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Man saves his son from cop kidnapping

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 06:05 AM

Originally posted by flyingfish
Pseudo-intellectual or sidewalk attorney gets into a debate about constitutional law with group of police officers.

This whole video is BS, that’s why the cops are both ignoring him and laughing at him. He is claiming to be a sovereign Moorish citizen:
Claiming to be sovereign-Idiot Legal Arguments
Renouncing or Denying Us Citizenship – Idiot Legal Arguments
Pretending to be a Sovereign from Outside the US –Idiot Legal Argument
Moorish Science mythical "Thirteenth Amendment" –Idiot Legal Arguments
Look at all those cases where folks have lost and been arrested for doing what this guy is claiming to be legal fact. The fact is that its all false legal smoke and mirror that only works to sell books/services/speaking engagements on the internet, and make folks walk around making fools of themselves like this guy did.

Sorry but a large chunk of what these sovereignty guys claim is based on the UCC, which was written in the 1950’s, the US has been arresting and trying people a long time before 1950. You cannot use fake legal magic to ignore the laws of this land.

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 06:33 AM
When I was about 14 1986-87 I was detained by NYPD for literally no reason. No they didn't just roll up on me and pick me up BUT they detained me literally because I was present at MY legal situation and asked some questions. I was 14. We all were skating (SKATEBOARDING) at a spot, mind you it was on an avenue, the side walk was probably 50ft wide. Pain in the ass guy from one of the buildings (yes that's the truth, there is always a jerk) calls the cops. There was a skate shop at this location by the way. Cops arrive and it was like a hunt. It wasn't like "hey guys, alright you know the game, skate on, we got older folk that are reading books upstairs, give them a break..etc" It was like BLAM out of the car, arm grab, head lock,..blah blah blah...

The only guy caught right off the bat was our dear friend Beasley. (oh..this is like 30 min after the "skate session" Beasley was just rolling in) So, they have him bent over the police car. Somebody got his board for him and brought it back to the skate shop. Well I obviously knew that it was wrong, He wasn't part of the earlier session that might have caused a "complaint" he was really just rolling through.

So I stashed my board in the shop and tried to explain the situation. I informed the cop that he just got there and next thing I know I was grabbed, thrown on the hood and cuffed. I was maybe 13. No I wasn't being a smart ass.

Long story...not so short. My FATHER came down to the station. He is a political history buff, He brought the law and the facts. It was so cool. There is so much to this story but I can't type that fast. It was just real cool because my dad really really schooled these cops hard. Things like rank, civil rank, detainment, freedom of speech in public place (Police Station)..I don't know it was so long ago but I really remember how it seemed as though he was like a higher rank then they were and they were totally apologetic but only after he displayed his knowledge. When he first got there they were like "yeah we got him" and my dad was like.." you have him?" ......uhhhh..uhh.

I have lots of great great friends who are NYPD by the way. They sacrifice a lot...the good ones.

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by defcon5

So' I take it your going with Pseudo-intellectual.
This whole video is BS? Maybe the guys argument is BS, but the video is highly entertaining

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