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Remembering The Future

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:02 PM
Have you ever remembered the future?
It is a little different than seeing the future or predicting the future.
It is a remembering rather than a seeing.
It is a knowing rather than a specific vision.
It is familiar in a strange way. Knowing what lies ahead, you've experienced before.
Kind of like a deja vu except in a deja vu you are finding that what is presently happening strangely familiar.
This is finding the future strangely familiar.

They are on their way.
In fact, you may say they are already here but, waiting.
There are hundreds of millions of them.

They will not judge us and will help us to stop judging ourselves.
They Love us and will help us learn how to love ourselves.
They are pure and will help us to purify ourselves.
They have knowledge and will teach us all they know.

When they arrive we will ALL remember who they are.
We will not know HOW we remember.

They will offer their knowledge and assistance in order to make this planet a paradise.
They will teach love for our mother earth.
They will teach communication with eachother at first (this will be the hardest and take the longest), then, with the animals, then with the trees and then with all life.
They will teach us how to communicate with our Earth.
They will teach us the joys of walking barefoot and reconnecting with our mother.
There will be no more "seasons"
Everyday will be growing season. There will be no more winter.

They will teach us gardening.Not the kind of gardening that we already know.
They will teach us how to communicate with the food that we grow.
The food will literally give us the nutrients that we need because the food will "know" our needs as an individual and as a whole. There will be more food than we could ever hope to eat. The entire planet will be overgrown with food.
Some, and I will be one of them, will learn and master the art and science of growing food and others will take it on as a casual hobby but EVERYONE will grow food.

They will teach us woodworking and the art and science of harmony and balance.
They will teach us to build our dwellings with the blessings of our Earth and not in direct defiance of her.
They will teach us to build and dwell into the Earth,with the permission of the Earth, and not on top of.

It will be very well known where the entrances are to the deep underground dwellings of the others.
It will be strictly forbidden to go anywhere near the entrances of these deep underground dwellings.
The frequency of the others will not be compatable with the frequency of the surface.
They will be made to stay in the grave they have dug for themselves, not out of hatred,anger, or fear but out of
love and respect for the natural order of things.
They must NEVER be allowed to return to the surface!!!

We will be taught technology that will totally transform the way we travel.
At first we will be allowed access to their flying craft to connect with any point on earth instantly.
This will literally make EVERYONE our immediate neighbor.
This will totally change the way we view ourselves and the way we treat those who live in different cultures.
There will still be cultures.
Different ways of doing the same thing.
Different foods, different music, different clothing different, social structure.

Speaking of music, it will change.
A song will be nothing like a traditional song that you would expect to hear on the radio.
It will be more of a tone or tones.
Music making will be as much of a science as it is an art.
It will return to what it once was.
A way to temporarily raise or boost our consciousness to new levels. It will actually "feel" good to hear music.

Huge groups will be lead in lengthy meditation sessions.
This will be done regularly 'round the world in order to raise/maintain the frequency and harmonics of the planet.

We will all wonder why it couldn't have always been this way.
There will be no reason that we can understand yet.
We will look back on our history and it will make no sense to us.
It will take a long time and alot of counseling to begin to forgive ourselves for what we have done.
This will be the biggest challenge in the begining.

It will be shown to us how harmful our clothing has been to us.
Restricting us and the flow of energy through us.
It will be very common to wear VERY loose clothing such as robes and pajama type clothing.
It will be shown to us how harmful jewelry has been to us.
Restricting us and the flow of energy through us.
We will be taught the strategic placement of very specific elements on our bodies.
the wearing of jewelry will be a science as well as an art.

In fact, we will be shown that,
All science is art and
all art is science.
There will be unlimited freedom of experssion however,
there is a WAY to express yourself freely thru art that will gain the most benefit to yourself and others.
This is the science behind the art.
There is a way to apply science that will achieve the most beauty, harmony and balance.
This is the art behind the science.

We will sleep alot less.
We will be excited to live everyday.
We will be taught that the "laws" of physics were never laws at all, only suggestions.

The art and science of sex will be taught to us.
We will learn that sex is a natural way to boost our consciousness and raise our frequency as well as share our
energy with others.
The idea of marriage as we know and understand it will be shown to be dangerous to our well being.
Freedom MUST and WILL abound.
It will not be uncommon to freely express yourself thru sex with a random stranger.
The idea of sex being dirty or in any way wrong at ANYTIME will die.

Our greatest joy will be to give to others.
Our greatest challenge will be to freely accept the gifts that others have to offer.

We will come to understand how language has divided us as a race.
Making sounds with our mouths was an extremely ineffective way of trying to convey all of our ideas.
It will eventually be seen as a miricle that we were able to survive as long as we did using this way of communication.

We will be taught that raising children is an art as well as a science.
We will live in communities and raising a child will be a community effort.
Yes like the book "It takes a villiage". Turns out, it really does!
Children will be our most valuable natural resource and will almost be revered as much as our elders will be.

There will be no more celebrities or idols.
We will be taught to worship ourselves.
We will all look up to ourselves.
I can't wait to meet myself and get my own autograph!

As we draw closer to the time of redemption, more and more people will remember.
Do you remember?

They are going to be with us for a long time but one day, they will leave again.
When they do, it will be up to us to continue what we were taught.

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:12 PM
This is nothing more than a prediction based on your beliefs.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:15 PM
So you're getting all this information because you saw it in a vision?

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:23 PM
I don't care what anyone says

If you made that up, you're awesome

I base that opinion of course on my own abilities/inabilities

It sounds great to me

If you didn't make it up, I hope "they" get here soon ♥

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:26 PM
Well all I can say is I look forward to remembering! I hope you are right .....lets get on with it already!

When do you think all of this will take place?

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:32 PM
So I will be having sex with everyone as everyone is my neighbour? Sounds fun!

Oh and everything is about art and science

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by Screwed

the tecnical term is presque vu
though from all the info we'll be receiving it sounds like a high-order prescience of sorts.

who are these others? you make them sound bad

the psychopathic/bizzarro ruling class hiding in DUMBS?

cause supposedly there are lemurians,and other pre adamic races below ground, and native reptilians.

lets not forget nazis posing as aliens under the poles.

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