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Satanism , NWO not that bad ... or am I NWO brainwashed??

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 10:10 PM
When i think of the history, and/or legacy of the human race, I see a race of survivers number 1. Since the beginning of time, our intellegent species has had to deal with death, maintaining its distinctive way of life. Global cataclysms have always caused fear amongst humans. The Mayans along with other ancient civilazations were skilled in astrology and exacting dates for such events. And throughout the years we have manged to survive..

I was introduced to the illuminati term a few years ago by a friend. (Back then it was the youtube videos on the illuminati and hip-hop) I started to really look into it. Soon after I was done with the illuminati and the music industry I started going back to the begining of time searching for answers as to why things like the "all seeing eye", and other occult symbols would flash up places. It took me back to ancient Egypt...and religion. Thats when I realized that religion is the key...

I understand religion to be BS, a personification of the sun possibly, or of the spiritual energy people would refer to as magic. these pagan/ heathens who were killed or ran off by the church..went underground to form many cults, some of which are surviving today. Of course not everybody would have agreed with christianity and , because of the sensitive nature about these occult practices, they couldnt be open with their communication. Thus the emergence of the subliminal symbols. Artists such as leonardo divince (w.e.) would leave certain things in his painting for member of occult only to see and understand. So these occults, freemasons, and illuminati people turned into what they are today as a latent defect of the church. All the rich people are apart of these groups because they were here longer than the church and they know this as truth. the church whiped out knowledge of the earth.

So.. this Illuminati, as I now understand it, is a coalition of global elitist who are skilled in sorcery. They use magic to keep an upperhand on people. the shapeshifting reptilians, recording artists who "sell their soul to the devil", bohemian grove , are all people who indulge in this magic...
people who were close to Elvis tell how he had a sort of arora around him and how he could make some one do what he wanted by staring them down. The Same thing was also said about Hitler.

One thing I have learned from looking u all this stuff is that nothing is random, everything relates.

I used to think Hitler was a precurser of the anti christ... now as I understand it, Hitler's grandmother was a maid in one of the rothchilds house, she got knocked up and bam that solves the mystery of why Hitler hates Jews but was a jew at the same time. It is documented that a chunk of Hitlers life is unknown, he went to France and disappeared i guess, I/ believe he was found by the illuminati, was approved to be the leader of the new black sun nazi regime. He was of coarse bloodline of the rothchilds.

what im saying i guess is.. this idea of illuminati devil worshipers is dumb. they have a job, its called transition the human race into 666/the age of aquarius/next stage of development of race. How would you do it?

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by illuminatednotilluminati

The Hidden Hand thread talks a lot about that idea and it's been expounded upon in other places too. They provide the negative polarity, the dark. From the perspective of unity consciousness, all is one and all is light. Also, all is in perfection. They serve a purpose for humanity as a whole, providing contrast and pushing us toward our next evolution. On a macro level this is true. On a micro, individual level, they have caused or been at the root of a lot of human suffering. Does the end justify the means? It depends both on who you talk to and at what level you are perceiving Truth and "reality."

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