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Changing User Name?

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posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 09:06 PM
I want to change my user name.
Can we change our user name?

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 09:11 PM
Short Answer: Nope

Grrr...I guess TOO short...

posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 03:56 AM
Long Answer: Nope

ATS is based on the XMB message board code, which uses a members username as their member ID in the database. Changing a username is just too iffy and too much of a hassle. Whats wrong with your current username?

posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 07:41 AM
I wanted to do the same thing when I started here. I Got the same answer too.

I just counted my loses and signed up again.

If your willing to give up your 90 post history and your 1935 points, just register a new membership.

Anyways, I think your name's pretty cool.
I've seen worse.

posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 05:40 PM
Just stick with your name. Cant chnage it.

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