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You gotta love the Chicago P.D.

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 03:03 AM
ok, so im 31 when this happened to me. for all of my adult life, ive been productive, working, payin bills. the usual. then at age 30 it went bad, i lost a good job (i screwed that one up bad!!) but long story short, i was out of work for the first time in 10 years, i was collecting unemployment, and being a bum for a bit.

i couldnt afford the good stuff, so me and a friend were makin frequent trips to the south side, to get 3 for $25. so one day, after looking all day we couldnt find a thing, he remembered a friend who had some, we drove and got a 20 dollar bag of the worst stuff ive ever seen. the kind where its all shake in the corner of a bag with about 45000 seeds. pure garbage. so we go out the next day lookin again. we score 3 bags of some descent mids, 25 bucks, cant complain. we stop to get papers, and the cops pull right up and stop my buddy walkin in. i guess they had been watchin the spot we were just at.

so now, im like, oh sh_t! theyre lookin at the car from across the street, its only a matter of time, #...what do i do??, so i do the only thing i can think to do. one at a time, i start to eat them, gulp. not to bad. second gulp, a little harder.the third one, i almost puked. but sure enough, almost on cue, they start headin my way...

"ok you! out of the car" so i get out, real cool like. he says"what do u got on you?" i told him "nothing" and he starts to frisk me, now i know i got my rolling machine in my coat pocket, and i figure hes gonna find that, but cmon, were in downtown chicago, he aint gonna drag me in for that thing. so im thinkin about all of this, when all of the sudden the cops says "HEY! whats THIS????" and im on the hood spread out, im not lookin at it, and i say "what? its a rollin machine" cop:"not that, THIS??" i turn and look, its that friggin bag of bullsh_t from yesterday, i never touched it!!

well, needless to say, my underware were clean untill that moment. all of the sudden all the thoughts of what my boyfriend in cook county lock up was gonna look like. Im dyin, i mean seriously, but Im holdin it together. so the cop says"oh you forget about this, huh?" and i looked at him and said "ya, honestly i did" he said "where you get it from?" and i said "some dude back in indiana, but its garbage" "no good, huh" he said.

He then preceeded to tell me that he could arrest me, impound my car, but that he wasnt going to. i was thinkin, oh thank you god thank you!!. so now to the end. my friend and me take off go about 2 blocks and go to this little mexican restaurant, i go the bathroom and try to puke up them bags. (did i mention, these were bad times?) anyrate, no luck, finger down my throat and all. it seemed the only way we were going to smoke, was if i waited untill i woke up the next morning and drank a nice cup of coffee and had a cigarette....if ya know what i we drive home to indiana, dejected i get out of my car, walk to the door, put my hands in my coat pocket to get my keys, and found that same bag of bullsh_t weed. the cop put it back in my pocket...well, that night, the garbage worked just fine..

the moral of the story? be happy with what you got, and you cant always get what you want...but if you try get what ya need !!!

well, tell me what ya think.....

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 07:53 AM
I am here in Chi also, I was just talking about the Chi cops. Fun arent they.

Was a Blue and white, or a detective?

So you tell me, I have talked about the detectives here in chicago. How they harass people.

Two days ago I stop at a gas station, I get out a black kid/guy about 18 to 22. He asked me for a 5 cent, I say I dont have it. Then I change my mind and get back in the car and get the cange holder out. I dumped the one nickel and about 20 pennies in his hand. I returned the holder back to the car locked the door as I all ways do getting out of my car, and go in. I get a drink and a snack and thats it, I pay with a charge card. I go out get in the car. Then this car pulls up in away I cant get out, Two men both white, with no uniform on just kevlar and an under shirt with a badge. They are looking at each other mummbling. I am putting my seat belt on and opening my drink. One of the Cops ask If I know the guy I was just talking to. I said, he just asked me for change. The other cop said, asked you for change? I said, Yes. The first cop said, did you give it to him? I said, Yes. Why did you give it to him? the second cop said? I said I felt sorry for him?
The second said, Why did you feel sorry for him? I said he looked like a bum. A Bum? One said. At this they looked at each other and pulled off.

[Edited on 17-8-2004 by SpittinCobra]

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 10:55 AM

Was a Blue and white, or a detective?

it was detectives that stopped us. it was 4 blue and whites that got the ball rollin though. it was kinda funny, cuz there i was, laying on the hood of this cop car, the cop inside the car is talking to cop searching me. the cop searching me says "hey- his license is from indiana !" the cop inside the car, on the loudspeaker says "oh ya? he probably f__ks hi mother !!" they all got a good laugh from it. even i had to kinda crack a smile.

as far as you givin that kid change, theyve got cameras up everywhere now. they can sit 2-3 blocks away and watch the cameras from their cars. probably thought you were a crack head....

posted on Aug, 21 2004 @ 01:34 PM
anybody else have a "the cops were cool that night" story?

posted on Aug, 21 2004 @ 05:27 PM
I live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and I was driving through Wheaton Illinois, which by the way has the highest church per capita number in the United States, and at a major intersection I ran through a red light. Not ran a red light like I barely made it through the light, more like it was red 3-4 seconds and I still ran it. And as I was driving away the lights came on, mind you Im 16 and my dad is out of town and trusting me not to # up that weekend, and so I calmly pull over and the following occurs. The police officer (wheaton cops are 1000% assholes according to local lore) walks up and he goes

Cop: "How you doing tonight"
Me : "really bad officer"
Cop "Whys that?"
Me : "I broke the law"
Cop : "Yeah you sure did"

Then came the regular "licensce and regulation please" and I produced my three month old licensce and yet I could not find any valid registration. Everything had expired! So I go to the officer "I cant find the registration" and he goes "YOUR NOT LOOKING HARD ENOUGH" and walks away. Comes back and goes "Hey I see you have texas licensce plates" and I go "Yeah I just got here from the military" when clearly I had probably lived in the state for a while. My Texas plates were illegal and expired

Total Infractions

1. Running a Red light.
2. Driving without valid insurance or registration
3. Expired Licensce plates.

Im looking at no driving until my 21st birthday, IF my father doesnt kill me first.

Then the cop asks

"Why did you run the light"

"Cause I wanted to get home before curfew at 12:00" - It was 1152

So the cop walks away and comes back and goes

"Go home its almost 12"

No ticket. No nothing. I think the original honesty of "I broke the law" and subsequent sob stories helped me avoid a death sentence.

posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 02:58 AM
Nice one Agent. See, I think the cops get a bad rap alot. I dont think that on the whole they are bad. I think most of them want to go to work, lock up some bad guys and go home. The less trouble the better. Anyone else? or has anyone been really screwed with by the cops?

This can be a good thread if all you people readin this start postin somethin !

[edit on 22-8-2004 by sublime4372]

posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 05:22 PM
Man #, i got stopped by the cops for "racing" and there was no love there
. I still dont see how i was racing when i was doing 35 in a 45 zone....

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