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Requirements of a UFO sighting

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 10:12 PM
So, as I was perusing through The Vault, I came across this particular scan that outlines what the FBI asks about UFOs. I thought it would be great to implement that here to help with the "HOAX", "FAKE", and "CGI" people out there

1. Date of sighting.

2. Time of sighting (24 hr. clock)

3. Where sighted (observer's position):
a. Ground
1) City, town
2) Distance and direction from city or town, road, intersection, etc.
3) Map coordinates (if feasible) showing latitude and longitude.

b. Air
1) Type aircraft, speed, altitude, direction of flight.
2) Distance and direction from city, town or known landmark.
3) Clock position of object from observer's aircraft.
4) Latitude and longitude.

c. Sea
1) Latitude and longitude.
2) Proximity to land. (Name city, country, etc.)

4. Number of objects.
Formation type (if any), sketch if possible.

5. Observable celestial phenomena or planets that may account for the sighting (Local facilities or organizations which follow such celestial phenomena should be consulted for such information.)

6. Distance of object from observer.
a. Laterally or horizontally.
b. Angle of elevation from horizon.
c. Altitude.

7. Time in sight.

8. Appearance of object.
a. Color.
b. Shape (sketch if possible)
c. Apparent construction (of what material or substance)
d. Size.
1) Estimated size.
2) Size as it appeared from observer's view (Compared to known object)

9. Direction of flight.

10. Tactics or maneuvers.
Vertical ascent of descent, horizontal, oscillating, fluttering, evasive, aggressive, erratic, etc.

11. Evidence of exhaust.
a. Color of smoke.
b. Length and width.
c. Odor (if any)
d. Rate of evaporation.
e. Does trail vary with sound? (spurts)

12. Effect on clouds.
a. Opened path thru clouds.
b. Forced cloud or mists.
c. Reflected on cloud.
d. Showed thru cloud.

13. Lights
a. Reflected or attached.
b. Luminous
c. Blinked on and off in relation to speed.

14. Support
a. Wings.
b. Aerodynamic list of fuselage.
c. Vertical jet.
d. Rotating cylinder or cone.
e. Aerostatics lift (balloon or dirigible)

15. Propulsion.
a. Propeller or jet.
b. Rotor.
c. Aerodynamic vanes (flapping or oscillating) (Kate Mayer effect).
d. Visible exhaust or jet openings.

16. Control and stability.
a. Fins
b. Stabilizers (horizontal or vertical).
1) Size.
2) Shape.
3) Location.

17. Air ducts.
a. Slots
b. Duct openings.

18. Speed - MPH

19. Sound.
a. Continuous whine or buzz.
b. Roar, whistle, whoosh
c. Intermittent

20. Manner of disappearance.
a. Explode.
1) Possibility of fragments.
2) Other physical evidence
b. Faded from view.
c. Disappeared behind obstacle.

Sheesh - glad to know the FBI take the UFO stuff so seriously! And this isn't all of what they ask. They do a full background check and even talk to your neighbors about you!

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 10:19 PM
So a youtube video is not adequate

Hrmm, youtube and facebook? And a twitter running wild?

Haha... from memory there is also a guide on ATS that relates to this. IE; what helps make a report, worthy of reporting.

However, far be it for me to find such things, once you lurk for a time, you can never lurk the same spots again!

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by klenker

Hmmmm I wonder if they have updated this list since the 40's. Youtube videos should be added.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by CeeRZ

I dunno, if they couldn't handle it in the 40's they might not now!

There was a video I saw a while ago, that actually had the idea. Long before the internet, with screens and phones, utilising a server base to host information. A novel idea, for the time, long before even the earliest incarnation of even bulliton boards. I wish I could find that, but again... what day is it

posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 12:06 AM
MUFONs requirements are pretty stringent as well. Depending on how you answer the Q's tells the form how much to expand. It can get lengthy...

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