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Pandering or straight talk, which is better?

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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 12:56 PM
I posted a response Silent Thunder's post about the first video below. My response ended up on the fourth page of responses and asked people to compare the video of Obama addressing La Raza to "An Urgent and Crucial Massage From Ron Paul". I felt watching this comparison was too striking and too important to be left for a fourth page of replies to a post unrelated to my point.

So this is my first new thread, and before the bashing begins for my being a Ron Paul supporter I would like to add this caveat. If Dick Cheney - well bad example... Ok, if Hillary Clinton had a video where she spoke this honestly and said plainly that we need to end the Federal Reserve Bank, her video would be the second one listed below. By the same token if Richard Milhouse Nixon rose from the grave and spoke this plainly said we need to end the Fed, his would be the second video listed below.

I am, in fact, presently for Ron Paul for 2012 even though from what I have heard he does not propose govt. regulation of the huge now multi-national corporations which are presently having their way with our Congress for small campaign contributions and gratuities. (Small compared the vast profits the corporations gain from the legislation they purchased!)

Will Ron Paul, if elected, try to abolish the Fed? I do not know. Can Ron Paul, if elected, succeed in abolishing the Fed? I do not know. Can Ron Paul live through either effort? I sure hope so, but I do not know that either. I do know that we need to put all effort we can towards this one paramount goal.

I too was outraged at the 911 travesty that our Government said was true, despite the fact that the official story ignored several laws of physics and ignored more evidence than it considered. For those of you too young to remember the Warren Commission, the 911 Commission might as well have just said Lee Harvey Oswald did it, because the conclusion of the two Commissions was the only difference between the way they operated. But the similarity does not end there. Like the Assassination of JFK, we will never have an answer to the 911 betrayal by the Cheney/Bush administration - did I get that backward? No, guess not - instead we will waste our energies with a distraction while the Government picks our bones clean and removes the gold fillings from our teeth to fight an enemy (terrorist) which they created themselves.

So watch and compare the two videos and see what you think. More importantly see how they make you feel!
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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 01:16 PM
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