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Contaminant found in Duncan water wells

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by DustbowlDebutante

yea i found that link at around 3am this morning but didn't have enough energy to post, it was quittin' time. . .

as far as the doctors go, i'd go to comanche memorial or somewhere outside of stephens county. . . as i mentioned earlier in this post, duncan reginal is shoddy at best

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by lurker007

I've stayed in that hospital twice. The first time, I got excellent care. The second time, when I gave birth to my son in the fancy shmancy new "birthing center", I didn't get any care at all once the baby was out. Sucked, dude. My ex-husband and I used to joke that DRH's slogan should be: 'Duncan Regional: Killing more people than cancer.' LOL.

Back on topic, I think you are very right in that these folks should go out of town for this health screening. I don't know that Lawton is even far enough - there are too many doctors with offices in both towns.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 07:15 PM
Ok so here's an update. . . a late one, but still newer info than before

In an interview with The Banner, Prestidge said the number of wells tested have now risen to over 200 and there has been positive perchlorate readings in “about 92 wells.” The Environmental Protection Agency has established 15 parts per billion of perchlorate as a maximum standard on its guidelines for the presence of perchlorate in water.

“Right now,” Prestidge said, “there are 26 wells that are above 15 parts per billion in our testing, and those are all within one-half mile of the (Halliburton) property. The highest concentrations are adjacent to the property at Fifth and Osage.”

Most wells are testing under the EPA standard, Prestidge said, many being in the range of 1 or 2 parts per billion. As an example of the volume of 1 part per billion, he noted, “We’ve anecdotally said that if you put together about four of the (Duncan) city pools like the one in Fuqua Park, and you put one drop (of perchlorate) out of an eye dropper, that is one part per billion.”

Duncan Banner article Aug 15 2011

and a more recent article from the duncan banner explains the two step process to correcting this issue. . . first step is temporary water lines, to all homes on well-water in the area, affected or not, which would take 4-6 weeks according to the article . . . . the second phase would be to install permanent lines to residents in the area but will take 6+ months to complete.

and in the same article, it mentions that Halliburton is researching to find out exactly WHEN they became aware of the contamination. . . .the earliest document found thus far was from 1988

The project began in 1965 and ended in 1991, but there’s been difficulty in finding documents about testing during some of that period. At the public meeting, Prestidge said, “We’re still searching for records from that time period, but we have found a 1988 document that indicated perchlorate was discovered (at the project site).

“That document was presented at that time to the Oklahoma State Department of health, and (Halliburton) installed a synthetic liner on the (project site) pond in 1989, which is what was suggested.

Duncan Banner article Aug 19th 2011

and the most recent article from the Duncan Banner talks about the law firm Weitz & Luxenberg speaking about public info . . .

Consultant Bob Bowcock talked to the crowd about the direction of the water flow from the source and how tests conducted on behalf of the law firm have positive results for perchlorate in water wells tested on the west side of U.S. Highway 81.

Bowcock pronounced the Fifth and Osage site as having the highest measurable amount of perchlorate in water wells than anywhere in the world.

Duncan Banner article Sept 28th 2011

So apparently people's wells were affected both West and East of 81 . . . originally I thought it was just west but that seems to not be the case
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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by Pervius
You know how Camp Lejeune's polluted water is a big issue because it poisoned alot of Marines and their families?

Obama's Federal EPA is issuing DOD a waiver this year for the TCE in the bottom of the Guam Water Table.

And the US Marines will be moving to Guam and will be drinking/showering in it with their kids.

Atleast Obama waivered the TCE.....why doesn't he waiver the TCE at Camp Lejeune?

A lot of Navy guys used PURE cleaning solvent(or not so pure because it had been sold to the navy and was recycled product)TCE on a daily bases to clean parts and equipment.
We absorbed in though our skin and from the fumes in enclosed spaces and in many cases even sailors that did not work with TCE but worked in spaces around where it was used were exposed to much more then the marines at Camp Lejeune.

Sign the Petition
copy and paste to your browser. to go direct or your will have to sort through all the petitions.!/petition/investigate-long-term-health-problems-veterans-used-trichloroethylene-during-there-service-military/t yZ1kKJy?
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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 02:06 AM
Water pollution is a very serious, because he is moving, so should strengthen the management of some measures to solve these problems

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