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What is God trying to tell me??

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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by dbates

Thankyou, I dont think I'm crazy but I know thats how I come across to some people, which is why I reserve speaking about my experiances and beliefs to ATS

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by Rhebefree

Do you really want to know????

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by Rhebefree

Well i don't know anything about spirits talking to people, though i've heard of it happening.

I don't know much about dreams honestly either...

But it seems you're starting to understand something out of all this...

But then recently I realised that God has spoken to me before in tangible ways, through protecting me when I got myself into stupid risky situations,

Consider the fact that God is within all of us... You're guided every day by your conscience, which is... Gods voice within... Though not everyone follows that voice, and it can be ignored by subitting to greed, and hatred, or generally negative thoughts and emotions.

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:02 AM
maybe you are being called to the mission field in africa?

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 08:23 AM

Originally posted by Rhebefree
reply to post by CitizenNum287119327

I had considered the possibility that the woman could represent mother earth or some kind of Goddess, but coming from a traditional background of Christianity its hard to wrap my head around that possibility.... Also it was the Christian God I was praying to so it seems strange to me that he would indicate a female counterpart....
Something to think about
Thankyou for your input

Hello, there. As one who know the Goddess quite well, I can relate to you.
I found her looking for God, I was presented with two beings, both male, who demanded that I fall on my knees and worship them. Both sat on a throne, and looked like a Medieval Kings. Then a girl appeared, and told me that "those are my brothers, they act like that all the time." Then she enveloped me with light, and I had never felt such love and adoration before. I was raised in a Christian environment too, where all of the deities are males, and the Goddess, Mother Earth, is called "the Whore of Babylon," something they god from that little book they carry around and never read all the way through. Sure am happy that I am curious enough to research the Bible and Christianity.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by Rhebefree

A few things to think about:

Jesus can speak to you audibly if he chooses to.

This is called divine intervention which is very real and miracales happen all the time.

Call on Jesus and he will answer you I am sure of it.

I would be carefull of what God you are trying to devolop a relashionship though, if it's not the God of Abraham you have a problem.

God gave us the ability to have a personal relashionship here on earth through his son Jesus Christ.

Did you know the Lion is also and abberation of Jesus?

He is pictured as the lion of Judah in the oldtestement. The goat also repersents the devil as the aggressor.
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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 09:17 PM
Very interesting post. Let me try and your first dream..
The Little Girl is You.
The Cartoon Queen is Your Idea of God at the time.
Your Idea of God feeds you with the Knowledge of God (the apple to the head).
The Lion represents what the Knowledge of God did to your life (it changed everything).
You become the Lion when it eats you.
Thus trampling your Ideas of what you once thought God was.

Dream 2
The lion still represents your life.
The goat headed figure is a man who lives the life of being the scapegoat (Leviticus16:8,10,26).
Fire breath is the word of God or speaking through the Holy Spirit.
Having wind sow the wind with your words and reap the whirlwind.
The African Woman is your new concept of God(1stKings19:12 the still small voice is a female).
Changing back into the little girl means the conflicked of your life will bring you home (meaning it will last until the day you die).

What can I say... other than, if you learn to control the flapping of your lips and talk about things that have texture and true meaning-then instead of arguing with others about the truth, you will hear and increase your knowledge of the truth and bring peace to your life in this life time.
So I'm guessing you are at a cross roads in of constant bickering or find a solution and have peace.

Hope I helped instead of hindered.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by Rhebefree

this is my inference...
the queen is a representation of the temptations of the world, you are the girl in a blue dress. the queen gives you an apple, symbol for temptation, and you readily receive the apple. thus, you become a ugly hag. Then the Lion trampled the ugly hag and trampled the fleeting queen. Through faithfulness can you end temptations and the lion, God, won this battle against the queen, Satan.
you've had a cat and mouse relationship with God and that is represented with in your 2nd vision. the lion representing God, the goat Satan. The pretty african lady is a representation of natural human instincts, e.g. selfishness, vanity, etc. which is a displeasure of God. Now... as the lion and goat get into a fierce battle with your soul on the line as prize. the lady, acting as an agent of sin and the goat, wants you to leave the battle and return to your regular life. you ignore her, a representation of ignoring temptation... but then you say that you became a child... i think your faith will become childlike... but when you restructure your faith, the secret agent of sin, the lady, took you away. spiritual gifts of discernment and faithfulness is what i believe your vision was calling for.

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