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Utah Jazz nearly topped the world in average payroll

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 10:37 AM

Utah Jazz Nearly Topped the World In Average Payroll

The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and FC Barcelona are synonymous in the sports world with big money. Each team pays to compete and pays more to win, bridging diverse rules and different settings to unite in the understanding that the almighty dollar often trumps everything else in the highly competitive world of modern professional athletics. The 2010-11 Jazz also believed in green power.

Harris guided a survey that compiled financial data for 272 teams in 14 major pro leagues. He gathered information for clubs that cover 10 countries, comprise 7,802 athletes and paid out a combined $15.2 billion in salaries. The No. 11 highest paying team on the planet, according to Harris? The Jazz, who shelled out an average of $5.8 million per player and had a total payroll of about $75 million.

The Jazz declined to comment for this story. But Chief Executive Officer Greg Miller acknowledged in April that Utah rolled the dice during 2010-11 and lost “quite a bit” of money, while General Manager Kevin O’Connor has often praised the Miller family’s willingness to spend what it takes to compete in the modern NBA.

“As a family, we don’t own the Jazz to make money,” Miller told The Salt Lake Tribune in April. “We have other businesses, fortunately, that do quite well and allow us to pay our bills from the profits they generate.”

Salt Lake Trib

WOW!!! I wish I was good at playing a game... That's a lot of money wasted on gold plated DUB rims and diamond toilets

I also wish I found a Miller daughter to knock up
anyone who can consider $75 MILLION just a family bill...
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