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Anyone Else Dream of Their Soulmate Recently?

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:11 AM
In the summer of '05, I dreamed that I was walking down my street in Southern Ohio at night. This wasn't too uncommon to be dreaming about, because at fifteen years old, I often took midnight walks to clear my head and be alone. However, in the dream, a car passed me. I didn't think much of it, but watched it warily in case drunken men decided to try to swerve to mess with me or catcall. The car slowed to a stop at the stop sign about fifty feet away, the red eyes of its brake lights glaring in my eyes. But the car didn't turn or go straight. Instead, I watched the driver's door open...

...and a man stepped out onto the pavement. He ducked to avoid hitting his head on the doorjamb, and rose out of the car. He turned, all five-feet-seven/eight/ten inches of him, and he turned to look at me. He didn't speak and he didn't move. He just watched me. He had long, black hair and his car was a black, two-door with a spoiler on the back. I've never saw a car that quite struck me as the same one.

Then, as we stared at each other, the man raised his arms in offering. My eyes widened in surprise, but then I felt an overwhelming sense of love and protection. I ran to him, no longer caring that he was a complete stranger or that it was midnight or that I could be brutally murdered or worse by the unknown man. Because I knew I wouldn't be - and not because it was a dream and I knew I was safe. Because I knew that this man was meant for me and would fight for me. This man would never hurt me.

I woke up after the dream smiling, thinking how nice it would be to have such sweet dreams all of the time. Rainbows and butterflies and whatnot. Just happy thoughts and feelings and ideas. I normally never dreamed or never remembered them, at least. So, when the dream recurred, I was surprised. Well, the dream didn't exactly recur - the man did.

In the next dream, we may have been on a beach, just walking, hand in hand. In another dream, I snuck into his car because he wouldn't take me with him. We stopped at a gas station and I remember getting a good inspection of the car. The seats were black suede/cotton or something. There was a leather-encased gearshift. There was a sunroof/moonroof. In another dream, the one I dream most, we are beneath a large tree of unknown genus. I look out to the horizon and see lush, green knolls rolling off into the distance. I see a winding, light-brown dirt path pass before our tree and snake off over the hills until it disappears. And Taro (most likely /not/ his real name - I just get tired of referring to him as "the guy with the long black hair" in my journal, lol) is always under the tree. Always.

So, beyond that I've been dreaming of a garden where I sit on a marble/stone bench before a fountain and wait for him. And then he's just there, beside me, and I feel completely at ease again. As though I was on edge the entire time I was waiting for him, and all my tension suddenly drains once he arrives.

I know this is real. I just want to know if anyone else felt any kind of connection with someone in the astral and, if so, may I please have your account? Though I understand if it's too personal.
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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by LostGirl3612

Dear LostGirl3612,

Yes, you are not alone in knowing that we can have that type of love. There was a young lady and though we never spoke about it, knew that I would never allow her to be harmed. We did not even belong within the same circles; but, she knew it. One day I was informed that someone had threatened her and that they were both nearby (same school), I grabbed a baseball bat and went to discuss the issue with whoever it was as I didn't know who. I had not gotten 100 feet (and she did not know that I knew what had occurred) when she met me to stop me. I never figured out how she knew what was on my mind. The opposite is also true, at a later date she had to do something that separated us as did I, she looked in my eyes and I knew that she was incapable of ever intending me harm.

I do hope this is responsive to your question. Not a dream, reality; but, you asked if others had the same feeling and my answer is yes. In a time when relationships are considered to be fragile and weak, when they are considered only valuable if we get more than we give, when love is disposable, I still believe in soul mates. My wife of 25 years left me for another man and I still believe in love. She was not the woman I referenced in my explanation, that was another; but, I did love my wife and offered to reconcile even after the adultery she committed. I have been with one woman in my life. I will wait to see the one that is my soulmate again, so yes, I do believe in true love. Be well.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by AQuestion

That's beautiful... Thank you for sharing that with me. I'll keep that knowledge close to me when I'm feeling down or lonely now. I hope that girl comes back to you and I hope you'll live the rest of your lives together in happiness and peace. God bless. :"-)

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:46 AM
Yes I dream of her almost every night.After 30+ years and many other of them being the mother of my beloved daughter.I still dream of her almost every night.

Keep gitt'n up bro...

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 01:01 AM
Whenever I was a teenager, I was walking across the lobby of our gym during intermission at a basket ball game. It was then, I saw him. Our eyes locked and I knew I would never be the same just having looked into his. He smiled at me and I just knew I had to know who he was. I had never felt such an unbelievable bond to anyone. I asked around, and finally got his name. He was asking about me as well, unbeknownst to me.
We managed to get together to talk a time or two, and then we ended up going our separate ways. However, it always comes back to him. At different points in my life, he has been there. We rarely have spoken, but I just get this wonderful feeling when he is near, like all is all right and I am cared for. Sometimes I dream about him. It feels like a love that trancends all love. Somehow, I know that he feels it too. I can sense it deep in my soul. I hope someday for our lives to intersect for all time.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by Komaratzi11

Dear Komaratzi,

Keep the faith, I have a friend, he was married five time, well sort of. He remarried his first wife at his fifth marriage. I don't know how to count that, four wives and five marriages. He told me he always knew who his soulmate was but that they weren't able to work the details until many years had passed. I have another way of describing this. With Uranium, in order to analyze how it will react, they had the "tickle test", you bring two things together and see how they react, you them keep them apart until the time is right, it is time for a nuclear explosion. How could one know that another is truly their soulmate if they had not been separated and seen all those that were not. In teaching people how to spot forgeries, you teach them how a real dollar is made, then you show them all that are not real, once you know the real you can easily spot the false. Be well.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 02:20 AM
I don't dream that much anymore but I do think of her daily.

I have her phone number and e-mail and can contact her any time I want.

That was a longtime ago,we were married to others but we realized that we each had been searching for each other but found others to marry that were not a true soul mate.

We both were actually supposed to meet four years BEFORE the first time we actually did.

Before we met the ones we both married.

A mutual friend had gave me her name because she was moving and I had a truck and I went to her place looking for her and she was not there.

I attempted to find her where she had gone to but I was not even sure what she even looked like.

Four years later, I was told a new person was coming to work for me.

Her last name was different because she was now married.

We shared an office and one day we were talking a realized that we had a mutual friend.

Then it came to me that she was the woman I had went to find that night.

Over the two years we worked together we both realized we had more than work interest in each other.

She and her family moved to almost the other side of the world.

In a moment of "madness" and longing I sat and composed a very long letter to her telling her my true

feelings for her and explaining it in the most rational way I could that she was my soul mate.

It was not a sexual,physical thing but a "knowing" thing.

I never lusted for her but just slowly realized that is was true love for her.

One soul loving another.

Weeks later the phone rang at work and it was her calling.

Everything I had said she told me she felt the same way!

That was 25 years ago.

She is the only person that I know when she says"I love you",it comes from her soul.

I hope and wish that everyone finds their soul mate someday.
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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 09:28 PM
i never dream of my soulmate but i every years i always dream of this girl i used to like ah long time ago back in the 7th grade (1995)

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 09:52 PM
Interesting post. To answer your question, not lately. But when I was around 5-6 I did have a vivid dream I've never forgotten of running around a jungle island with a girl that apparently I was madly in love with. I say this, because I woke up from the dream feeling I had lost someone very important and I was beside myself with grief and love for this person. Years later, I still wonder at the emotional capacity of a child that young to have a dream like that. This was a romantic love, something I didn't understand at all when it occured.

I'm on the fence about soulmates though. We meet people who change our lives in different ways. I'm not sure anyone is destined to be with anyone, but we've all heard those weird stories.. especially where synchronicity is involved (I have a doozie already posted elsewhere here).. you know, like in that movie Serendipity. There are some strange true stories about love out there. Never know. At least in my case, I'd love to be wrong.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 03:00 AM
I remember when we put our pet cat to sleep, later I awoke seeing her in the dream world - and later I remember her spirit following me and occasionally being lost. Then, I went back into time to the time when her frozen body was about to be engulfed by the incineratior, and I remember collecting or consuming her soul - since that day her soul has been combined with my consciousess - and her second home in the afterlife is the space of my consciousness - occasionally she visits and animates my body, sees through my eyes and often attempts to groom me or tend to my astral wounds.

For this reason I summise that if we love our parents or others that we have lost, there will be a happy place for them in the afterlife because we create a positive realm for them in our collective consciousness.

In terms of the creation of a soulmate, the zone of awareness has to be at the level of the atman, or absolute consciousness - a merging of the timelines that attributes towards ones self to the extent that it cannot be erased from history - thus, all our ancestors are bound to our souls as oversouls, as well as individuals whom lives we have saved or whom we have cared deeply enough to have connected on the level of pure consciousness.
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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 03:18 AM
The latest dream/nightmare I had, was with a girl who I kissed a long time ago, not really my soulmate but sometimes it feels like it but i doubt it cause she's a model now
. the dream starts off we are going down in an elevator together holding hands, she is leaning in and cuddling, it's a very tall tower it seems to take awhile for us to get down to the bottom floor but we get there. We are in a school. She has to go do something while I eat in the cafeteria,
I end up walking down one of the halls. I turn into the classroom and she is decapitated in a transparent tub..

I walk out of classroom and there is a blue eyed blonde haired woman with a devlish look, black shadows around her eyes.
She whips an axe at me and severs my thumb, I tell a brunette/black haired girl to run for help, I remember chasing her, she runs down some stairs, but I "float jump" like moon gravity. Duck under a rail like it's nothing, really bizarre kind of deal, people are astonished like it was impossible, which it was.

By far one of the weirdest dreams i've ever had. The ones where you feel. I felt love, pain, confusion, relief and sorrow.
Woke up feeling like dreams are a reality we slowly learn in. and it's not the first time i've dreamt feeling in love with someone, theres been a couple. The feeling is so intense.
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