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The Flame of Transformation.

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 12:29 PM
Let us suppose for a second that we had a brilliant White light, which illuminated everything it touched, and aside from this light we were in total darkness. Now let us suppose that over this light we placed a covering of Red, would the light not appear to be red? However the light is still the exact same, what's changed is the covering we've put over it, the presentation of the light if you will.

Now think of man as we know him, and we can see that we are nothing more than a coloured filter placed over the same all consuming light. The ego we develop in our early lives and build upon in our later lives is like the red casing placed over the light to make it appear red. As the light shines forth through us it is reflected by us and creates the universe in which we find ourselves. There is only one light, although it can take on the appearance of being infinite in manifestation, as an artist can mix many colours from a few primary colours, so too can the ego create different people by making different mixes from the pigments of self.

The most important step is the discovery of this universal self, which without polluting the already clouded matter more means having not only an intellectual understanding but actively living life from the understanding that all is one. We only need an analogy in order to reassess our current world views and mind sets in the light of something higher, this is the only way we can actually perceive ourselves, and make decisions as to what aspects are in conflict and how do we resolve them.

In the Ancient of days time, man worshiped fire for this very reason; it was a pure analogy, allowing us a fleeting understanding of the incomprehensible whole, of which we're all a part. It was also for this reason that the true sages through-out time have told us in many ways we need to look for what we need within ourselves first. When the light shines clear (true understanding of self) we may apply any filter and create any effect. However one who has chosen the path of attainment or of self-realization understands what they create, and for what reason it has been created. As the Thrice Greatest Teacher, Thoth, said himself “Ours is a mental art”. Everything is consciousness, everything is the same life, divide, multiply and understand. Solve Et Coagula. The first death comes when you realize there is no self, the second death come when you realize that there is no God, the resurrection comes when you realize there was only ever one.

Like Plato we emerge from the cave having recognize our fears as only shadows of a greater life, and in this life we achieve our Immortality, or to be completely honest we realize that we always had it. The Alchemists assure us that in order to make gold we must first have gold, the Great Khabir told us “ I am the light which illumines all men. I am the All. The All came forth from me and the All ended up in me. Split some wood, I am there. Lift a stone, you will find me.” What's in them is in you, and those things they have done we can do and greater besides.

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