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My two most vivid Lucid Dreams

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 11:25 PM
I have grown to like this forum because I have alot of weird dreams. Id like to share two of the most vivid lucid dreams I have ever had, This is the closest I have ever gotten to spirituality or anything.

Dream 1

This dream starts off in a small meadow like area such as this one:

To my right, there was a huge mountain but I could only see s small slope with a crevice on the top. I looked around and noticed around me were warriors that resembled vikings

Without any question, with my armor, we all continued up the slope, trhough the crevvice, out onto a platform where you could see a large farmland. The farm was built around an enormous Volcano. A dragon appeared which we would face, but all fail miserably. I had this recurring dream for a week

Dream 2

Dream 2 began in a small western desert looking town, and I looked like a business man with a slick business suit on. As I walked down a road, I was attacked by many mobsters. I ran into a Noodle factory (idk) and ran to the 2nd floor. Many innocent civilians were killed because I ran to that 2nd floor. I jumped from the window and ran. As I almost reached outside of the town, I was attacked by 4 giant out-of-this-world armored soldiers with HUGE MASSIVE Heavy emerald armor on. One of them swung at me, and for some reason I had insane reflexes, and bent and dodged the attack.

Then, A second continued to slash at me, but I dodged every shot. I was then stabbed in the back by a much smaller soldier that was less than my height.

I then woke up. 2nd Dream happened a 2nd time a couple weeks ago. Thought Id share because they are probably the only 2 lucid dreams Ill ever remember
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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 03:42 AM
Take a sharp left, and jump off the edge.

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