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A grim outlook, the Misery of the bored and lonely One Consciousness.

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by CaptainInstaban

Yep. I came to many of the same conclusions.

But then another question popped up and all stuff broke loose.

What if i was the duality, and it was the problem all along.

Once i stopped being my own devils advocate, singleminded ness seemed easier.


posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:39 AM
The coma explanation gives me goosebumps. I hope not. I think that the cumulative unhappiness of the world towards the rat race we have created to complicate our lives is coming to a peak. The inequities of this world contradict the purpose of this beautful planet and the amazing intelligence we have been given. This planet, at its most basic level, was created for us to feed of the vine and tree for free. I do believe our purpose on earth was to create art, eat delicious food, see touch, experience beautiful things and places, make love, and love eachother. That is all. Yet we are trapped in this nightmare no one wants. That is the cage you are feeling. No us in a loop, but us living in a garden of eden we can't even enjoy.

I'm ready for the revolution in which money is unecessary, we do not have to pay for land (that has existed for millions of years before we got here), food and housing is determined by the time you spend doing the necessary jobs that make your community run (more hours or crummier job= nicer place), and your free time can be spent pursuing (free) education or work on any thing you are good at and enjoy. We would be much happier.
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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:40 AM
One Consciousness is all that is. From the perspective of all that is, you experience everything that everything is experiencing, thus you are also not experiencing anything at all. And all that is, is infinite, there is no limit to it. Trying to put these pieces together makes no sense to the human mind, because the idea of sensibility only exists here and now while also existing in an infinite amount of other realities while also not existing in an infinite amount of other realities. You understand what I am saying? You don't have to worry about getting bored in infinity, you cannot run out of things to experience and there are an infinite amount of realities with an infinite amount of emotions for you to experience.
Damn, my brain is starting to explode from typing this.

Anyway, all the terrible things you see going on in this world is the planet cleansing itself. This is the logical conclusion to all the unbalance that has been going on on planet Earth and is reaching it's pinnacle, either the negativity will eventually destroy the planet or the majority of people will learn to live in harmony and solve its problems and those who can't cope with that will disappear from your reality. You always have a choice in what to experience, I suggest you don't believe in it, KNOW in it.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:42 AM
Cool thread. Thanks for the brain stretch!
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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by CaptainInstaban
I suscribe to the theory that existence is nothing but pure consciousness, the universe and all matter and life being a mere figment of the One Consciousness´ imagination.

I don´t know exactly how the One Consciousness came to be, but there is nothing that exists seperately, outside of it.

I know this whole story and it´s notions a too much for most, let alone the implications.


What if consciousness is a human creation? As in - the human being is the only conscious entity that actually exists within this reality confine. Of course, there are many versions of human being, since the conscious intellect is what defines the human being, and not the specific nature of the corporeal system that generates that conscious intellect.

Imagine if the human being were an evolutionary progression, where the event-centric corporeal system broke through the delineation between matter (event trajectory matrix existence) and information (eternal existence) as a unique existential hybrid due to the survival mechanics of the corporeal brain, and how it employs residual carbon-stored information (memory) and manufactures original data clusters (thoughts and umbrella system directives) that not only inform, but dynamically act upon the corporeal system itself as a high-functioning system management application.

Imagine that this system had developed long before humans emerged, but that the relative sophistication of the system (in lesser corporeal beings) limited its functionality to serving only the direct survival requirements of the umbrella system (fight, flight, procreation, food, watter, shelter). Then imagine the game changing development of the survival system becoming sophisticated enough to achieve self awareness. What would that survival system think about once it discovered itself?

Then, imagine the fact that information - once it has come into unitary existence - has no expiration date, and no rate of physical deterioration. Imagine that self-aware information, launched into physical existence as that human brain deals with maintaining the corporeal system as designed, once the corporeal system has finally failed for good. Can it simply cease to exist? No. As information, it's permanence is assured. A fact (information) concerning an occurrence will always remain. If something did occur, it can never not have occurred. That fact of its occurrence - a very simple form of information - is forever within the reality confine that the occurrence occurred.

So, what we end up with is a conscious awareness - with a specific identity - that carries on long after the brain that configured each instant of thought (like cells collected together in the end) has long turned into elements fed into the corporeal structure of other things. That awareness is a very unique form of information, and since it was directive and determinative when launched into physical existence, its true nature is that of an information/event trajectory hybrid - or dynamic information. You can call it a ghost, a spirit, an angel, a demon, or whatever word you like, but this is what consciousness is, and until this hybrid emerged, there wasn't any consciousness in existence within this reality confine.

You, my friend, are a member of the most fortunate and exclusive club in all of reality. You are the eternal and indestructible net result of trillions of efforts, small and large, to stave off existential oblivion by more systems and sub-systems than can be counted. All each of them has been and always will be focused solely on your intellectual development as the only hope for representative (proxy) survival. They don't think (that's what you do), but the primary imperative (survival) drives them to ensure that you're given every chance to grow and develop into the epitome of what you can possible become - essentially, on behalf of all that effort and disciplined dedication.

I'd be grateful for having such an enormous opportunity. If a rock could think, it'd hate you for the gift you've been given. You'll be born as a full human being as soon as your corporeal generation system (your brain) dies. You are the epitome of naturally emerging physical existence. The only thing greater than you is the full dynamic expression of this reality confine itself. That hasn't occurred yet, but when it does (some call it Judgment Day as a metaphor) that'll still involve a hell of a lot of human beings in contextual union. Nothing of individual identity is more than a human being within its own reality confine.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:53 AM
The dream state is a very 'fluid state', anything you can focus one will simply manifest itself to existence the instance you put your mind to it.

You can battle fear, with peace and love. But again it's all just and illusion. Boredom, fear, love, hate and all other emotions are all part of the experience from within the dream state. It is all things imaginable.

Hence, any one state of emotion is manifested\drawn by oneself. Thus one feels bored if one choose so, and the same goes for any other emotion.

However just relaxing one's self and knowing that you exist and focus on nothing, an ultimate Inner Peace. The sensation along with this experience is something words cannot describe.

I usually refer to it as love in the most intense and purest form.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by InnerPeace2012

Life is but a dream indeed. Nothing comes into focus in this waking state until you bring it to mind.
That ability to focus, to turn the attention is the only control we will ever have. We are like spotlights, where ever we point becomes real for us (and only us) and everything outside the spotlight is not seen. If we choose to be like a floodlight our awareness grows.
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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by Itisnowagain

I completely agree.

Our eyes are the window to this physical reality, hence a spotlight. Anything outside of this physical reality can be ascribe as being a figment of one's imagination, from a physical perspective that is.

Mind boggling stuff

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:24 AM
I want to thank every single one of you for the kind words and very insightfull comments, from different angles.

So far this was very interesting and helpfull.

I am a bit overwhelmed with all the braincracking replies, so I´ll have to let it settle in for a bit, before I will reply again.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by InnerPeace2012

The imagination is just another appearance seen from the window, it can be watched and marvelled at.
Appearances appearing through the clear window that i am.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by Itisnowagain

I get is all there is.


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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:57 AM
The assumption that we are "One" to begin with suggests the problem.

I realize it has become an enshrined dogma these days, especially with the New Age crowd, with no other way of looking at it, but of course, there are other ways.

Religionists were stuck thinking about this issue a long time ago. Things only got worse when they tried to imagine "One" god. Having "gods" plural was easy, we could imagine the gods on Mt. Olympus, doing what gods do, not that we could always imagine properly what they were doing, but at least no one had to worry about "loneliness".

But monotheism was somewhat problematic. If there was only "One" (god in this case), what the heck does he do with himself, throughout all eternity? If there is only one, wouldn't he get "lonely"?

Some thought that this was at least the reason "god" created a universe, so he would not be so lonely, have something to do, etc. But that didn't really fit too well with some of the attributes that were assumed to be part of god-nature.

Are humans "good company" for "god"? If so, why? If god is somehow an infinite being, how could he derive anything meaningful from any of his finite creatures, no matter how "advanced"?

A solution was hit on. God apparently needed better "company", else he could get "bored", be lonely, etc. But, since finite company would never do, what God needed was "equal" company. God didn't need a pet, or a toy, but it seemed fitting that he might need relationship, just as we do, with one (or more!) that was his equal.

Christianity didn't quite go back to the pantheon, but the "Trinity" was developed. They said that God was "One", but what we didn't originally know was that his "oneness" was slightly more complex. Not to get into the theology of it, but they ended up with the traditional "three persons, in one god" formula, that is the foundation of that religion today.

I'm not a religionist, I'm just bringing it up since so far all the posts I've read remain in the "Oneness" box.

If the idea that we are all "One" is important, people wish to retain it, then maybe they can take a hint from the past, as they attempt to figure out the answer to this problem that was already "solved" millennia ago, even if back then it was in a slightly different context.


posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by CaptainInstaban

I understand where you are coming from.

This utter feeling of being lost, a feeling of misery, of wanting out, has also been haunting me for a while now. I get days where I feel stronger - capable of dealing with anything. And days like today, where your thread makes perfect sense.

But I do feel that what we are experiencing are not isolated feelings. I think that the whole earth is in agony. And humans share this feeling now more than ever. Perhaps it is our call to awaken. Perhaps the information age has just placed greater focus on the miseries of earth life - as the earth is rapidly becoming a global village it is much easier to plug into a collective feeling of misery.

Yip - life here is not easy. Conducting business and staying alive at the best of times is not easy. We are fragile humans ruled by emotions. But as I have learnt - these days where one feels so miserable will also pass.

I do believe that our experience on Earth is reasonably unique and does not mirror the functioning of the One Source / One Consciousness. Suffering provides the greatest opportunity and canvas for rapid growth due to extraordinary experience gained from experiencing it. Places like Earth also needs to exist in order to broaden the canvas of experience.

I do believe that we are feeling "removed and isolated" from the rest of the universe. But I do believe that when one evolves, there are points of disharmony inbetween the levels of great consciousness. We are in such a phase of transition, and everything will seem clearer soon.

How do I know that the One Consciousness strives for growth and experience-gain? Go to any spot on Earth where nature is in its purest form. The sheer magnificence of our unspoilt planet and the feeling of Oneness in these places is the purest mirror to me of the true nature of the One Consciousness. Such beauty cannot be created or experienced by a comatose consciousness.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

Hi Macbeth,

I think that this OP does not refer to the concept of a single God, but rather to a matrix of energy that is plugged into all of creation.

I understand where you are coming from. I don't subscribe to the monotheism-thing either. But I do believe in the existence of a "One-Source" or "One-Consciousness", which is in my mind more like an invisible energy powering all of existence. It is completely separate from the idea of a single "God" that just sits somewhere up there and directs us with a mighty hand.

This must sound very new-agish I am sure. But I am (and I am sure a lot of One-Consciousness believers) most certainly not a new-ager.
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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by sunqueen30

Absolutely loved your post! I could not agree more.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

I think I see where the problem came to be. The notion of God was given human characteristics, of which boredom was one of them. But who could have blamed them. Thinking outside the box in those days, was dangerous, hence the establishment of secret societies that still exist to this day, well not so secret anymore.

But nonetheless, the human characteristics attributed as God I believe is where the problem lies, as with most of our world religions. A mistranslation, or perhaps and intentional foul up to cover the truth or simply knowledge used against humanity to enslave us.

The secret however being that we as individuals have the potential of being God. For we are offsprings from the same source, of which is all there is.

This of course brings us back to question TPTB and thier agenda, but that is another matter all together.


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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:30 AM
The following is from a book titled "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" by William Samuel --- He wrote this in 1986, he was teacher of metaphysics and wrote about "oneness" way back in 1960's---all of his books including "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" are being rediscovered as they hold a brilliant message that is most essential and in understanding what is happening in the world today.

He uses the word "subjectivism" for things like "one consciousness, or non-duality" et al.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction of "The Child Within Us Lives!" --- it is a prophetic book, William was a true mystic and this book tells us how to understand and survive in a deeply metaphysical and spiritual way through days ahead.

------"But that isn't the end of things either. Humanity is soon to make a spiritual and metaphysical breakout into a new day, a new time and space. Those who find the Child within, and listen to Its Covenant, are to DO what they have been intended to do from the beginning of linear history. Another "dimension" is to be added! This book is about that.

The reader has a role to play in these events. This volume would not have come into your hands unless you were to be a part of the story soon to unfold."

And this one:

"As far as the relationship between time and space and their interconnections to tangible life goes, the end-game's corrective information is presently being received within the quantum body of civilization. This information is intended to adjust and correct society's major systems for their final movement as mankind comes to discern the true nature of things-particularly time, space, matter and awareness (life). In many ways science-the vanguard of human wisdom-has nearly reached that comprehension already.

What does this final corrective feel like to you and me here in the old-world scene of things? It comes as a new clock turned on within us-as new sensitivity; an increasing intuitiveness; a new perception within us-as certain unfamiliar anxieties, disquiets, stresses and discomforts-as inexplicable fear and depression. Anyone can look at the human scene and see the lids popping off here and there with acts of insanity and people trying to satisfy impossible urges. Who is to say what the northern geese feel before they assemble to make the trek south? Or the butterflies before they start their long upwind search for their ancestral birthplace? I know that dramatic course-altering input is presently arriving within mankind; the sensitive feel it especially. This arrival is not unlike the way the ability to perceive color has developed in mankind in recent millennia. We are told this sense is one of the latest developments of the human brain-but what is presently happening is at a deeper level of mentation. What is it? The arrival of the truly subjective nature of mentation-quantum man's capacity for ever greater introspective self-examination.

At this moment, civilization is a little like a field of cotton beginning to bloom: first a boll here, another there, then more and more until one morning we look out and the entire field is abloom. Or, it is like popcorn popping. One kernel pops, then another and another until there is a veritable explosion of the rest. Hard pressed, shaken together and running over, mankind is coming into a conscious knowledge of a subjective sense of things which is certain to alter the course of civilization. The first "blooms" have been the prophets, the seers, the avatars, the insightful, those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Now the field is turning white with the ability to perceive subjectively."

And this one:

Confusion abounds at the unrecognized newness of it all. Now that subjectivism is here, no one knows what to do with it. The major divisions of human activity have not made the necessary adjustments to allow the missile the freedom to change course. Neither education, government, religion nor metaphysics has made the full turn demanded of them-and the time is short. In certain areas, science-with the help of subjective quantum mechanics-has adjusted reasonably well as it goes along searching the vistas of tangibility. But it remains to be seen what scientists will do with their information once it becomes clear that they are now-and always have been-examining consciousness.

People are individually willing to adjust, as their intuitions and feelings come into focus, but the controlling groups to which they belong, are vigorously holding to the old ways, refusing to listen to the New Sounds within. Either the institutions of mankind adjust to allow men to change mental course, or there will be a sociological anguish unparalleled in human history.


Pertaining to this subjective capability within myself, I have come to perceive special things about time, space, and matter that seem to be generally unknown; yet it is essential that Everyman begin to understand them. Like so many of the things that have been shown to me in the past, I know that mankind and his science will find them soon. (William Samuel)

Love to all, SweetM

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by InnerPeace2012

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by Sweetmystery

I love William Samuel.
Here he is speaking;
There is loads on youtube.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by shimmeringsilver73

Hey thank you, it always feels good when someone "gets" you.

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