp3
1945-04-01 BBC Edward Ward On Buchenwald.mp3
1945-04-01 CAN? Easter Service on Recently Recaptured Iwo Jima.mp3
1945-04-03 NBC War Report on the Battle of Okinawa Bud Foster.mp3
1945-04-03 NBC Words At War 91 Full Employment In A Free Society.mp3
1945-04-04 AFRS Mail Call Jack Carson Dick Powell Smart Set.mp3
1945-04-04 AFRS Pied Pipers - Dream.mp3
1945-04-05 March Of Time First Recorded Sounds of Mosquitos.mp3
1945-04-06 AFRS GI Journal Bob Hope Mel Blanc.mp3
1945-04-07 CBC Gestapo In Holland Matthew Halton.mp3
1945-04-10 NBC Words At War 92 Apartment In Athens.mp3
1945-04-11 AFRS Mail Call Judy Garland Merry Macs Bob Hope.mp3
1945-04-12 News Death Of FDR CBS ABC.mp3

and go on tell 1945-xx-xx KFI Ad Club Drama - WW2 Recap.mp3
filelist.txt being the last entry i downloded it and it checked out on my virus scanner so if you guys want to hear some interesting stuff from ww2 this should be right up ats alley

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 04:45 PM
Hey, thanks -

This seems like it will be pretty interesting to hear and to have on hand.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by hhcore

yeah ive always liked history so its kind of like a fun little time capsule for me and an interesting way of teaching kids about how things used to be


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