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8-3-11 solved

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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 10:45 AM
Proven a hoax.

An Explanation

It started as just a summer project. A way to have a little fun. Admittedly it got way bigger than I ever could have imagined. Honestly I didn’t think it would make it out of Houston. Some of my friends and I were just going to post the flyer around the town and that was it. In retrospect I probably should have left it there.

Full Explaination

posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by AnotherSon

thanks for catching up

From the other thread

Originally posted by Forevever

Q: Why didn't you wait until 8/3 and invented some impressive ending? the alternate world idea does not sound so bad, it could even have been a great intro for a scifi book about a child who read numbers on the radio, from the past to the future, dunno?

A: There was no ending I could have made up that would satisfy everybody and would have actually made sense.

See it for yourself


Q: So you mean the date was just random?

A: Yes.

See it for yourself


Q: When you chose the face for the project, the age of your face, and the date for the project, were you amazed at the coincidences there? Like the verse in The Bible 8•3•11 about stoning, B=8 =3 L=1 L=1 and the fact that your Grandmother's age is 83?

A: I was really amazed by that. I guess when you add numbers to a conspiracy people are bound to find all sorts or correlations.

See it for yourself


Q: What's about this web http: // ? Do you know something about?

A: It's probably about as legitimate as 8•3•11.

See it for yourself


Q: do u have any idea of how many "theories" came out with the site? it goes from NWo to cell regeneration, It was really cool, You shoud do one more site with a new mistery for us!!! a big hug from URUGUAY

A: The theories were one of the most interesting parts.

See it for yourself


Q: I see people posting pics of the Original photo of Belle on websites, but I dont see where they are getting them ?!?!? I tried all three links you provided, and the only one that works (imagesofbelle.html) only shows pictures of the posters. HALP ?!?!?1

Also. This photo got burned when my grandmothers house in Michigan burnt down. Everybody made it out fine.

See it for yourself


John's Full Explanation

More Q and A on Formspring

if you want a major recap of everything we did in the thread prior to the identity/facebook work, its on Page 187 - a wealth of information, I learned stuff

the identity/facebook work is on pages 218 through 222 last week.
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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 10:53 AM
please add to existing thread here


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