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It's sad when fictional characters are more inspirational than your real leaders...

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 05:57 PM
That's because it's another way to distract the masses from the truth. People emmulate their favorite television stars and want our leaders to be just like the people on television, sorry but that is not the reality. Reality is it isnt so easy to make these decisions and after so many years of secret societies confusing the public as to what we are really doing globally, we are left with a FUBAR situation. Stop looking outside of yourself for your hero, your hero resides in yourself and your ability to imagine and eigneer a future that would benefit our future on this planet. Release the ego, know thy hero

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 06:16 PM
Best example :

Morgan Freeman (Deep Impact), better president than Obama (Elenin).

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 09:42 PM
B.S.Don Williams,Ron Paul,Willie Nelson and the late great Johnny Cash can draw a tear on command.

posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 03:47 AM
In Western democracies I feel the Bible set out this 'other' personality chase for us long ago and you are now discussing this tome's effect on our psyche's.
Not flaming nor trolling because I have crossed swords with the OP on religious matters before but I feel he raises issues worthy of examination and until things get real any solutions we arrive at will always contain elements of delusion so issues we should examine from all sides in this celebrity obbsessed 'reality' tv era.
The creation myth, and for this as parts of the Bible are viewed as parable and songs (Psalms) we can consider it a work of fiction as it pertains to the discussion at hand. Other arguments are for other threads.
In our filmictvreality3D extravaganza our opening shot we have the greatest magician on Earth creating an image out of clay and that image is in his image and that image is an image that no one can imagine and is never imagined so is beyond imagination and no images are allowed and no images of any other images are allowed not even an image of your own image. A psychiatric hall of mirrors that the film and tv industry play on more than those in non or restricted image times.
Identity problems anyone.
Now here's where the script writers let everyone down in identity terms, because although you can make a man from any old crap that's lying about it takes genetic/human material to make a woman. This isolates our characters and takes the characters empathy for one another off screen. As a man I feel that I gain part of my identity from women and feel the reverse of that must have some merit. The creation of our characters from different sources and materials creates a psychological and identity crises that the filmictvreality3D continues and even exacerbates throughout it's long run.
So to the creation of a character called Eve. Here I must put an advisory note in as the gratuitous sex and violence the script writers felt necassary to include still causes psychological trauma to audiences right up to the present.
In order for the creation of the Eve figure the Magician rips a rib out of the man without aneasthetic, something that the psychological sub text has brooding in our hero throughout the extravaganza.
This does not augur well and can be seen as a wellspring for the dysfunction that later strikes our less than merry little band. Another male figure appears and here we see culture's first anthropomorphic device as he is represented by a snake which shakes the foundations of their domestic bliss and brings their little world down around their ears. The first disaster filmictvreality3D disaster movie. Death is then visited upon them. Think Independence day with less technology and the suffering stretched out and interminable. Referred to many times in filmictvreality pieces ad nauseum.
The dysfunction laid down by the script then breaks fully as the script has one brother killing another with rather disturbing homoerotic overtones as one brother kills another because the male magician likes one more than the other.
Rather like the homoerotic overtones in Western filmictvreality3D at the moment as brother strikes brother down same sad old script being re-run and re-run.
Here we get to what a certain George Orwell found very useful in his work 1984 and the manipulation of identity with Franz Kafka having more to say about the labarynthine machinations that make up the politics of such identity manipulations and the soul destroying effect upon the human psyche.
The two legs bad four legs good four legs bad two legs good paradox.
The script writers use a device that as a political machination one has difficulty faulting. It cuts to the chase and omits a lot of the Kafkaesque 'grind', if you will, of setting the beaurocracy and petty sub-texts of overwheening personal ambition. It does give the character they use for the device rather more apparrent vision, scope and heroism for the filmictvreality3D audience even though the discerning critic understands the narrow scope of the characters aims and he is just as strident in his personal ambition as the minor petty characters in the background (just think ANY modern political leader and his minions), the disparity between the two is only managed because of our ubiquitous Magician's mesmeric ability to cast a spell and suspend disbelief.
So the man talking to the Magician first of all offers the four legs good two legs bad and these people adore the animals for it gave them sustenance and warmth, clothing and materials. Here we now get to the device that Orwell used to such affect. The conjurer's assistant percieved they were not adoring him so he said I am destroying the rules of this society and he smashes their idols.
This of course is in reference to the smashing of inherent belief systems and now they've accepted a belief system they have to obey it and the conjurers assistant goes to the secret meeting place to talk to the Magician and comes back with a new set of rules. Now it's two legs good four legs bad. Once you get a belief system that challenges and finally subsumes one's individual character one can subsume the cultural identity of tribes, groupings, neighbourhoods, communities, nations and even empires.
So we have an original script that undermines our biological origins regardless of your suspension of disbelief we have sex and spontaeneously create life from a chemical reaction. Identity. Brother need not kill Brother in seeking the favour of God(s). Identity. Politicians have speciated themselves and do not represent the people, they represent the promulgators of the original script of filmictvreality3D. Identity.
In that sense the only figures we can have that represent us are imaginary ones because the real ones are too monstrous for our sensibilities to accept or even comprehend. Even the most radical of the general populous will have show some act of kindness in their lives, when history shows us politicians that have killed tortured and mutilated their own kin for power and we see people starving or being thrown out of their own homes without jobs struggling, peoples without aim or direction relying on the next filmictvreality distraction the awful thing to contemplate is that they have no vision for the people as a whole and in that sense have never changed. They are all morally and inellectually bankrupt and that is the cause of the West's financial bankruptcy. Add to that the murder as per the past for wealth and power, recent history would seem to say that every winner of the Presidential race leaves a trail of dead bodies in their wake.
The injustices for wealth and power that creates division also cries out for fictional leaders. In principal we vote for them, we are the problem, so in our denial we go round the block and end up with fictional figures as being the only ones palatable.
So as the original script for our societies has us identifying with fictional figures your modern media plays the same trick and the villains go unpunished because you refuse to recognise either the villain nor the good person in yourself. If you refuse to recognise the motivation behind your actions then actualising or externalising will always be carried out by fictional figures and naturally the course that externalising will always take will be the stirring dudley goddam doright figure.

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