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Space and Revelations - Hypersphere

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 07:15 AM

In religion and theology, revelation is the revealing or disclosing, through active or passive communication with a supernatural or a divine entity(s). Some religions have religious texts which they view as divinely or supernaturally revealed or inspired.

^^Gita and

now >>

I Revelation (FULL VERSION)

With the water like babbles in a flow as a background all with the public in its making of that sphere-like- sheets -strings with reflex reflective lights >>

"Everything about this is stunning. The use of a cool palette, with the black background, and blue faded lighting that is vivid and fuzzy. With the use of what I think is one of the best pieces of music of all time, and not to mention one of the best ballerinas!!!! Plus the white silouette, almost like a ghost or memory that represents the past and this history of such an terrible event. Everything about this is daunting and beautiful, definitely one of my all time favourites to view!"


Hypersphere II

Hypersphere -
and a chair as
5D Cube
-**- Tesseract
From tes (“tight”).
tesar s- 1.carpenter's
act -

cube -------...........----------,,,,,,,,---------..........((iiiii know s ..its times-spaces in all the babbles))

"...connecting the dots ... which seemed to align with the hexagonal image that had been seen on Saturn some time ago.

Next, I thought of Richard Hoagland, one of the foremost experts on hyper-dimensional physics. So I googled a few words about Saturn, Hexagons etc., and I ended up on a page with these very informative lectures on the hexagon and hyper-dimensional physics. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)


I think Richard Hoagland believes the warming of the planets in our solar system (from the inside out) is occurring because of the energy emissions emanating from this hexagonal something on Saturn.

As one listens to the lecture by Richard Hoagland (linked above) on the subject of the hexagon and hyper-dimensional physics, Nibiru is mentioned. Some have connected Nibiru with the ET race called the Anunnaki. Do the aliens live in a hyper-dimensional reality or world?


This is his story:


In 1985 Ananda had an accident that changed his life, whereby he met with non-localised quantum selves, or Ultraterrestrial Interdimensional Intelligences who call themselves Emmanuel. They claim not only to be beyond extraterrestrial, although they can appear as such, or even ultraterrestrial, but InterUniversal (not Et´s or Ut´s ­ but IU´s), being unlimited in the ranges of universes or dimensions into which they can manifest, and beyond.

The following is Ananda’s interpretation of Saturn and the hexagonal north pole:


" a loop and overlaping true time by the babbling waterly pillars too - spaces-

revelation is unveiling
it is apocalipse
transitive verb

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[edit] References
The Chariot of Ascension = hypersphere => cube

edit to add - interference ---
"The alternating bands of light and dark on this soap film are actually bands of color, produced by the reflection and interference of light waves. The colors depend upon the film's thickness. The film shown here is thinnest at the top, becoming thicker toward the bottom. As the film's thickness changes, the colors also change, forming regular bands.

well my spellings and gramma arnt without - interference so>>the perfection isnt here>> n&ct=clnk&
timeloop - its like- breath now

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