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Nazi Germany mapped the Hollow Earth

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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by LestatG
Looks like an interesting one, will be checking the vids out when I get home. Pplease do not take this the wrong way fellow posters but the Nazis were well advance for their day (tech wise) and I am still not sure whether it was genius or madness behind their technological exploits.

some people beleive they might of reverse engineered some alien tech to develope some of their vehicles and weapons

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by Ittabena

And I'm not disagreeing. But I am pointing out that unlike the rest of the world and religion, Christians, once they were legally able to read the Bible, broke off and returned to the original teachings. I don't see this in other religions. Hell the fact that they couldn't read the bible is a dead give away that it's not the religion's fault, its the leaders.

You can point out the evils of any religion. There is not religion, nay, not even atheism, that hasn't killed a million or more people. What matters is what they did after this. Not that they did it. Evil people exist, and they will do what they can do do their will. What matters is how people react to his influence after he's gone. For Christianity, they rebuilt, relearned, and returned to their roots.
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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by CLPrime

Originally posted by shagreen heart

i'm wanting to discuss the videos and information theirin, not what your gut thinks. i don't believe in hollow earth myself, this is just new info that i wanted to share with ATS, save the old tired arguments for older or other threads.

Fair enough. It's not my gut,'s physics.
But, I have to ask... if even you don't believe in the Hollow Earth, then of what value is any information on the Hollow Earth that might be found from the Nazis?

And who said our understanding of physics is correct?

Laws of physics are not the same everywhere

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

Ok, I see that you and I are talking about different things here. You're talking about recent history and people, and I am referring to ancient history and Religious officials.

Still, you have started me working on a new thread. Sorry for the abrasiveness.

Happy posting.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Ittabena

I think I'm just talking about the derivative of religions according to their own beliefs.

Many religions fly off course. They crash and burn. I see this happening in Catholicism now, and it's why I'm not really sure if I really am a Catholic anymore.

What matters is what they do after. This is the same for most any issue. In War, both sides are evil. What matters is what they will do if they win. In Peace, both the federal reserve and the revolutionary is evil, what matters is what they will do when they win. In the Middle east, Israel and Palestine are both evil. What matters is what they will do when either's genocide is complete.

That's really all that matters. What happens if they win. What's that world like? Because in any issue, the two sides often become horrific and blurred and essentially the same, but after they establish constants and abide by them... usually

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 03:24 PM

Originally posted by benevolent tyrant
reply to post by AussieAmandaC

Fascinating....... however, I would like to see the source on the letter. Background? Where did you locate this extremely interesting letter?

Please source your submissions. Furthermore, if your relations do have any letters or documents.... please scan and post them..... if they need to be translated (since they would seem to be in German, as you would be imply), use a google translation or, perhaps, one of our members could provide a translation.

Um it says right in her post --- "and thought I would post a letter which was included at the end of the third vid."

I would assume that would mean it's at the end of the 3rd video...

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by Dionisius

Originally posted by Sorayugiman
I have always thought that this is impossible because a planet has a center of gravity so to speak and the graity it produces because of its "core" which i guess there cant be since they say its hollow anyways the gravity makes the planets round and stars. So i dont see any possible way that the earth could be hollow. Maybe caves but not hollow
if im wrong on any of my thoughts please correct me i would be more than happy for someone to explain how it works

Im not denying what your saying but you have to remember thats just what you were taught in school and science is developing all the time...

And most of what we learned in schools is based on lies... the real evidence and knowledge is suppressed...

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by galadofwarthethird
reply to post by AlreadyGone

Frankly, if the Germans did all that we give them credit for engineering wise...they should have won WWII hands down. Fact of the matter is...Germany LOST WWII.

Hitlers wizards are still alive. In fact, some of them are getting younger.

What makes you think they wanted to win the war?
What makes you think that they didn't win there war?
What makes you think Germany matters at all?
What makes you think the current host nation, america matters at all?
What makes you think Hitler was anything but a puppet?
What makes you think there all anything but puppets?

What makes you think all that, what just because its written down for you to regurgitate does that mean its true?

There is no secret base at the center of the base on base on the Moon and no base on Mars.

Really and you know this how?
Have you personally been hundreds of miles under the ice in Antarctica?
Have you also been to the moon, and in the moon?
Or you know whats on mars, and in mars because you were there?
All you have is second hand knowledge of these places, so what that means is. That you have others opinions and knowledge of these places.

The new word of mouth might have become more complicated but it can still be controlled that has not changed all that much, just the techniques in how its controlled have changed.

And so you must have much "faith" in your graspable world to know all that without actually knowing all that. Fate hmm once the world was flat, and they had faith on that because it was said so, now the world is round and all the cosmos are just gasses and we have faith because we have evolved to observe our faith in what others say.

And we call our observable "faith" in others words and works... science, far indeed we have come. To observe ourselves, observing ourselves and deducting the observable as fact and the unobservable as not existing.

Germany had some really neat and deadly and cutting edge weapons and weapon systems...but again, no cigar...they LOST WWII.

You assume the war mattered at all. People die and sheeple are used as fodder, all of it did not matter, but food for the machine, and the upgrading of the machine. And did it not upgrade?

They over engineered everything and they couldn't mass produce on the scale of the US and Russia and were overwhelmed by numbers.

They were never meant to actually win anything, the whole game is fixed.

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Great points S&F

But be careful of calling people sheep or using the reference because I had posts removed for telling the sheep to open their eyes...

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by lonewolf19792000
If you truly think the earth is hollow, why dont you go there? Go on ahead and go, and rid us of your stupidity. Enjoy that 3000 degree ferenheit magma while youre there. FYI, yes that hard Nickel/Iron core is there, and how it got there was when the earth was 1 billion years old, a mars sized planet hit the earth, then when it was 4 times larger than it is now, and that planetoid buried itself in the earths center which is what its core is now, according to NASA and many astronomers.

And WHY on earth would you listen to NASA? Didn't they tell us we landed on the moon?
Which we found out later it was really a movie set @ Walt Disney and Area 51 in NV desert... the same area they tested the rovers... Don't believe me? Just research the subject and compare the photos/shadows yourself.

As stated in an earlier post nothing has been discovered and Russia was the last to dig the furthest, but no results have been conclusive as to what is or isn't there. EVERYTHING is speculative... You don't know for FACT if there is magma flowing throughout the core or if it's teaming with plants, oceans and animals. As a recent poster said and gave a theory as to how it could be true. Read sir... read...

This may or may not be news to you but scientist, and NASA have been wrong plenty of times. NASA admits Apollo hoax, global warming scam... darkmission

IMO the government is like a cheating lover... At first you are excited to be a part of the relationship, and then the lies start and you begin to loose your trust/faith in them. At that point you can't trust anything out of their mouths anymore. This is where I stand... as I'm sure others do as well. At that point we have to ask ourselves what truth really is.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 07:51 PM
I'm skeptical the Nazis managed anything other than freezing themselves to death a second time in a hostile climate they were unfamiliar with. However, let's say they did manage to clothe themselves appropriately and sent scouts to survey and found something they wanted more than winning WW2, at least at that point in time.
Logic tells me if the "glory" of their vile war was no longer important & worthy of sole focus, then either something of literal value or something they thought was essential to winning was that shifted them southward. I'm betting they found and mined considerable deposits. It's said that Antarctica mineral deposits aren't easy to reach, and thus, perhaps natural catacombs/tunnels were utilized for a mining operation to retrieve these. And just maybe this was the basis for the Nazi Hollow Earth myth. Openings in the Earth? Things and people coming and going? IT MUST BE HOLLOW EARTH, AND THE NAZIS FOUND IT, ZOMG!!! It could have literally been that simple of an assumption on one person's part that took root & flourished.
According to the following site:
These minerals are found in Antarctica:
Silver, Gold, Cobalt, Copper, Chromium, Iron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Nickel, Lead, Titanium, Uranium, Zinc.

See anything there that might have turned a fanatical regime into a wide-eyed, drooling determined fanatical regime? Mmm, yeah, that Titanium would have come in mighty handy to mine for their tech projects. And that uranium, well, that doesn't take much pondering. And the silver and gold, well, what did they love a whole bunch in terms of wealth? And the rest have a wide variety of uses that would have come in handy for a multitude of technology and metallurgy.

Odds are, if they were there, and were mining, they succumbed to the elements over time and are currently buried under the ice & snow. I prefer this theory over aliens and subterranean humanoids, personally. It makes sense, and they were just megalomanical enough to try it.
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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 01:02 PM
Footage from the 3rd (1939–40) Admyral Byrd Expedition to Antarctica. From the RomanoArchives.

I've never seen this video before. hopefully its also new here.
Its a 6 part film uploaded on youtube by the romanoarchives group, UnknownWW2InColor is the main YouTube Channel managed by Romano Archives, an important historical multimedial digital archive based in Milan, Italy.

This is their description of the film:

Antarctica (1941) Part 1 of 6 Officially the Adm. Byrd's mission was a geographical, biological and metereological one. In facts the U.S. Intelligence was really concerned about the Nazi research of the secret Antarctic Doors, according to the "Hollow Earth" theory. There were also rumours about a Nazi "Secret Disk-Shaped Planes Factory and Military Air Base" in the area. The possibility of the passage of unknown weapons and Axis' troops through the Earth, able to hit the USA by surprise from the underground, was taken in serious consideration by the American Intelligence at the end of the 1930ies. To control the Germans in their activities in "Neu-Schwabenland" was considered a priority in the early times of WW2, at least before Pearl Harbor's attack and the US involvement in the conflict. In this recently declassified original silent footage there's much more that meets the eye than the trip to Antarctic and the daily life of the crew. There are really revealing and unexpected shots here and there... The official version of this mission's history is available here: We are calling "Fair Use" for the musical soundtracks (Demo Only) added in 2010 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES to the 6 parts of this silent film. In this part (1 of 6) we added music by friendMusician SunDummy - Sermons #5 (Mighty Voices Collide). Music Used with the Author's written permission. This is a clip from the ROMANO-ARCHIVES' new website "Unknown World War 2 in Color"-"The Pre-War Years" section. At: Visit also: A top quality version of this complete film, plus circa 20 minutes of extra shots not included in the movie, are available.

The videos:

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 05:14 AM
For days I have wandered the technological path of history, and it’s a bloody shame my own book shelves aren’t full of this stuff!
There is evidence in writing and thinking peoples history of quite a few people being exposed to what others here, will call impossible, rubbish. But if you look, you can find something that excites the mind to a possibility.
A very real possibility in my opinion.
What I was looking for, in my extremely round about way, was something to suggest ‘where’ Adolf(? maybe) and previous German leaders came upon their technology. I don’t think I have answered that question even in the minute imagining, but I’ll keep going because I’m hooked and completely fascinated by what I have found so far…and it’s only been a couple of days.
At the back of my mind, while searching, the idea of the great floods stay with me, they are mentioned in all sorts of texts, the timing, and the repercussions. But for this thread I’ll stick to the topic.
Here’s where I went…come for a walk!
Abiogenesis and anthropogenesis
One day when the gods were walking they found two tree trunks. They transformed them into the shape of humans. Odin gave them life, Vili gave them mind and Ve gave them the ability to hear, see, and speak. The gods named them Askur and Embla and built the kingdom of Middle-earth for them; and, to keep out the jötnar, the gods placed a gigantic fence made of Ymir's eyelashes around Middle-earth.

In 1691 Halley sought the post of Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford, but, due to his well-known atheism, was opposed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Tillotson andBishop Stillingfleet. The post went instead to David Gregory, who had the support of Isaac Newton.[7]

A 1702 printing of Halley's chart
In 1692, Halley put forth the idea of a hollow Earth consisting of a shell about 500 miles (800 km) thick, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core, about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury.[8] He suggested that atmospheres separated these shells, and that each shell had its own magnetic poles, with each sphere rotating at a different speed. Halley proposed this scheme in order to explain anomalous compass readings. He envisaged each inner region as having an atmosphere and being luminous (and possibly inhabited), and speculated that escaping gas caused the Aurora Borealis.[9]
Incidentally Halley is the earliest not inscribed on rock, that I can find so far…

In 1828 Congress approved the United States South Seas Exploring Expedition, especially through the efforts of John Cleves Symmes of Ohio, who believed in the “Holes in the Poles” theory that the Earth was hollow and could be entered through cavities at the two poles. Part of the mission of this expedition, which had commercial, diplomatic, and scientific objectives, was to find these entrances to the center of the Earth and claim their rights for the newly developing country. Ten years later in 1838 the expedition actually began when Ltn. Charles Wilkes set sail from Virginia in the flagship Vincennes with a fleet of six vessels. The Wilkes Expedition or US Ex Ex, as it was to be called, cost $928,000, lasted four years, covered nearly 87,000 miles, and visited most of the continents of the world, including a significant effort in the exploration of the coast of Antarctica.

When the Expedition finally returned at the end of four years, over four thousand animals specimens, fifty thousand plant specimens (both living and preserved), thousands of anthropological artifacts, and thousands of minerals, gems, and fossils had been amassed. These collections comprised the largest number of natural history objects that young America had accumulated and represented specimens native to our own country as well as regions throughout the world. These collections were the basis for the beginning of two great botanical institutions now based in Washington: the Smithsonian Institution’s United States National Herbarium and the United States Botanic Garden.
**I could find no evidence to suggest they found it**

Don’t forget Olaf

The Coming Race (original title), also reprinted as Vril: The Power of the Coming Race is a novel published in 1870 by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. The novel is an early example of science fiction, sometimes cited as the first of this genre. However, many early readers believed that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called Vril was accurate, to the extent that some theosophists accepted the book as truth. Furthermore, since 1960 there is a conspiracy theory about a secret Vril-Society.

Legendary for his turgid prose ("it was a dark and stormy night...") Bulwer-Lytton's pioneering science fiction novel "Vril" was taken very seriously by 19th Century Atlantis fans (for instance, Scott-Elliot). Vril is a mysterious energy which is used by Lytton's subterranian race (refugees from the Deluge) to power their advanced civilization; it was later treated as a reality by occultists. The plot of this book was recycled for numerous 'B' pulp scifi movies and assorted crank theories.
(am still reading this, it’s very interesting)

Lytton's then-popular 1870 "lost race" novel The Coming Race, whose plot revolves around a superior race of people, the Vril-ya, who derive their powers from an electromagnetic substance named "Vril."[2][3]

Hollow Earth
The legend has received a further layer of elaboration from recent authors like Raymond Bernard who conflate Bulwer-Lytton's "Coming Race" with speculations about interior civilizations which live on the inside of the Hollow Earth. (The concept of a hollow earth was first advanced by Edmond Halley at the end of the seventeenth century.) By contrast, Bulwer-Lytton's subterranean people dwelt in caverns within the crust of a solid earth. The world of the Vril-ya is always described as being underground tunnels, artificially lit (using Vril). The book contains no suggestion of a hollow earth; theories of this kind are only found in subsequent works.

“With the Nazi Party in power in 1933 (which itself originated from the Thule Gesellschaft) the occultists now received official backing for their continued development of the flight discs. Thule and Vril started with the RFZ (RundFlugZeug, or Round Aircraft) series from 1934-41.

As war had started in 1939 the RFZ-5 became the Haunebu I and by 1941 the RFZ-7 had become the Vril 1 Jager (Hunter). The reason for the changes were due to Thule’s revolutionary Triebwerk (Thrustwork) engine that used rotating electro-magnetic-gravitic fields to affect gravity. Vril had by 1941 perfected the SM-Levitator as well and thus two new series entered limited construction, but with slightly different goals.”


“The Vril 8 Odin was the last official Vril disc that was flight tested in the spring of 1945 during the collapse. This disc had an automatic Oberon upward-firing gun installation on top of the control center.

The Vril Gesellschaft had started evacuating to Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland Antarctica in March 1945 so it would seem like the Vril 8 Odin was the last Vril disc actually tested. However, some weeks after Germany surrendered both Haunebu and Vril craft were spotted in the skies over occupied Germany. Although the Vril 9 Abjager (Universal Hunter) was show as a design on paper, a craft identical to it was photographed postwar.

Vril’s final plan was the construction of a large 139 meter long cylindrical Raumschiff known by the SS E-IV Unit as the Andromeda-Gerat. Work on this “flying cigar” was to commence in 1945 at a huge, sheltered above-ground Zeppelin-like hangar. Once completed it could internally accommodate one large Haunebu IV and two Vril 2 craft, making the journey to Aldebaran, the ultimate dream of the Vril Gesellschaft.”

****You really need to check out the photos at the end of the page****
This link has amazing information if you’re so inclined, but be careful! You may end up buried for days as I myself have been lately.

For my own reference I started putting the dates down, nerd for detail…if you find fault please correct me with links, they’re welcome.

1656 – (1742) Edmond Halley born
1692 – Halley put forward idea of hollow earth
1803 – (1873) Edward Lytton born
1818 – John Cleves Symmes Jnr theory of hollow earth
1820 – Arctic discovered (?)
1822 – 1831 A narrative of four voyages B. Morrell
1829 - Olaf (as previously posted about)
1830 – 1833 Principals of geology – Charles Lyells (book)
1863 – Charles Lyells – Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man (who influenced Verne, I think…So many days so many links… see if I can find it again
1864 – Verne writes Journey to the centre of the earth orig. French
1870 - Lytton's then-popular 1870 "lost race"
(1889 – 1945) Adolf Hitler born
1893 – Norway, the ‘Fram’ weighed anchor
1919 – Vril (All German Society for Metaphysics) merged with Thule
Gesellschaft(according to Rob Arndt)
1922 – disc machine constructed in Munich
1930 – Vril publication Vril. Die Kosmische Urkraft (Vril, the cosmic basic energy)
1933 – Adolft became Chancellor of Germany
1939 – First German Saucer flight (?)
1947 – Byrde expedition (and letter this thread)
1960 – Existance of Vril society alledged by Jacques Bergier & Louis Pauwels

How are these two ideas linked? The saucers and the Hollow Earth? Or when
How did ‘they’, Vril come to obtain this information?

I’ll be back
Have a nice day, some more light reading if you’re interested…

“And then as Guru Thou Knowledge imparted;
Each Faith contending
Their own stand as the u__l__t__i__m__a__ __t__h__u__l__e__;
And thus arose disputations and scriptures numerous”


Some believe that unless you are called you will not find it.


This reference was mentioned by a fellow who wrote a book about hollow earth theory and where he got some research from

The OC pdf at the top of the pic goes into detail about occult chemistry which apparently was gained through clairvoyance (?) does my head in, that one…The periodic table (+ a few others yet named)
The third diagram down on the right looks remarkably similar to those Vlad posted in OP’s original thread


Well that’s what I’ve got so far, but I have to say it’s still very much plausible…
Have some more coming soon..

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by AussieAmandaC
Have some more coming soon..

Great. I'm looking forward to it.

Do you know what that thing is at 20.425623,136.081185 on Google maps?

The coordinates were in one of the uploads from vlad9vt. If you zoom all the way in, it's pretty strange.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by Recouper

I tried to post a pic of that but since I haven't mastered the frustrating art yet, I'll give that a miss.
I have seen this before and it's either one of two things from my point of view.
Given my recent 'travels', the first thing that springs to mind is German Saucers (there is two)
BUT since there is a rectangular 'storage'(?) block close by and two Japan Meteorological Agency Rigs there (close by as well) I would say it has to do with them instead......maybe
What would be the odds of two saucer crafts dropping right there? unless of course they're parked for a reason,that's in fact, if they are saucers and not some funky underwater camp for when they work/fix/service those Japan rigs?
If they (Germans)have had this technology for the length of time I think they have, it stands to reason, other people somewhere would be working their butts off trying the same thing, where are they? America? Certainly. Japan? Highly likely, since they shadowed the Germans on some of their that somewhere...

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 08:15 PM
Have to watch this!

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 02:28 AM
Above video is not embedded properly, so just doing it.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by AlreadyGone
Germany had some really neat and deadly and cutting edge weapons and weapon systems...but again, no cigar...they LOST WWII.

That was because the allies had better weapons - the Germans never developed a heavy bomber, the allies had the Lancaster, B-17, B-24, B-29, the allies had better RADAR, and a system in place to use it, the allies developed proximity fuse, deadly during the battle of the bulge, and in the Pacific, etc etc.

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 10:17 AM

Originally posted by AussieAmandaC

If they (Germans)have had this technology for the length of time I think they have, it stands to reason, other people somewhere would be working their butts off trying the same thing, where are they? America? Certainly. Japan? Highly likely, since they shadowed the Germans on some of their that somewhere...

The Germans kept a close contact with the Japanese military establishment and were supplying it with many advanced weapons.
One example of that is the japanese "Ohka" manned rocket which is a copy of the German V-1 "Reichenberg" -- produced in Japan by Mitsubishi.

It is also rumoured that in July of 1945, two and a half months after the war ended in Germany, a huge German transport submarine (Probably one of the "Milk-cow" u-boats. ) brought to Japan the latest of German inventions two spherical wingless flying devices.

"The Japanese R&D team put the machines together, following the German instructions, and... there was something very bizarre and other-earthy standing in front of them -- a ball shaped flying device without wings or propellers, that nobody knew how it flied. The fuel was added, the start button of this unmanned machine was pressed and it .... disappeared with a roar and flames without [into] the sky. The team never saw it again. The engineers were so frightened by the unexpected might of the machine, that they promptly dynamited the second prototype and choose to forget the whole incident."
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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by Recouper

Originally posted by AussieAmandaC
Have some more coming soon..

Great. I'm looking forward to it.

Do you know what that thing is at 20.425623,136.081185 on Google maps?

The coordinates were in one of the uploads from vlad9vt. If you zoom all the way in, it's pretty strange.

It's what Japan claims as an Economic Exclusion Zone. There is a lot of information here:
and here:

posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by hateeternal

Amazing! Thank you for posting this, you have just caused me to become 'lost' again

"Inertia is a relationship between a mass and a gravity field, or you could view it as a mass in relation to the imaginary lines of a G force field. On board the saucer, say, in the driver's seat or at a table in the lounge, there is only a static relationship in the space between the pilot and passengers and the ship's gravity field generator. In other words, if they do not move about the ship, they will not cross any lines of the ship's G-field. Acceleration and changes of the ship's direction are made by the application of external thrust. Meanwhile, inside the saucer, shielded from external (i.e. Earth's) G-fields, passengers and pilot sit in a relatively unmoving field. They may make wild maneuvers relative to the Earth and the coffee in their cups will not even so much as slosh.

This finally gets us back to Star Wars. Why didn't Hitler's boys make it work? Think of the saucer as a planet, a little bitty planet, having a gravity field just like big planets, OK? So, we want to go bomb London. We on-load a bomb and take off for Jolly Ol'... Once over the target we release the bomb. Nothing happens--damn thing is stuck to the disc! Oh, thats right. We are generating gravity and our bomb can't drop because it is held by our ship's gravity. Screw that, we'll strafe 'em (we have machine guns on our ship too). OK, we're closing in on the Tower of London. Now. Open fire! All of a sudden we are going backwards at near the muzzle velocity of a fifty caliber machine gun. Wow, those guns create a big recoil and our ship is operating without inertia relative to the Earth, we are relatively and effectively weightless; so off we go, opposite the bullets that are dropping harmlessly in the Thames.

Hell with that, let's fire a rocket. The thrust of the rocket spins us around, out of control. Oh yeah, rockets must produce thrust to escape our ship's G-field. This then is Hitler's dilemma: he has got this great new technology and it's no fun at all 'cause he can't get it to kill anybody. No wonder he shot himself, if you believe that US-Brit propaganda story. Can you imagine how bad it would have looked, propaganda wise, to admit that Hitler may have escaped, like Hussein? Quadaffi? or Nixon?"


Unfortunately for the eyes the page is painful, but intoxicating.
This is what has been running through my head the last couple of days...the lack of obvious weaponry, and then almost like a tail-between-the-legs departure, the rest of them with the technology, buried it for the sake of the few. Story of our lives folks
AND if in fact Hollow Earth does exists and purportedly a peaceful race, why would they entertain the likes of the Germans? No offense but their motives were never about equality and peace. Can't seem to make that connection yet...
Still reading

Imagine what today would be like if they'd shared that technology for the good of all? boggles the mind really.

Selfish mongrels.

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