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NASA's WISE Mission Finds First Trojan Asteroid Sharing Earth's Orbit

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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by rainyday

Any position in Earth's orbit other than the L4 and L5 points is unstable. No object would remain there.

I see. Thank you for clarifying this. The wiki page makes more sense then my old text book. Go figure.

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 11:11 AM

Originally posted by PurpleDog UK
Do you know What.............???

It's just one big game of MARBLES !!!!


Hhhmm marbles??? Now there's an idea.
What if the said Trojan marble was extracted from an Earth mother marble by the gravitational pull of the Moon marble in a time when earth's gravity was starting to weaken and the moon was much closer... say 200 million years ago? What if the Trojan marble then impacted the moon marble on its way into its current orbit?
Where on Earth did the Trojan marble exit? Possibly at a place that's approximately the same diameter as the Trojan. The weakest gravitational spot on earth.

Use the bar below the image to rotate the Geode to the dark blue area. The only 1000 klm dark blue spot there is on Earth. Could this have been the reason behind the accelerated passage of the land mass, now located North of the gravitational anomaly from its previous location near the Antarctic land mass? I wonder ! What gave India that jet boost across the Indian Ocean?

Oh well its an idea/theory I've been visually playing with since I first saw that Geode and heard about the Trojan.
It also has a sense of the mythic virgin birth and a possible return of the son. I think I recall reading somewhere that there is a myth that the earth had given birth to a core type structure far back in the past.

A 1000 klm Trojan.

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