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ALIENS & UFOs ATS Forum Ranks # 2 for most Threads & Posts to date!

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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 03:01 AM
Get Your Stats Here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

This bit of data won't mean alot of things to alot of people, especially to those who ever post on this particular form; however, to those of us who DO/HAVE posted on. I think it makes a HUGE difference when looking and thinking about the statics.

34,770 Threads & 861,452 posts to be exact~!

As I was trolling the forum section to see what forum I want to check out next, the # of threads on this particular forum caught my eye and after a couple of seconds I noticed no other forum except for Breaking Alternative News was the only one that actually topped at 50,000 threads and strongly securing the #2 spot by 236,180 posts and 7275 threads from the #3 spot.

I said to myself 'No way!" went to the statistics and I was actually shocked to see such high numbers ; to be honest, I didn't expect this forum to crack the 10k mark and never thought to actually check the statistics until today. So being a little shocked at the numbers these 2 particular subjects I was wondering why the numbers would be so high, especially when what is going on in the world with global disasters and whatnot.

Taking a minute to think about it, it's the second most talked about and second most discussed subject out of all the members of all time; 8 years and still running.

Now, to me, when someone asked me the question...

"You don't really believe in all that UFO stuff, do ya?"

I can point to this site, show them the statistics and say...

"sure I do, but what you need to ask yourself is, do you think that all these members (236,420 accounts) over 9 years don't really believe it either and it's all just lights and hoaxes; OR is there really something out there that is truely unexplainable?"

This is one time I can truely let the numbers speak for themselves. Thank you ATS!

To the ATS management and it's members: You and I might not always agree with each other, but, apparently we do have a strong opinions on this one subject, whether they're for or against.

It's not about I'm right and your wrong, it's about truth, and the pursuit thereof. Without this site taking a risk on such a controversial subject, I'm not so sure if any one site could have really impacted the the minds of it's readers.

But that's just my opinion now isn't?


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