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Indi conspiracy movie to film in Okanagan

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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 09:29 AM
Hi Gang,
This september, I'm hoping to film a movie based on my short story published here

It is a tale of mind control, interrupting a battle in the not too distant, and very acheivable future.
I need many actors and a great many extras.
I also need crew members, no experience required.

The backstory breaks down like this:

In the future, America is using mind control technology to sedate it's own population. It has been a great success. In terms of productivity and keeping crime down.
So America decides to "share the wealth"
The rest of the world says "no thanks." And the UN decrees that using the technology outside the US or on non citizens constitutes an international crime.
Then, one million Chinese simultaneously commit suicide.
The Chinese blame America.

The film starts when the HAARP installation and two US airforce bases are destroyed by unknown air power. This starts a major forest fire and then there are rumors that Russians have invaded Alaska.

When our hero, Terran, (who happens to be a journalist for ATS,) hears about Russians moving across the Alaska border into Canada. He decides to take up arms, joining a militia that is attempting to push them back.

Will the Russians succeed? Will the Militia? Will the Americans show up and turn everyone into zombies?

Read the short story. Check out the website

If you want to volunteer to be part of a cool sci-fi/action picture, now is your chance.

I live in Vernon BC. It will be filmed in and around the north okanagan. So you must be around me. (Unless you are a special effects wiz. Then I could send you the footage for your manipulation.)

Let's make a movie!



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