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911 For Psychos - a rant

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by Fichorka

Originally posted by EmVeeFF

Originally posted by Fichorka
reply to post by Yankee451

We exalt our leaders who are able to kill women and children

Can you give us some examples of leaders you mentioned?

George Bush
Bush sr

I think you can see where this is going...

Who the hell exalts presidents you just listed? - Almost none! We aren't that screwed to be proud of "leaders who are able to kill women and children".

just because you dont exalt the people listed does not mean that the sheeple out there who live by what their tvs tell them dont too. lets face it, all you hear on right wing radio is saint reagan and retardo bush were the epitome of what we as a world need to keep us safe... complete bs i say. i think we need to have a more anarchistic form of government myself. feds should NEVER HAVE BEEN allowed this much access to our lives and buisness transactions. period.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by notalemming

i think we need to have a more anarchistic form of government myself.

Hear Hear. Small and local.

Most people have a negative impression of "anarchy", because up is down, black is white, war is peace, and slavery is freedom.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by Yankee451

Considering the following quotes from you Yankee451, perhaps you could give your opinion derived from any research upon the true facts (or real historical causes) of world war 2? I mean, how do we make sense of it from a psychopath's logic? The official story does not ring true to me. Would it be possible for you to go out on a limb and connect some dots in regard to this subject as bravely as you have concerning the 911 debacle? Perhaps in a new thread?

BTW, I admit it is a shocking and rude awakening to find that we have been born into a world ruled by psychopathic killer (naked) apes and nothing is as we have been conditioned to believe.


Most American psychos in training don’t learn history, or if they do, it is the sanitized version provided by State reeducation centers. We’re taught to think of Nazis and Hitler as the worst evil to have visited our little world

Let’s say you are a real psycho…not just pretend like the rest of us.

You have no remorse. You could skin a puppy alive and feel nothing, and probably have, and probably enjoyed it. You have unlimited financial resources. You and your buddies control most of the world’s media, which means you control most of the world’s information, which means you control most of the world’s minds.

However involved the Mossad was in 911, Israeli involvement should be considered another layer in the gangster’s mind-# they’re playing on you, or did you forget that religion is the original and ultimate propaganda tool? Israel’s very existence has nothing to do with “Judaism”, and everything to do with psychotic Imperialism and every-day, run-of-the-mill Western Colonialism. I suspect this is the real reason Americans give Israel a free ride, because they’re doing to the indigenous population of their colony, exactly what Americans have been doing our indigenous population for the last 600 years. That and the fact that they’re a bunch of xenophobic psychopaths, just like us.

The psychos are in charge, always have been and always will be until you take advantage of the lessons of 911, when they pulled back the curtain and allowed you to see the little man behind it pulling levers and speaking into the microphone. It’s up to you to realize OZ is an illusion. You’ve received a nasty bump on the head, and the rest of us are pining at your bedside waiting for you to wake up.

BTW, I am only too aware that the facts of the causes and outcomes of WW2 are as taboo as the subject of 911 due to the Jewish investment in the history of WW2 being maintained in some particular way, and also the maintenance of Adolph Hitler as the enduring archetype of evil. (an evil we have supposedly all been saved from so that we could inherit this current society of freedom and promise for all those who tow the line and believe that they can have a big slice of the pie and become a junior successful entrepreneur after listening to Sir Richard Branson's 'My Success Story' audio book.)

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by Golden Rule

Wow...thanks for the questions.

Damn...yeah, I can go on and on and on about WWIi and its real intentions and in a couple weeks that would be an excellent topic. Maybe a couple of wife's about had-it with me. Football widows have nothing on her.

911 reminded me how to observe, something school couldn't teach out of television was taken away as "punishment" when I was about 9 years old, and stayed away until I was out of high school, plus I was young for my grade in school to begin with, and then was moved ahead a grade in high school, and then graduated a semester early (not because of smarts, but because of coincidence).. Therefore, I was subjected to less indoctrination than my family and peers.

Even so, it took about 8 years of "waking up" before I arrived at my current state of I empathize with people. Look at the conversations on the 911 forums...I still catch myself spitting fire. That's psycho training coming out. It's the accepted form of communication on the web, isn't it?

It's hard to shake it off, even when you're aware it's there. I still need more practice.

So...I will need to return to answer your comment with more consideration, but in the meantime...I think WWII is a great subject and in a very small nutshell, when I go out on a limb, I would say we need to look at what was accomplished there too to see who won, and also keep in mind, the victors get to write the history.

Coming from a Jewish heritage, there's no doubting the Holocaust in my family. Unfortunately since 911, I doubt everything.

We are taught to think in black and white. When I say I doubt the Holocaust, they hear "no one was killed, and I wish Hitler was in power", when what I meant was, "I've researched the claims, and they are far fetched and should be viewed with an accurate and historical eye to get an idea of what likely occurred". I can't say that of course, because they have already shut down.

This is conditioning.

I would literally be sick to my stomach when I would research strong is the conditioning to not even look there. To even look would be blasphemous, and that's what made me realize I had been brainwashed to be a religious zealot about not just WWII and the Holocaust, but about all history, science...everything.

We are trained not to look at things that expose the fraud; they hide truth behind guilt and shame.

The Jewish question was the last hurdle for me to pass before I realized we are all suckers. The real bosses who run the show use it as their last means of defense, and I now feel very sorry for the rank and file Jews...they're as indoctrinated as anyone can be...good grief...all the constant reminders that the world's out to get them, and then the actions of their leaders assure it. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

They're really simply being used as human shields for some pretty sick bastards, but I don't think the Zionists are in charge. I think they're put out there as a lightning rod and a trap used to deflect attention; I think Jews are put in prominent positions of banking, government and law by design, so anyone who notices will be discounted as an anti-Semite, and no one will listen to them any more...the only ones who criticize them are "obvious" racists. Think David Duke and look what happened to Helen Thomas...conditioning.

Israel is just another British colony. They use Zionism to lure the psychos to power, and they use Judaism to keep the people cowering in fear. In the USA they use "Peace and Freedom" to direct our efforts, but we're just two sides of the same coin.

I don't think there's some monolithic conspiracy; I think the owners are more likely just a completely different breed of criminal, bred and trained to see the scam, and to be leaders of it; think of Yale, Harvard, Stanford, etc. Training grounds for psycho leaders who would slit each others' throats when given a chance, but would gladly sacrifice their people to keep the system the system.

Some folks call them Illuminati, or whatever, but I read once that a real revolution begins by calling things by their real names, and these guys are psychopaths. Also, since they own the media, the odds are good they want us to call them Illuminati because it makes the user of that term seem less credible...more conditioning.

But I'm rambling again...I think the owner class are a bunch of ruthless criminals who will compete and collaborate at times, but whenever the system that keeps them in power is threatened, they will circle the wagons. This is why almost all leaders pretend the 911 scam is real, it suits all their purposes. Even Ahmadinejad...he needs to keep his people indignant at the same time he helps keep us indignant.

I'll get back to you!

Thanks again!


posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 05:51 PM
It is quite bothersome and irritates me that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld all have written books recently describing their lives and actions during this time of tragedy. They will make money from the 3000+ deaths that they masterminded along with the deaths of over 5000+ military involved to date. Not to mention the deaths of all the innocent men women and children that were casualties of their psychopathic decisions. It is a joke that anyone would seriously believe a single page of these lies. I hope one day the truth will prevail and they (and Silverstein) will all be held responsible for the deaths that occurred on 9/11. This single action planted the seeds that led to the reckless war spending and the demise of our country's freedom that we see today.

Bush is going to be on a National Geographic Channel special this weekend describing his decisions on 9/11.

The only thing that bothers me today is, how did they keep this 9/11 demolition a secret? There must have been many people involved in rigging those buildings for demolition. All trained CIA? Not one has spoken the truth to date. It took quite awhile to plant all of those nanothermite explosives and rig them for a controlled demolition.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by ontarff

The only thing that bothers me today is, how did they keep this 9/11 demolition a secret? There must have been many people involved in rigging those buildings for demolition. All trained CIA? Not one has spoken the truth to date. It took quite awhile to plant all of those nanothermite explosives and rig them for a controlled demolition.

"So many people"...I know, that's a big one I had trouble with, and that's the sticking point that so many other people can't get over. But there wouldn't need to be that many people, because the power of suggestion is what they're all about. It's all magik to thise guys...Hollywood, movies, drugs, mind games, TV radio, news papers, periodicals, everything...all part of their repertoire, right? They're just con artists really, with a profound understanding of human psychology. know...I sat down here to answer your question but I really can't without blowing the rest of my rant. I'll stop procrastinating and get on that this weekend.

Bear with me a bit longer...

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by Yankee451

I'll get back to you!

You already did friend, you already did. I can't disagree with a word you wrote. But I would be delighted with a more detailed appendum if and when your life-time permits. Thank you. Neil Sedaka wrote a corny song: "Breaking Up is up is Hard to Do." I'd like to hear the same tune to the substituted lyric: "Waking up is Hard to Do." But that just wouldn't sell would it?
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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by Yankee451

The threat of placing your life, possibly your friends and your family's lives in jeopardy for being involved in an operation that killed over 3000 people is a pretty good deterrent from talking about it. I have worked on a "Top Secret" project for a military contractor that was kept under wraps like other military operations for a long time. Many private corporations are able to maintain product and trade secrets. Sometimes those secrets are revealed, hence Wiki leaks.

It is a moral contradiction that killing people in war while waving the flag is any different than causing collateral casualties like those inflicted on 9/11 to achieve a national political goal. Because our military was involved, it could be considered a military operation. This is psychopathic!

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 11:01 AM
The latest 15-minute video from

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by Golden Rule

But that just wouldn't sell would it?

I would think it would go over like a lead balloon.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by ontarff

Thank you for your comment, and your link.

I once belonged to groups like that...I was an early joiner to Scholars For 911 Truth. What I learned there was that I was being deliberately led by them into dead ends.

I mean no offense, and I feel everyone needs to travel their own roads, but the one thing the "official" truth movement organizations refuse to consider, is the role of the media in 911. This is why I quit the Scholars...they weren't considering all the options, which struck me as being disingenuous...not to mention, effective at keeping the conversations controlled.

As soon as the AE for 911 truth guys start considering that planes couldn't possibly cause the damage as seen on the TV, I'll consider them to not be controlled opposition.

No subject should be off the table.

I appreciate your perspective, and I urge everyone to go at their own paces. I don't expect everyone to share my perspective, or my obsessions. I only ask that you ask yourself the question, "what are they avoiding"...

Thanks again for your comment, and please feel free to post more of the same. I welcome the discussion.


posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by Yankee451


I was not ranting when I wrote the below, I was raving:

They had the clout to claim as their own a large chunk of the biggest city in the world, and then when they realized it was an albatross, sell it to the Port Authority,

This is not true, the Rockefellers never owned the WTC. It was owned and operated by the Port Authority until sold to Silverstein. They did use their substantial clout to acquire the land used, and the Port Authority is a very interesting entity in itself and I will touch on that in the next few posts, but I needed to set the record straight.

I make mistakes. This is one of them.


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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 02:32 AM
Best F in Post On ATS EVER

you Yankee are my hero I have always wanted to say what you said just didnt know how, Thanks brotha I will make sure this is read by many.

and I am serious best F in Post Ever you couldn't have said it any better!

I also noticed it is addressed to your Family did they read it and did you awaken their minds or did they reject it as many psychos do?
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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by seridium

and I am serious best F in Post Ever you couldn't have said it any better!

I also noticed it is addressed to your Family did they read it and did you awaken their minds or did they reject it as many psychos do?

Wow, thank you very much.

And thanks for reading!

My family keep me at arms length...they don't read much of what I write...they think I got the crazy gene; and the sentiments are reciprocated.

However I did tell my mother about this site yesterday....gulp...if she isn't curled up in the fetal position, she may have some comments to add to the thread. That should be interesting.

I'll be working on the final act over the next few days. Stay tuned and thanks again.


posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 08:10 PM

I once thought the Rockefellers had owned the WTC and sold it to the Port Authority; I thought this even though years ago, I knew better. But in my own defense, I wasn’t the only one.

From the book published in 1999 “Twin Towers : The Life of New York City's World Trade Center."

I noticed something very curious as I began my research. As I talked about my project with family, friends, colleagues, and students, I came to realize that very few had much knowledge about the Towers. Most knew that it was a pair of very tall office buildings, but that was about it. They did not know who built it or why. Eager to quantify this insight, I devised a short informal questionnaire: (1) Have you ever heard of the World Trade Center in New York City? (2) Would you recognize it if you saw a picture of it? (3) Have you ever visited it? (4) Do you know who is the owner-builder-landlord of the complex? I gave this questionnaire to hundreds of students at Rutgers University, most of them New Jersey residents quite familiar with New York City. Nearly all of them had heard of the World Trade Center, and said that they would recognize a picture. About half had visited the place, but only very few (a tiny percentage) could identify the owner-builder-landlord. Most people did not have a clue and were unwilling to venture a guess. Those who did guess were usually wrong. Some said it was the Rockefeller family; others said it was the city of New York; still others thought it was a group of Japanese investors.

The correct answer, of course, is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Quite puzzled at the ignorance, I discussed my findings with the media-relations people at the agency. They told me that they had commissioned a similar, albeit formal and scientific study that had come up with the same basic conclusions. It wasn't just Rutgers undergraduates who were in the dark. Most people in the region, both young and old from both states, had no idea that the owner-builder-landlord was the Port Authority.

This demonstrates how little is actually known about the WTC.

They were a mystery, these buildings, and they remain so even in their absence, with people today assuming exactly the same things the locals would assume as they would walk through them or past them when the towers were still standing like gigantic tombstones blocking the Manhattan sun. It’s been ten years, yet today we are still standing in their shadows while killing in their names.

Why was the WTC built? The locals apparently didn’t want it, and big business didn’t need it. The City of New York and local residents and businesses fought and protested against its construction, and not just small timers, but major real estate moguls were up in arms against such a huge amount of new real estate to be flooding the city. 10 million square feet was a lot of space to add to a city that already had plenty of office space. The concern was that the impact to the real estate market would severely impact the economy by lowering local commercial value, and casting a chilling effect on new development.

The plan was exciting and it did stimulate interest among potential tenants, but it also stimulated opposition; the Port Authority was unprepared for its ferocity. For the first time in its history, the agency was opposed by powerful members of the business community. These challengers were not the displaced store owners from the site, but major citywide real estate operators. They called upon the Port Authority to scale down its plans. They said that the proposed World Trade Center would be four times as large as necessary and would undermine the entire market for Manhattan office space.”

“Harold Uris spoke for the whole committee when he declared, ''They say they're going to rent four million square feet to export-import firms. That's twice the space in the Pan Am Building. I just don't believe they can do it. And when they find they can't, they're going to dump the space on the open market at reduced rents. With their tax advantages and the low rates they pay for money, they could rent for far less than I can and still break even. I'm not afraid of losing the tenants I have now. I'm afraid there won't be any tenants for the buildings I put up five years from now.

So why was it built?

Perhaps we can get a clue from the Executive Director of the Port Authority at the time, Austin Tobin:

…Tobin was fond of quoting Daniel H. Burnham, the Chicago architect who built New York's first great skyscraper, the Flatiron Building, in 1902. "Make no small plans," said Tobin, quoting Burnham. "For they have no power to stir the blood."

For further insight, here is an exchange between the Architect, Minoru Yamasaki, and the Port Authority’s manager for their new line organization, the World Trade Office, Guy F. Tozzoli:

Finally, Yamasaki revealed his ideas about two towers surrounded by a plaza and the other buildings. Yamasaki unveiled a drawing.

"It's great. It's a beautiful plan! Does it meet my program?" asked Tozzoli.

"No, it doesn't. It's two million feet short," said Yamasaki.

"Why is that?"

"You can't build buildings taller than eighty floors."

"Why is that?"

"They just don't do it"

"Yama, President Kennedy is going to put a man on the moon. I want you to build me the tallest buildings in the world."

These were big boys showing off their big toys. I wonder if they knew no one was going to be going to the moon any time soon. It is an appropriate analogy to the World Trade Center though.

The project was mostly driven by the egos of David Rockefeller and those within the Port Authority. What kind of person is David Rockefeller, heir to the Standard Oil Empire? A wise man once said “nice guys finish last”, but in the world of business, psychos finish first. But if the Rockefellers were a known quantity; what about the Port Authority?

The Port Authority was founded in the 1920s in an unusual burst of cooperation between two age-old rivals, the states of New York and New Jersey. From colonial days, there had been boundary disputes between the two states. At one point, things got so bitter that state policemen actually exchanged shots in the middle of the Hudson River. Early mapmakers chose the Hudson River as an easy-to-find boundary line, but that decision did not settle things. The two states kept arguing because each wanted to push the line to the other's shore. Finally, in 1834 they did the commonsense thing: they signed a treaty drawing the line down the middle of the river.

On April 30, 1921, the Port of New York Authority was officially established. It was the first interstate agency ever created under a clause in the U.S. Constitution that permits compacts between the states, with congressional approval. The Port Authority's area of jurisdiction was called "The Port District," a seventeen-county bistate region within a twenty-five-mile radius of the Statue of Liberty. The compact between the two states gave the new agency sweeping potential power: "The port authority shall constitute a body, both corporate and politic, with full power and authority to purchase, construct, lease and/or operate any terminal or transportation facility within said district.

To understand the World Trade Center, we first have to understand the Port Authority, the organization which built it. It is a complex story of money and politics, law and engineering, public service and personal pride. To build a monument requires a powerful builder. The scale of the World Trade Center was so massive that no other entity public or private could have built it. Constructing the Twin Towers involved packaging a unique blend of political, financial, and human resources that only the Port Authority could muster.

The Port Authority got started in the 1920s as a sleepy bridge-and-tunnel outfit, and it evolved over the following fifty years to become a master builder. Unrestrained by civil service salary caps, the agency was able to recruit and retain the very best talent. It had real estate specialists to assemble large parcels of land, top lawyers to draw up airtight contracts, engineers who were master builders, and (most important) accountants to make sure the bondholders were always paid on time. From this pool of talent, leaders were developed and brought up through the ranks. During this period through the Great Depression, World War II, and other crises the Port Authority acquired vast wealth and virtually unchecked power in its own domain. In the process, the Port Authority made both friends who helped to push its projects forward and enemies who put up fierce resistance.

The Port Authority, as it grew, cultivated an institutional "personality" much as people do. It developed an institutional way of doing things that encouraged people to get results rather than just "operate by the rules." Of course, the organization like other bureaucracies valued hard work, loyalty, and a sense of duty. In short, the Port Authority developed the personality of a New Yorker not of old Dutch New York or even of moneyed WASP New York, but of immigrant New York with hustle and ambition. The agency was led by people who were hard driving and fast talking.

This was a new kind of authority, a mega-authority, if you will, which would never go out of business as long as it could keep coming up with new projects.

Reading those paragraphs is like reading a description of organized crime.

They are a quasi-autonomous government group of engineers, industrialists, master builders and lawyers with vast wealth and almost unlimited power over their local domain…what society does that remind me of? Don’t say it; shouldn’t have to.

The Port Authority was run like a military organization with deeper pockets:

If we accept the notion that institutions have personalities, then we might say that the Port Authority at its best is a paramilitary engineering agency that thrives on adversity. The agency was full of seasoned military veterans who loved to build things and fix them if they were only given a chance to do so. Now they had that chance.

When Tobin arrives, he is driven through the whole building right to the nearest door. Advance notice comes in, and the elevator operators put on white gloves. Tobin gets out of the car and squares his shoulders. His posture is terrific. He is whisked to the executive, offices on the fifteenth floor. It is practically like the admiral of the fleet has arrived.

The agency unabashedly took a masculine outlook on the world. It favored the functional over the decorative, the vernacular over the genteel. Its public works projects were created unselfconsciously, with thought only to whether they would work, not on how they would look. Its bridges and tunnels were all business; they put form after function. The agency developed ladders of promotion that, while taking seniority into account, mainly rewarded initiative. It favored male recruits with backgrounds in engineering or law. Though it was never made explicit, a tour of duty in the military especially in the U.S. Navy helped to place a newcomer on the fast track to promotion. Engineers especially found the Port Authority to be a place that was a manly environment rewarding the brave and the courageous. At the same time, they found it to be intellectually stimulating and engaging. The best way to be promoted was to get appointed to a challenging project with an element of risk and to make a success of it. Not just an engineering success, but a financial success as well. As the Port Authority enjoyed success after success, it became a proud organization. Pride ultimately fueled the ambition to build the world's tallest building

It was in 1956 that a young U.S. Navy lieutenant from the civil engineering corps left the service and came to work for the Port Authority

Though Monti was supposed to begin a two-year tour in the navy, the Port Authority got the navy to postpone the service. Monti spent a year in the Port Authority junior executive training program serving in each major department for a short rotation.

They don’t have the ability to tax, but they control one of the largest ports in the world. All of their projects are required to pay for themselves. They put themselves into a “passive” mode, where they are open to private ideas which can also pay for themselves, whether or not the public wants them. They do this through eminent domain, which is a psycho’s term for “we’re taking your house".

This is the environment that nurtured the construction of the WTC. The Port Authority can secure unlimited credit, seize land, and build structures designed to make them money. That’s some-kind of power; and power corrupts but more importantly, the corrupt seek power; it is a self-perpetuating cycle. You and I just want to be left alone; but evidently our leaders have different priorities, and of course, one of them included the media:

Austin Tobin's power grew as he mastered the art of mobilizing the financial community, contractors, labor unions, insurance firms, and the press to serve his agency

In this atmosphere, where is the incentive to cede power?

David Rockefeller’s motives cannot be understood when viewed with sane eyes. A billionaire does not worry about a roof over his head, or wonder how he’ll pay for educating his children; or needs to choose whether to buy groceries or to pay the health insurance bill. Speaking for me, I cannot imagine not having to worry about such things, nor can I imagine what I’d do with my time if I did have that much money. We know billionaires don’t like to “share”; regardless what tiny fraction of their incomes they donate to charities. Those paltry percentages, when advertised on their media, transform them from blood-sucking vampires into big-hearted philanthropists, but to me they’ll always be psychos.

There were many personalities involved with the WTC, and to research them all would take an army of investigators, therefore I am merely brushing the surface, but between the Port Authority and the Rockefellers we’ve covered most of the faces. So finally, let’s look at the Architect, Minoru Yamasaki. His is a curious story which, like 911, and can be traced back to WWII and earlier, and provides another Japanese connection to our story. Life’s funny that way.

A few interesting facts about the Minoru Yamasaki:

Minoru Yamasaki will forever be remembered alongside America’s most profound architectural disaster. Whatever he was before 2001—which was dead, maligned, and mainly sliding away into obscurity—he is forever after the designer of the most ambitious modern structure ever to end up as a gaping hole

The first building was imploded on July 15, 1972. The following year the site was fenced off and then torn down, the remaining inhabitants relocated to other (comparable, if less infamous) projects. The Pruitt-Igoe site today at 34 vacant acres remains one of the largest development sites in St. Louis

We might expect to find reason for these professional failures in the misfortune of Yamasaki’s private life. Not surprisingly, the architect’s personal history was punctuated by its own string of disasters. He faced the harsh reality of being a nisei during World War II (relocated to the East Coast, Yamasaki escaped internment) and barely escaped death from a bleeding ulcer (just before completion of the Records Center and Pruitt-Igoe). He left his wife and three children, remarried, married again (a Japanese mail-order bride), and then finally remarried his first wife. Somewhere in between was a period of dismal health involving four operations in five months which left Yamasaki addicted to synthetic morphine.

A Japanese American from Seattle was able to escape internment in the American version of the German concentration camps while thousands of other Japanese Americans were rounded up and put in cages; Yamasaki “escaped” and became addicted to drugs. I’d take the drugs over the cage too, but something’s not right about that story.

Six years after the war, he was creating buildings and excuses for the military:

A building commissioned in 1951 by the Department of Defense was built without a sprinkler system, and then burned in a spectacular fire. That building, the U.S. Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, housed 38 million individual service records and 4,000 employees. When it was completed in 1956, the six-story concrete and aluminum behemoth was one of the twenty largest buildings in the world.

Less than twenty years later, in July 1973, a fire tore through the building, burning out of control for more than two days. It was the weekend of the official end of the draft, and the news was all bombs and impeachment. Over the previous two years, the Records Center had reported a dozen small fires, all started intentionally. This one, set shortly after midnight on July 12, appeared to be another case of arson. No one died in the blaze, set when only 50 employees were on duty, but sixteen to eighteen million military personnel files, many of them irreplaceable, were lost. Today, the Personnel Records Center informs those seeking information that, as a result of the fire, it cannot provide access to 80 percent of army files on personnel discharged between 1912 and 1960, as well as 75 percent of air force personnel discharged between 1947 and 1964. Information about hundreds of thousands of veterans vanished from the face of the earth. The building survived

So…the WTC wasn’t the first structure of his that was involved in a massive destruction of official records, nor the first to be demolished with explosives. Coincidence? The author labels Yamsaki’s actions as “unwitting”, but I’m not so sure.

If Yamasaki sometimes seemed a divining rod for the unlucky collision of history and architecture, it is because he unwittingly channeled weighty corporate and political forces through his choice of projects—the uneventful as much as the disastrous. For instance, Yamasaki’s authorship of two Saudi Arabian airports and one Saudi Monetary Agency Head Office is long forgotten. In the mid-1970s, the Saudis waited three whole years for Yamasaki to wrap up work in lower Manhattan so that he could come and attend to their architectural needs. While the prestigious commission for the central bank and new airports might have gone to any number of architects, the Saudi government insisted on Yamasaki’s team. The Dhahran airport terminal he had built for them way back in 1961 was, as the architect told it, “one of the few foreign-designed buildings that the Saudis felt reflected their history and culture.” The US and Saudi Arabia, two countries which we’ve recently come to misconstrue as polar opposites, both saw their values embodied in Yamasaki’s work—so much for a clash of civilizations

Yamasaki was the go-to guy to build modern castles for today’s royalty, not because he was good, but because he was compliant and discreet.

Yamasaki’s designs, a sort of corporate gothic, articulated the will of the institutions that commissioned them. It was an honor to have IBM, Consolidated Gas, the Defense Department, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as his clients, even if they wanted their buildings with no fire sprinklers, or in a no man’s land, or too tall. “Since they were the client,” he said of the Records Building in St. Louis, “we went along with their option.” Yamasaki’s firm was selected for the design of the World Trade Center precisely because he could be counted on to be agreeable, to accommodate the developer’s demands


In the case of the WTC the developers demanded a completely innovative building, which I suspect was more innovative than most people knew.

(to be cont.)

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I don't get it at all, maybe that's why the topic is called 911 physco..

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:04 PM

These weren’t your average developers. The Port Authority are laws unto themselves, and had a way around any obstacle, legal or not so much:

Part of the excitement of a big project like the World Trade Center was the sure knowledge by everyone that its construction would be a stimulus to the economy of the region. Based on the original cost estimate of $350 million, the Port Authority was expected to spend some $200 million in wages to labor. It was known that the job would require up to eight thousand men working at the site during peak periods of building. Material requirements for the project called for 200,000 tons of structural steel. Some 1.25 million man-hours of work would be needed to excavate 1.2 million cubic yards of earth and boulders, not to mention about 45,000 yards of bedrock prior to laying the foundations. The World Trade Center would require six million square feet of masonry walls and five million square feet of painted surfaces. Also needed would be 1,520 miles of wire, 400 miles of conduit, and 200,000 lighting fixtures. Toward the end of the project, ceiling workers would install seven million square feet of acoustical tile. Similarly, floor installers would lay seven million square feet of floors.

The process went smoothly until the "steel pipeline" was interrupted by a tugboat strike. Some of the critical pieces were huge. For example, the floor elements came in sections that were sixty feet long and twenty feet wide. Without tugboats there was no apparent way to get such elements across the river. Before long, work on the Twin Towers ground down to a halt. Ray Monti was annoyed with the strikers, frustrated with the lack of progress, and angry at the world. In any large job that involves working with other people, frictions are inevitable. The relationship between Monti, the former U.S. Navy man, and his boss, Malcolm Levy, the old "get-it-done" merchant mariner, was a stormy one even when things were going well. And now, with the tugboat strike in its sixth week, things were not going well.

Ray Monti put the phone down in disgust. The steel was of such size that there was no legal route that anyone knew of over the bridges. Truckers simply could not get through with those widths. The only way was by barge. Monti was stuck, but his whole Port Authority training had taught him that every problem has a solution. A few minutes later, he knew what to do. He picked up the phone and called the manager of the Sikorsky division of United Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.

They were so desperate to get the steel into the construction site, they even tried using a skycrane but still couldn’t get the big 20x60 foot floor panels to the construction site, and in fact they dropped one:

the seven-ton floor panel, dropped by the helicopter, which still lies at the bottom of the Kill van Kull between the Bayonne shoreline and the foot of Clove Road to this very day. Port Authority police say that it presents no obstruction to navigation.

At one point, they got a break:

Over the next few days several more attempts were made, but the Port Authority was never successful at flying the steel. The newspapers reported the failed attempts. On Tuesday morning Monti received a call from an obscure trucking company which offered to truck the steel. Monti told the trucker on the phone that the biggest trucking companies in the region had all declared the task impossible. They simply could not find a suitable route.

The trucker said, "Look, my friend. You want to try me out? You pay me so much a load. Don't ask any questions about what I do or where I go. I'll deliver the steel, okay?

At a moment like this, a knowledge of textbook management procedures was worthless. What was needed was street smarts coupled with iron nerves. Monti said, "You've got it on a trial.

The trucker was paid in a lump sum for each load. Monti never asked what he did, but steel did start to arrive at the site.
In my subsequent research I learned that the trucker had transported the panels by convoy from Carteret to the Goethals Bridge, across Staten Island and over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, north along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, across Manhattan Bridge and through a maze of lower Manhattan streets.

This, of course, was done at night and with the "cooperation" of all involved police departments. Ten panels were brought over each night in five trucks, enough to keep the construction schedule on target.

Gangsters with uniforms.

So dear reader, are you up to speed on what we’re looking at here? We have world class criminals with no fear of being caught because they have the police in their back pockets and the brother of their client was the governor of NY State. How much were the tax payers of NY and NJ stuck with to repair the roads undoubtedly damaged by the illegal hauling of the steel through side streets, all with a wink and a nod from the police?

We have a culture of corruption going back as far as you care to look. The government, the intelligence services, the Port Authority and the NYPD are simply criminal gangs hiding behind excuses like national security, law enforcement and the protection of the people. Today there is an even greater “us against them” attitude by the police, with lethal force misnamed “less-lethal”, as if you’re less-dead when you’ve been tased to death.

Even the WTC architect appears to have been an asset of the government whose works include one complex destroyed by demolition, and one building gutted by fire, burning a sizable percentage of the official records of much of the Army and Navy in the process.

It is no wonder why people want to believe the “official” story, because if you don’t believe it, you’re left with the awful realization that we live in a society where the only people who are following the law, are those of us who have the least reason to do so. The government as we know it is out of control and there’s no amount of whitewash that can hide that fact. We have no government. We have no law enforcement. They are exposed as part of the criminal class which is out to get theirs before “it” becomes too obvious to ignore; and the fourth estate are mouthpieces for psychopaths.

I think my family knows it too, but I think they learned what happens when one acknowledges “it” by watching what happened to me…the depression, the “treatment”, the anger and the solitude; and they want none of that. So, like the rest of the country who still have jobs, they turn back to their old ways, buy a new car or house, get a new hairdo, get that new big-screen TV, watch sports-serials-news and hope they aren’t around when the chickens come home to roost.

Like the elderly woman who lives up the street who is hoping the roof of her crumbling house doesn’t leak before she dies; or perhaps she’s hoping it will fall and put her and her house out of her misery at the same time; I can’t blame her…I might do the same if I was in her shoes. Should I eat or fix the roof? Should I pay for medication or fix the roof? Will I die before I need to fix the roof?

My family are smart people…they can see what’s going on, I’m sure of it. They are protecting their families and their own psyches by remaining blind to it. Its self-preservation…I get that, and I don’t blame them. I just can’t play that game anymore…hoping to get-out before something has to be done about “it”.

This “it” isn’t like the old lady’s roof though…this “it” will still be crumbling about the heads of our grandchildren’s grandchildren if we don’t do the hard work now. 911 ripped the roof off for all to see…please look up!

I think most people are like my family and friends, who just want to live a few moments of their own lives without having to face a reality too terrible to see. We are alone, surrounded by glassy eyed zombies, texting their unimportant lives away in a desperate effort to not-see the reality of 911, and the stark conclusion that if we don’t clean “it” up, no one will.

(to be cont.)

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Originally posted by pussycat
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I don't get it at all, maybe that's why the topic is called 911 physco..


posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 11:07 PM
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For the closing act, please see:

False Fronts for a False Flag

Thanks for reading, all.


posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 04:30 PM

Words fail me my friend.
Absolutely Brilliant.
I am heavily indebted to you.

How can there be any doubts left?

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