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70 hectares of land for just one dollar AUS NSW

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 08:14 AM
Unfreakin' believable....just another in YOUR face stunt by another goverment with absolutly zero chance of incriminaion, justice.

How does one man (me) do anythinhg to change / stop this couruption in the world????
I mean seriously, lets build a info resourse for people with no voice athority or power with good ideas other than whinging or writing a letter????!!!!!!

Dollar land deal

July 29, 2011
Imagine buying 70 hectares of land for just one dollar - the equivalent of about 1400 normal residential blocks.

In the dying days of the New South Wales Labor Government a profitable mining company was virtually given 70 hectares of crown land - land that’s supposed to be owned by the taxpayers, and the asking price was just one dollar.

Phil Stuart is the loser in the deal. He's the general manager of the Hunter Plant Operator Training School, a small not for profit heavy machinery training organisation that used the land for two decades, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure and buildings. Now it’s facing an uncertain future.

At the time Stuart felt like the community and its needs had been largely ignored.

“We were incredulous. We really didn’t understand, and didn’t think something like that could happen,” he said.

“We trained tens of thousands of people through here over the 23 years we’ve been here. We feel if the land was going to be sold for a dollar, we should have had first offer.”

Instead the area was given to another tenant on the land - White Energy, a publically listed coal technology company worth $675 million.

“The previous Labor Government gave priority to a profitable mining company over the interests of ordinary working people. We believe we had over a million dollars worth of assets that have been taken from us, and gifted to an ASX listed top 200 company,” Stuart said.

The land is just a two hour drive from Sydney, on the edge of the NSW town of Cessnock, in the wine-growing Hunter Valley.

The sale was only registered a week out from the New South Wales State Election that dumped Labor from power after sixteen years of control.

LJ Hooker real estate agent Bryce Gibson is gobsmacked, saying the sold land is valuable

“I’ve never heard of 70 hectares ever being sold for a dollar in my nearly ten years in real estate,” he said.

“Looking at the structures that are on it - the roads going into it, and the sheer enormity of 700,000 square metres of land, as it is now, it could be well in excess of $1 million dollars.”

Under conditions of the sale, the mining company is not allowed to sell off the land, but if that changes, and the land is zoned, then the company is in for a financial windfall.

“Tens to hundreds of millions of dollars is achievable for a site such as this,” Gibson confirmed.

Peter Meddows is a local senior truck driving instructor who's appalled at what he sees as a massive waste of taxpayer dollars.

“At the moment they’re not allowed to sell it, but no rich company is going to have that amount of land sitting around doing nothing forever,” he said.

“If they’re going to sell it to a profitable mining company, it should have been sold at commercial value. It’s as simple as that. That’s how it should have happened.

“The money could have been spent in our community, or across the wider Hunter Valley. A million dollars can do a lot,” Meddows concluded

Yahoo7 News

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 08:22 AM
Is this a lease from the Crown? Back then and even now in some places in Canada, you can lease Crown land for 99 years at a cost of 1 dollar with the proviso that you develop a portion of it. Even if it's just a home and garden. No electric or town services like water and sewage tho.

Just a thought.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 09:10 AM
Thinking out loud, after posting...what CAN one do?
I am mad
Had enough....many years ago but what are our / my options to alter the course of TPTB

Protest does real power to change policy, seen as trouble maker and without many people no influence at all.

Lobby Group, again without wads of $, can’t do diddly

Write letters to local member of good as letters to the editors of tabloid news papers....achieve nothing more than waste time, raise blood pressure and have a rant.

Run for office...Become a member of The House of Representatives ....well say I did and be elected in my local ballot that would only entitle me to 1 vote out of 150 and the way the Aust electoral system works much like USA 2 parties rule the roost.
The whole system needs a boot...

Preferential Voting
Sometimes described as the "alternate vote", preferential voting is a uniquely Australian system of voting. Based on the principle that the winner should have 50% + 1 support, it allows voters to number the candidates in order of preference. This system is used in the House of Representatives

Candidate A gains 40% of vote
Candidate B gains 25% of vote
Candidate C gains 35% of vote
Simple logic has it the majority want A...NO>>>> Candidate B with backroom dealings pass out "how to vote cards" saying to supports of that person to number ballot in certain order so most fools will follow as told to...
Then Candidate B passes their 25% of vote to Candidate C and now the winner of that ballot is>
Candidate C >with a healthy 60% of the vote.
Also could work the other way too....and C gives preferences to B and they would win.....
That is preferential voting in very simplistic terms.

Add to this like UK and unlike USA there is no direct vote for the leader of the country.
So either I vote for a good local member and risk a preferred party to lose election or I vote for my local BUM because he is in same party as preferred party /leader to win.
The party at any time can choose a new leader (Prime Minister) who stood at the election...leaving voters short changed. This did happen recently with Aus PM dumped.

Next issue here in oz is the 2 party system (main punters) ALP vs a coalition of L/NP
I am not a party man so no bias intended.... But the coalition can stack seats and run 2 candidates in one area and offload preference to other (or preferred) candidate..Also can work against them too with voters not following orders in marking vote cards with correct preference order.
What happens if I don’t like either of the leaders >alternative PM running for office?
I could vote independent...normally a waste as they can’t influence gov and have zero power

So IF I did get elected I would have to join the big 2 or make my own party and then some time in future hope to gain enough seats to win control of gov...Then I would have the power to make change

Never going to happen > people are too attached to labels lefty/right wing and parties...why???
Neither of them are any better than the other...lack of vision bow down to industry, no interest in the population and part of the problem > status quo

End of rant
SO HOW we / I even start make change and end corruption>>>>?
My ears are open!

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 06:48 PM
Id ponder that destroying the roads as demolition training would be a start. Also, tracking down whose pockets in govy were lined, protesting the mining company, all businesses refusing to serve any customers who are employed at the mining company. (no vacancy at hotels, refuse to serve them food, don't sell them petrol, etc)

its as if the elites are gonna keep pushing and pushing until the avg man either goes beserk of commits suicide. The NWO elites want us to go bezerk and rebel. they think their storm troopers will vanquish the common man. How foolish they are, when people do rise up, the cops, nat guard and military [who don't take the peoples side instead]will be swarmed and swamped.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 05:00 AM
can only hope the day will roll around and there will be masses with same resolve.
It may take war, depresion, or some mass scale world event though

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