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Do you have a relationship with the creator of the universe?

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 07:50 AM
If you do a study of the Ancient Hebrew / Phoenician script, the fourth letter is a representation of a tent entrance. This is the door to the tent. The tent is held up by the Father. He is represented by the shepherd crook and the ox. The first letter is Aleph. This is represented by an eye, the shepherd's crook and the ox.

In Hebrew root morphology, all words are built from the roots. It starts with the letters of the Hebrew and then builds into parent, child and adopted roots. It is a tree. All of the words have relations that must be considered.

The fourth letter Dal is the tent opening. The tent was the place of rest and relaxation for the father. The father's job is to look after the family and be the strength. It is also to provide the support for the tent. The staff was the support that held up the tent. It also provided a place to hang the wine skin. All of this is a representation of the human body. There is much more here. God speaks through His word. If you do not hear the word, you are blinded by the flaming sword that protects the tree of life. The tree is the branching structure that produces life. To have a connection to this tree back to its root support (Father), you must allow the consuming fire of the flaming sword to pierce your heart of stone. Once you have a heart of flesh, the words become clear.

You don't hear because you have not placed yourself back in the family. You are a prodigal son.

John 10

24 The Jews who were there gathered around him, saying, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.”

25 Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me, 26 but you do not believe because you are not my sheep. 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. 28 I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all[c]; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. 30 I and the Father are one.”

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by Hydroman

Well I really can say crazy crap has happened. I once was praying, leaned into the setting sun, caught some numbers reflected off something, and went to a place that entered my mind at the time that the numbers displayed. I was like "this is the dumbest thing I have ever done", but to the second, someone came around a corner on the time prescribed and that led to a very enjoyable series of events.

Other times other stuff happened but I think that recent example really does real.

Though I'll feel for you. I've only ever heard what I think of as the "voice of God" once, maybe twice, in my whole life. And as of late I feel completely ignored. But current circumstances do not obstruct previous ones. I'll keep on trucking, but like I said, I feel cut off.

I've seen people whom claim to "hear God", and others where God tells them to do things. These people I see go through one huge trial after another. Meanwhile on two occasions I saw people break away from their former ways and just stop being in the cycle of failure after failure, and virtually all their dreams come true. I don't know. I think I'll try to be in their position before I claim I am abandoned by God.
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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:04 AM
One is recognised by the fruit of his works.

There is much misery, it's a common thing for believers. It's better to suffer from good deeds than from bad ones. May peace be with you dear brother, but it is the end time. I don't know if it is for the whole world but peace will be no more and men will slaughter themselves because of it. There's also a huge war coming up. Things don't look to good now will ya believe?

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:29 AM
Nope....what creator? Just because the universe is here it doesn't mean it had to have a creator, simple logical fallacy that, fools a lot of people, even without a clue as to how the universe appeared the idea that a 'creator' brought it into being is just one of many possibilities, discounting the rest is short sighted and foolish at best.
The methodist church gave a good try at converting me but I'd discounted the lot by the age of twelve, luckily I live in the UK where I suffer no reparations from my family or community for having the audacity to practice independent thought. I live my life with no beliefs, not one, of any kind, often I've heard people claim that atheism is a belief on this if they cannot envisage the absence of the state of groundless belief in their own minds, they fail to envisage it in others, yet another simple falacy, long since battered to death and bereft of value in discourse, dragged in tatters from it's grave on a daily basis for yet another round.
It's ATS so I'll have to mention UFO's, the forums here are full of variations on the phrase 'belief in UFO's.' An utter nonsense...a meaningless collection of words devoud of value: we know of UFO's because they have been measured in various ways, discounting human testimony for a moment, each instant of measurement tells us something of the phenomenon being measured, as in all things woth considering, what is missing is knowledge of the nature of the thing being measured, and it's no guarantee that that can be discerned, so human beings batter on about 'belief' and the value of 'belief'' and the 'virtue of belief' groping for meaning from their own heads and the limited human psyche to fill in the gaps and fill the darkness beyond the campfire with benign things to easy their sleep at night. From this springs the 'knowledge' of all religious thought and the thousands of disparate religions, all claiming to have a light for that darkness, all, in reality having nothing.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:29 AM
When we die, some of us chose to keep a part of ourselves in the other world to watch over our family and friends the best we can. But we spirits are not all powerful. We have ways of communicating with you, but most of you are not enlightened enough to listen well. Furthermore, there are spirits who aim to hurt you rather than help. That is because we are as free to decide what to do in the afterlife as we are free in our body incarnate life.

God does not care if you live or die. If you get in the way of God's natural wrath, you will die. Innocent baby or guilty serial killer, it does not matter.

However, we, your spirit ancestors and friends collectively form what you call, God, Goddess or Gods of compassion for people. We are a part of God that does care and tries to help you to live. You will know the spirits by the results of listening to them. If your life is wise and safe, you are listening to helpful spirits.

Now I have a question for you.

Have you honestly looked into the history of Christ and the Christian Church? Or are you in denial as to who Jesus was? Jesus is Apollonius, a great enlightened spirit. One of our leaders. You would do well to read the true words of Apollonius. You will find that you are not leading a Christian life at all.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by Hydroman

Yes, because I understand that I'm a soul shattered from Gods consciousness, therefor we're both one and one, singular and whole.

Open your mind, I was atheist 3 years ago. Research Quantum physics and The Ra material.
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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:37 AM
I have a relationship with the creator. We have a different type of relationship than my other relationships whereas we communicate in an audible tone. God speaks to me through my relationships, music, and reading....even in my dreams. If I ask a question.....the "Spirit" is always there to guide me. Whether its my spirit guide or God I am not sure. We are so very limited with our DNA and Brain that we cannot fully evolve the way we were in the past but I do believe that will change.

I have been wanting to write a book because I have so many experiences that would make any person say WOW....I can't believe that happened. I have been as down as one can be and as high as one can be and all the while knowing in my heart I am not alone. My spirit has been shaken many times....the church/church people have hurt me drastically. They abandoned me and at one point in time so did my family, or so I thought. The experiences I have had though have lead me on a journey by myself, teaching myself and yes.....being lead the whole time and KNOWING it!

If you have a desire in your heart to get to know yourself and the will. If you do not have a desire to know the will never have it. If you seek out the spirit of will reveal itself to you.

We live in a world full of many wonders and unanswered questions. thing I know for certain is that we and everything in the Universe is connected on some level. Its a true masterpiece when you educate yourself to the point of insanity as I have lol.

Most of my WOW experiences have come during and after a loved ones passing. Some when me and the kids didn't have a place to live, and a lot of my financial woes have come to a point where I cried one night only to have the next day a manifestation of work and or money.

I prayed one night after being with a bf for three years. We lived together. I knew if I left things would be really hard on me.....he cheated on me though and I was confused about what to do. I prayed to not only God but everyone who had passed before me that I deeply loved and then the cool dudes in the Bible I could think of. I had been kind of praying.but not really. One night before I went to sleep I asked specifically....Will we end up together in the end or am I just wasting my time here. I dreamed that night we had broken up and I was with a better man (who I am with now).

After my Grandfather passed he came to me in my dream and we spoke about what he was doing back at home and he had a message for my Grandmother. Went to TX to visit my dad a few days later and as I am walking into the lake casting out a fishing line I told my Grandfather if he was around I would catch a bass the first cast....still walking into the water I asked my dad if I could catch a bass, as he replied no I caught one.

I have so many stories that would blow your mind especially after my step son passed from Leukemia. As he passed a few of us saw a light under his bed and knew it was a sign he was going into the "light". That is just one of when he passed but I have Many more!

I have many more stories that do not involve a passing too. The thing is if you think it is the Spirit leading you then so it is.....if you do not think anything about so many experiences...then it isn't. You will know in your heart because intuition is our forgotten sense and if your mind tells you different.....don't let the mind pull a number on you.

There is a creator, one that is a master of all knowledge/subjects. He is the mover of spirit and I promise for anyone to say experiences are coincidences does not know the world in which we live in. We do not live in one existence from bacteria and then turn to dust when its over..... we are from a source and we continue to live on throughout until we become one again.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:38 AM
Where does true growth and change occur? How do we guide our spirits/souls?

Does a child understand when they are spanked or disciplined for an action that can endanger them? Do they understand that they are being provided for through the efforts of their parents (yes at some point they do), but really young ones don’t even comprehend work. Do they understand the safety you try to provide for them and the obstacles you remove from their lives? Do they understand the subtle ways we teach them without saying a word?

Humans are funny in the way that we think we know what is best for us, what our souls need to grow and mature. Sometimes choosing to see the series of events as a coincidence that shape and mold us, instead of the divine. Each religion has something to teach that soul, even being agnostic or outright atheist does as well.

I have a relationship with the creator (albeit not always a good one), but it is hard to understand what I need to have happen in my life to grow as a spiritual being. More often than not the answers to my prayers are not what I would want them to be, but these events in my life led me to change and inner strength…

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:44 AM

Originally posted by Hydroman
In my own "christian walk" of 20 years or so, I believed that I had a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. As a non-believer now, I can see that I was wrong. I can see that in my strong belief, that when I prayed I truly felt that there was a god up there listening to me who cared for me and loved me. Just thinking about that is enough to bring about special emotions. Just believing that there is somebody out there watching over you and guiding you is powerful. Yet, was it all in my head, a type of self delusion?

I have personal relationships with friends and family. I have direct communication with them. I can see their physical representation of themselves, and I can hear them audibly. At no time in my conversations with them do I ever get my voice confused with their voice. It is quite clear who is speaking and when.

In my experience, this is not the case when dealing with a relationship with a supernatural being. I have seen people who were christians of many years say that god told them something, such as an event that would occur on a specific date, only for that day to pass and nothing happened. Did this god trick them, or did the thought come from their own mind? If it came from their own mind, how do they not know the difference between their thoughts and the difference between the voice of the creator of the universe? It should be quite clear, shouldn't it? Knowing that this happens, and I've seen it happen many, many times, how can you trust anyone who says that a god told them something?

Is it really a personal relationship if you really don't have true back and forth communication with someone?
Creation and Summary of Events, Especially the Astral War

Note about the posted reversal:

The reversal here was from years ago when people were being taken and killed It says "Go to the One you'll be good as soldiers." I was in an airport at the time and the reversal, while noisy was telling the people to go to the One and become part of the spirit army. This was one of a number of places where time had been stopped and people hauled out and replaced with clones.


I’m summarizing the events of the past 9 years in these articles for my own clarity and sharing them with the Alliance members here.

All of us, without exception, have had our trials and tribulations while here in the Matrix and so have the Divine Couple, Adam and Eve.

The whole notion of some capricious god, who knows everything and just sits back and allows misery, is a gross corruption of the truth. It’s no wonder a lot of people are mad at God and I don’t blame them. When I was in the midst of hearing the terror going on behind the scenes and the reptilians doing whatever they wanted to people, I too was asking the question; “why isn’t God helping?”

I still remember hearing the reptilians saying, “The One was livid!” I wanted to cheer. He wasn’t mad at people, but at this cruel race and what they were doing to His children. I began to hear more and more about The One.

Early on, the Pleiadians had said “There are no religions in the Pleiades, we serve The One.” I was all for that plan. The Alliance was never angry with God for all of the events because they always had a greater view then we do here. They too went through hell in their worlds and so did the greys. But again, I never heard any kind of animosity from them, only a very determined willingness to help.

Those who were on the website will remember that The One broke into the recordings and using many different voices, began to communicate with us about the situation. He knew that people were bitter, and He asked for forgiveness. He promised that He would fight this menace and heal all of the suffering. He was anxious to get started and the Astral war did begin just about 4 fake years ago.

(Keeping track of the timing of events is very difficult for me so I may be off in some cases. It just seems like it’s all gone on forever!)

Planet X was used as a ruse to get the reptilians to make a break for Orion on their huge ship, the Phoenix and in order to do that, the net had to be opened. This took place somewhere in the Middle East. The ship was captured while on Mars, the reptilians aboard were taken and the children were safely brought to the Pleiades. The net had been breached and weakened. This allowed Alliance ships to penetrate this fortress, although it was perilous. This of course, was all in the Astral.

Different rep groups made many forays to hide in the moon, Mars, and Orion. The Divine Couple had to go after all of these. Orion was made so unstable that it became impossible for the reps to stay there. Mars was a much more difficult situation. That planet was the major stronghold and was filled with underground bases, weapons and technologies. The moon too, being essentially hollow, held many bases of operation.

And there were still untold numbers of reptilians and demons still here. The hybrids had been inflicted upon us in the fall of ’04 (or thereabouts). They had all been cranked out in labs and were half human and half reptilian, all males and very vicious. They were told that they were the children of Satan and that they would be given the Earth to do with as they liked when the full blooded reptilians left. Their job was to abduct people, replace them with the clones and fill the meat lockers. This they did with a vengeance.

Unlike the other planets that had been overrun, the reptilians’ plan for the Earth had always been secrecy and keeping people clueless as to what was going on behind the scenes. The brute force and control of those other worlds was somewhat satisfying, but the reptilians were becoming bored with this. To manipulate and abuse a world where few had even the slightest notion was entertaining and stimulating to this sadistic race. They loved to watch us bicker, fight, riot, blame, argue, and kill. They used their own TVs so all could watch this battle, that horror. It fed them as did rape and meat.

They were master geneticists and so inserted their own DNA into certain power individuals and this made those people easier to possess. The reptilians would enter the bodies and corrupt the minds of these people. Some resisted, but many if not most, were seduced by the perks; wealth, fame, power.

When these people were hauled off to be replaced with their clones, they were treated especially brutally. The NWO types did not get off easily. It may look like they are just working their agendas as normal, but this is not the case.

In the last year, all of the replacement clones were also taken into the astral during sleep by the Alliance and shown the whole picture of who they are and whom they have been serving. I heard that they were on their knees in shock but this paradigm is very thick and even though many of these people are feeling conflicted, they came back into the din of 3-d to continue their agendas, dismissing the experience as a bad dream (maybe). Just how this is affecting them is still unclear to me but the impact is going to be extreme for these people when the blockages of nanotechnology are released and the memories of their vision comes flooding in.

As the physical woman Eve, overcame Her doubts about Her true identity, the Astral war had begun in earnest. At first, She battled alone. She would create the vision in Her mind of what She was doing to the Astral entities. It usually involved Her mind, will, and Her arms and hands. (Think a kind of martial arts.) Depending upon what She knew had to be done (blow up escaping ships, clean out underground bunkers, beheading untold numbers of demons) She would see it and go for it. I could always hear the results using the dr60 and that would help give Her the confidence that this was very effective and not to hesitate. Even if She couldn’t see the results, She did it anyway.

The reptilians would use human astral hostages to try to protect themselves, so care was always necessary to release these people before any attack. The reps began to shield themselves with all kinds of equipment and these had to be pulled off of them for the attack to be effective. The cloning of all of them was rampant.

I had heard about the kill chip that was inserted into the brain stem of every hybrid so they could be eliminated when the full blood reps were finished with them. These chips would go off, killing the entity and then they too would be shoved into the meat lockers. The chip could be activated from a central point by using some technology going through the retina of the victim.

I told the hybrids about that chip. I was hoping that they would see the betrayal and fight against the full bloods. This did happen although they spent a lot of time trying to clone themselves and insert their conscious minds into the clones that would not be chipped. The clones (they were called their kids) were just as vicious as their fathers and so wanted their own lives and would kill and eat the parent. But there were also busy cloning a new army adding to their numbers. Eve did manage to ignite all of those kill chips, but the new cloned army of hybrids had already happened.

Meanwhile, the demons, who were not interested in the war, were busy cleaning up the dead reps for their own meat lockers. They too were in a cloning frenzy. These factions had always detested each other and so there was no loyalty. Their only motivations were self-preservation.

As Eve fought on Her own, The One (Adam) was working with the Alliance battling the reps and taking prisoners who were immediately hanged. (No lengthy trials here.) The hanging was in retribution for the hanging of Eve in Her Pleiadian body.

The spirit Army of people who had been killed joined the battle, but could only work on a psychic level because they lacked the physicality to actually hurt the reps.

The bees offered to leave and help. The colony collapse syndrome was the result of the bees going into the Astral and making life miserable for the reps. Many other animals offered their services. They too tried their best to attack the reptilians but were impacted by mind control also. At some point the reptilians put the image of a human in the mind of an animal and so confused the animal and stopped the attack. But many creatures sacrificed themselves in this war.

Just to add to the excitement were the zombies. Yes, there really were zombies. These were humans who had become criminals due to negative influences. They were taken to underground bases, experimented upon, and tortured horribly. These men eventually died and their physical bodies kept so that the consciousness of the reps could enter them and use them here. Eve asked these men who still existed somewhere in the Astral world, to help go after the reps. They did, and killed them with a vengeance, but were so filled with hate, that they planned to go after Eve also. Adam had to step in and stop this. All of those men are destined for healing and new lives.

Once Adam and Eve joined forces, their combined energy made them more effective in finally getting rid of all of the negative beings. In our time, this happened in August of ’09 (I think).

The reptilians/demons had been killed astrally and their essences turned into little silly head-bangers. They were treated kindly as these were very immature beings that were childish in the extreme. They could not help but be what they had been. They were only a part of this drama and would eventually be healed. But for a while, they would exist as little things jumping around and playing peekaboo. I do believe that as the reps watched their future and saw this happening to their mighty race, it was a way to diminish the arrogance of their nasty brilliance. They had to see that they too could be made laughable and silly.

They had been kept in prison for a while, the reps on Saturn and the demons on Jupiter, but this only fueled their hatred as they constantly schemed for ways to escape. They were then to be made harmless by the Couple and thus no longer a threat to anyone.

In infinity, they have already been healed and have become a wise and loving race in their own right. They are more humanoid and less reptilian, but have luminous skin and are very strong and beautiful. Occasionally I would hear the reps talking about this in the past. Some insisted that they would be sissies and didn’t want any part of this, but others saw that they were presently sick and twisted beings and wanted this redemption.

It was hard for Adam and Eve, and the rest of us to believe the reptilians and all factions were no longer alive in the physical or astral. After what seemed like years of daily fighting, Eve was very suspicious and not ready to just believe this. But after a while, the reversals all assured them that this was true. Even the reversals of the reptilians who were still talking told the Couple that this was all prerecorded. They really were no longer here.

There was still a whole lot more to do however.

The reptilians had not only been cloning in a frenzy, but planting their seeds all over the place. They also had constructed robotic-type “programs” to take over the war. The programs acted like real beings and on some level I guess they were, but much more like machines with nuts and bolts rather than flesh and blood. All of these programs continued to act like reptilians to confuse the issue, but did not ingest meat nor actually rape. But they could mimic and give the illusions that this was still happening. Eventually they were all destroyed.

Implanted seeds were everywhere. The Morgellons syndrome was an anomaly as these people’s DNA reacted to the seeds making them hatch before they were supposed to. The symbiotic seeds were supposed to eventually overwhelm the human host and this would then become the “new reptilian race.”

The delivery system for these seeds involved chemtrails, and scaring people into getting the H1N1 flu vaccines. There were other ways this was spread, but these two I know of for sure. The Divine Couple, now together, were destroying untold numbers of these seeds. It was a grueling task. It was not enough for them to just think about killing seeds, because that wasn’t always effective. Reverse had to inform them of the details. Many of these seeds were housed in huge vaults. The vaults had to be opened before the seeds could be accessed. It also became clear that protective shells were put around the seeds to keep them viable in the onslaught. These had to be removed. It was always a careful step-by-step process to be effective and not hurt any innocent being.

Once all of the seeds had been destroyed, the Couple began to attack the technologies left that were continuing to keep the matrix running. But the aliens knew this would happen and so programmed these technologies to be powered up by aggression. This is when the fighting had to stop.

Next, the net, subnets, healings, the maturation of God and more including what is happening now.

Attachment: Go servet the One youll be good as soldiers.mp3 (53.8 KB)
March 10th 2011, so much has happened since

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:48 AM

"Because God, SO love the world, he gave the only thing that was truely his own away, that whoever should believe in him will not perish, but have everlasting life."

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 09:52 AM
Subject: Why Government Disclosure Will Not happen. Reversals From George Noory and Guests Part 2

Letter to George Noory Regarding the Events Coming According to George, His Guests, and Others in Reverse Speaking. Part 2

By Peggy Kane

Dear George,

In Part 1, I used 32 forward and reverse sound files to explain that the people of Earth have been living in a matrix system instituted and managed by a reptilian race. I actually have thousands more, but am trying to make these emails as clear and concise as possible.

There are reasons for all that has happened, very deep and esoteric, but at this point I am endeavoring to present the facts as revealed by reverse speaking, many by you directly. No one has ever deviated from this line of information in reverse; no one. However, a researcher approaching RS with strong beliefs about the nature of this reality will most likely not get too far. One has to be ready to hear the truth and not just reinforce their opinions.

I wanted to touch upon Government Disclosure as a potential future event. I’ll be blunt. This will never happen and for good reasons.

I suspect even the government officials are not aware of the extent of the reptilian mind control and manipulation on every level from our view of space and perceptions of time on down the line. They all talk about their masters in reverse, but I doubt if they really understand whom they have been serving. Even if they were aware of this reality, to simply come forward and tell people would be a disaster. True panic would ensue since this is a far cry from Ets visiting and buzzing our planet in their ships. It is going to take nothing less than the Creator, The One and benevolent extraterrestrials to gently and carefully prepare and enlighten people as to what has been going on here.

Everybody will know, but not without a lot of preparation and healing. This is a big part of what is coming. We will see the reptilians (now gone, but with technologies still running) the nets that encircle our Earth and solar system, the time construct,the cloning and manipulation of people.

We will also have our full minds restored, healing on every level, and direct communication with God. Money and all debts will be eliminated and there will be free energy for everyone. There will be no need for government structures and meaningless jobs. Earth people will become a true community with work that is satisfying and lots of opportunities for fun. Life will communicate directly and we’ll find out that everything is conscious. The Earth will be washed clean. We will be reunited with loved ones now waiting in the Astral world and will meet our kin from elsewhere.

There is more and reverse tells us what is coming our way,not in some ambiguous “4th density ascension”, or “rapture for the chosen few”. There are no devastating catastrophes on the horizon either. We’ve suffered enough and now it’s time that Eden was returned to us.

This is for everyone and all life, no exceptions.

George, you recently had Steven Bassett on the show talking about Government disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. While Mr. Bassett’s reversals indicate that he is a sincere person, disclosure will never happen via any government for reasons stated above and more.

There are also reversals from Steven Greer (not congruent), Richard C Hoagland, and a few from Dr. Roy Spencer (there will be more from him later.)

They all tell us that Government disclosure is not going to happen and Steven Greer’s proclamation that there are no negative Ets is contradicted in reverse.

The one’s who will help us understand our true natures and what happened here will be truly awesome as stated in #19 from you, George. The Pleiadian and Sirian members of the Alliance are very tall and very robust. These are the so-called giants whose remains are often found. We will see and interact with them and it will be very exciting. This is in contrast to Steven Quayle who is also not congruent with his scary predictions. The so-called giants are our kin, not our enemy. We will also find that we've been genetically miniaturized in order to be more manageable. But that's another issue.

Then we will also have direct contact and interaction with The One, God who never intended to be invisible and non-communicative. That too is another issue.

A few notes about the reversals.

#7 Hoagland tells us that when we see the real sky, we will be in shock.

# 10 Steven Greer is informing us that there are no negative ETs. His reversals are not happy with this lie. # 11 is forward but it tells us that "they send down poison." # 15, the interesting metaphorical reversal says "serves this menu for fish in jail". I take that to mean we are getting served some nonsense.We have lived in prison. The guards may have been human, but the warden was reptilian, not some benevolent ETs wringing their hands waiting for us to grow up. That is a standard reptilian line of BS.

In the last reversal, You are telling us that the Alliance members are awesome and will make us shiver when we see them.

In Part 3, we’ll start to hear the reversals of what to expect and what life holds for us. Prepare to smile. It's going to be very exciting.

Peggy Kane

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:04 AM
We have a problem with this.

As long as we're begining to understand OUR Universe is not the only Universe but just one out of infinite


you've been praying to an empty desk with unattended phone and nobody was answering because no one was EVER supposed to be there


posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:12 AM
Well it is strange I read this and what happened to me just after reading it. First let me start off I was raised Southern Baptist. When I was young 5-15 years of age, I believed strongly I conversed just like talking to someone next to me, to God. I also toyed with the occult from 15-25 years old. mainly Voodoo, hence the name. I totally walked away from God. it was more about his followers that put me off. The religious fanatics. Especially the creation debacle where people believe the Earth and heavens were made in 7 days. I still do not buy that.

As I was reading this I was in total agreement with the OP. Yet as I read napayshni57 post on the first page. I said to myself, God if your listening put someone directly in front of me today to convince me. I usually run into people and we get on the debate that always touches my heart and I sometimes think to myself am I right to deny God's existence? It isn't long before I pass it off as just some crazy God fanatic and put it behind me.

Then a phone call from my wife not more than a minute after that thought crossed my mind. She knows i am not a religious fanatic. We have both pointed mocked and laughed at Christians. My wife who has only been to church maybe three times in her life tells me on the phone that lately she has been praying. often at work and in her car. This is someone that at one time had a curiosity about religion. WTF!?! She said please don't think I am crazy I know your stance on religion. Now I was sitting there somewhat bewildered and somewhat laughing at the coincidence. I couldn't bring it up to her what had just happened. This was only about 20 minutes ago. I still haven't told her.

If there isn't a God that is one hell of a coincidence. I still find it hard to believe in all the hocus pocus in the Bible, but after what just happened, I believe there is something to it. If you would have asked me an hour ago do I believe, I would have laughed at you. Well this has thrown a wrench in the works for me.

I wouldn't have posted this if it hadn't have happened like it did. I am still confused over the matter. The timing of it all couldn't have been more spot on. I usually NEVER click on post about religion cause I never cared. I can't describe my confusion right now.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:22 AM

Then a phone call from my wife not more than a minute after that thought crossed my mind. She knows i am not a religious fanatic. We have both pointed mocked and laughed at Christians. My wife who has only been to church maybe three times in her life tells me on the phone that lately she has been praying. often at work and in her car. This is someone that at one time had a curiosity about religion. WTF!?! She said please don't think I am crazy I know your stance on religion. Now I was sitting there somewhat bewildered and somewhat laughing at the coincidence. I couldn't bring it up to her what had just happened. This was only about 20 minutes ago. I still haven't told her.

If there isn't a God that is one hell of a coincidence. I still find it hard to believe in all the hocus pocus in the Bible, but after what just happened, I believe there is something to it. If you would have asked me an hour ago do I believe, I would have laughed at you. Well this has thrown a wrench in the works for me.

I wouldn't have posted this if it hadn't have happened like it did. I am still confused over the matter. The timing of it all couldn't have been more spot on. I usually NEVER click on post about religion cause I never cared. I can't describe my confusion right now.

I always laugh about that...why now? Why did this happen right now! It can't be!!! LOL so I stopped believing in coincidence.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:23 AM
I would have to say that I DO NOT have a personal relationship with "the creator." After many years of having the various forms of Christianity shoved down my throat, I had come to consider myself as Pagan. About a year ago I discovered information on the Sumerian civilization and it made alot of things about ALL religions make sense to me. But it still never answered the million dollar question. Who made "The Creator." It's a conundrum deeper than the chicken and the egg question....

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:26 AM
No one can tell you what to believe or what not to believe. It's all up to you and I'm happy that you've decided where you stand.

I've definitely had my own doubts and experience with the reality or non-reality of a "Higher Power." One day when I was in full doubt of "God" I said to the Universe, "Show me what the truth is." About a week later I picked up the book "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh. I opened the book to a random page and read a random sentence. The sentence read "You are holding this book in answer to your call."

I felt that the experience was significant and important for me so I went forth to try other experiments. The first one was relying on God to solve some personal problems I was having. I literally stopped worrying about the problem I was having and "gave" it to the universe to take care of. If this Higher Power can help me, he should be able to take care of this. And he did. Although, It didn't turn out as expected. I wanted my relationship with my GF to go better and instead the relationship was removed and I was given a new sense of emotional independence and freedom, which at the time was HUGE for me because I had a tendency before that time to become emotionally dependent on others. For the first time in my life I stood alone, proud, and free of that burden.

I could go on and on about this. In the end, if you want to know the truth about a higher power. Put it to the test. Keep a journal. But be honest with yourself. Your will trumps a higher power's will. If you don't let go of the problem in action and thought than you haven't really turned it over to a higher power.

In the end, it's very simple. Ask the universe to show you the truth. And then keep an open mind.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by SumerianSoldier

I THINK no one created THE just was. It was here all along and once it began to move it became aware of itself and thoughts became a manifestation. Once energy moved it transformed. We live in a sphere of "time" where there is a beginning and an end. We are very limited as to what we know and understand. Try to understand but do not let that unanswered question keep you from seeing the bigger picture....ya know.

Peace and love to you and yours!!!! xoxoxoxo


posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by brianmg5

I love the Conversations with God series. When my journey became a serious quest I too read them and definitely took a lot from them as I have with many other books. All of my books were found at the library and each one even though the subject was not related would indeed coincide with the last. It was and still is such an eye opening experience I shared with the creator.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:38 AM
It's funny how people think we are something special. We are not, we are part of universe, build from the same materials. Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon... Only Helium is missing but it's still useful for us if we want to make funny voices

Science is the only religion that makes any sense and can answer questions like "why we are here" .

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 10:47 AM
I personally believe in God and do feel a connection, though it may be different than some may feel. I think of God every day and ponder how everything came into being. Those who believe some big bang started such a magnificent universe, are entitled to their opinion, but also wrong in mine. I think that God is listening, waiting for our hearts to be ready. It's just when we give up and move on from him that we regret.

Just my two cents on the subject.

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