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Debt ceiling raised, what's the next step?

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 11:41 AM
Debt ceiling raised, what's the next step?

Bi partisan americans MUST not be trapped into further bickering on what had already happened. We cannot change the past, but we can still determine our future. Let the super congress to bicker on the terms and conditions. We can afford 12 men out of 300 million americans to spend their days sipping tea and talkshop.

It makes NO difference to the outcome, for the debt ceiling had been raised, Bernake is printing money to make up for the dollars hoarded by the selfish corporations and rich. Those monies are now crucial and must be circulated amongst americans to get the economy going.

Post war germany took 59 years to repay the debts. They had little resources and low morale germans to start with. Post war Japan had no resources, but they had a spirited and motivated people and only took 7 years to pay off their debts. USA today have resources, links and a high potential human resource, and it will probably only take 3 yrs to pay off the debt. Thus, what is a mere $1..5 trillion cut, when the GDP is 4 or 5 times earned should the right economic policies be takened? USA will probably want more cuts to save for rainy days when that day comes.

What to do now, when the debt ceiling is raised and money is rolling in? We rolled up our sleeves, and :-

1. Agriculture economy
Currently, there is a shortage of food resource due to our erratic climate, and had caused inflation and high prices. The Dept of Agriculture should therefore quickly study into how to maximise the vast lands of america and convert them into hi-tech farms, either privately, or farming collectives sharing tools and resources with gov funds. It will be a pool to lower the unemployment figure as they will be needed in such huge enterprises, so long as sustainable wages and not slave wages are paid, profits shared.

Detroit had seen its good times in manufacturing. If the land is found arable along with cleaned up lakes and rivers, then it is better that the citiy be razed to the ground, scraps recycled to turn into a agri or mineral belt. There must be no sentimentality, for the lives of humans and future generations are more precious.

2. Arms manufacturing economy
China had started building up its arms massively and many of its asian neighbours are nervous. If China has the right to do that, so too does Asia. Thus US with its hi-tech and quality armaments can be manufactured for the rich asians nations to protect themselves and create better paying jobs with wealth shared by corporations.

Instead of using taxpayers funds to improve US fleets, its existing older ships can be sold to asian nations and with such revenue, use it to build new, trimmer and better ships, creating jobs.

Creating jobs, it will also shift the balance upon those asian nations to defend themselves, which many of them are fully willing to do so, unlike in the 40s when they were unarmed and was a Imperial Japan walkover. With better armaments by smaller asian states, China will have to pause and refrain from warpath, but seek peace through the many regional groupings, supported by US and EU, to go to the negotiating tables to resolve conflicts instead of using arms.

3. Space support economy
WIth the cutting of budget for space endeavours, many of the brilliant scientists and technicians of NASA are left to become teachers or even unemployed, and its resources gather dust.

US can instead become a provider for rich nations seeking a stake in space, such as satellites, reaching the moon or even going to mars. There is no need for US to co-invest, but be like a company providing such aspirations in austronaut trainning, construction of rockets, control, etc on US soil and by americans, espacially for the smaller richer nations in our world - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, etc, etc.

It will create jobs, and with such funds, can be use to further US space research into the stars, as well as supplying the technology learnt to corporations to create better quality products to sell to the world.

These are just some examples, and I am sure there will be better ones by more intelligent folks than me, but the critical issue RIGHT NOW, is to circulate those monies to get the economy moving. Even with the above mentions examples, it will create FULL employment and come a time when US will cry out for foreign labour to acheive its aspirations.

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 01:53 PM
Besides the other economies that can be looked into, there is one more:-

Social Economy.
Besides just having more entreprenuers being created with the newly released funds circulated, there is one that can be catered to the corrupted rich whom had hoarded up wealth selfishly, and a way to make them give it up.

There are many millionairs and billionaires in this world, espacially in China and India with over 100 million super rich. They had profitted immensely on the back of the masses, loved to experience the luxuries of life but had to keep a low profile in their own tightly controlled nations without freedom that US has.

Welcome them over, offer them the benefits they want in a free nation, to live like emperors and maharajahs that they believed themselves to be. Offer them 30 year leases on land to build their palaces and harems such as casinoes did in Nevada - BUT on conditions-to use ONLY american labour for such services AND UNION REPRESENTATION for the service staff to ensure top wages so that americans can go elsewhere and live out their more simplistic fantasies.

WIth that revenue earned, the US gov can use it for further job creation and as foreign aid on those countries that the unconscionable selfish rich had came from, and help those masses there achieve their democratic aspirations.


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