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The Ghost Here

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posted on Apr, 1 2003 @ 12:32 PM
Just found this out the other day~
We got stationed here in Okinawa- Kadena Air base- in June 2002, we were given the choice of either living on or off base. We chose to live off base. We searched what seems like forever until we found the "right" house. It was a beautiful 2 story, old, very Japanese style home all wood floors and tatami mats, rice paper doors everywhere, that slid open to new rooms. I fell in love! So we moved in. With my husband working the graveyard shift, me and my 2 year old daughter spent most nights alone in this big house. Our neighbors were somewhat friendly yet aloof, which seems to be the norm for most Okinawan people towards us Americans. Plus noone around seemed to speak much english and my Okinawan language at that point was very limited.
Anyway, the first night there the silliest thing happen. My daughters one and only sippy cup just disappeared(she would not sleep without it) so I searched frantically everywhere for it, thinking who would steal a sippy cup?!! The next week her favorite talking Elmo came up missing(which I was somewhat elated at that) he talked far too much for me lol! Then something very strange happen.. she came downstairs one night and told me she wanted to sleep on the couch, I said no you have to go back up to your room and sleep, and proceeded to take her when she said no mommy, the people scare me! I said what people? She went off on a different subject then and I kind of blew it off? Then night after night it became routine for her to wake up and refuse to sleep in her room. One evening I asked her to go play upstairs in her room and she flat said no, mommy I don't like the little girl, she cries. Well I got chills allover and asked her what little girl? She said, the "katelynn girl" ( which was the name of our friends little 1&1/2 year old) I was extremely spooked at this point. So I no longer made her sleep in her room. Infact because the electricity here is Outrageous, we all made beds downstairs so we only were running one air conditioner.
Then I began to hear things, I would hear voices upstairs in the middle of the night. One night before just falling asleep I was startled awake at what sounded like furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs. I jumped up and flung through the house turning on all lights! I worked at the vet clinic and took home a stray cat one day, which our dogs tormented, so I made her a place upstairs to eat and sleep and such. She would not eat or use the litter box, so I took her back to vet thinking she was ill, she wasn't. She wouldn't even sleep up there, she slept on the stairs. Once I moved everything downstairs for her she was fine. This is when it really dawned on me that the house was haunted. Our dogs wouldn't even go up there ever?
Well needless to say, we moved on base after living there for about 4 months. We told all our friends the things that happened there and they agreed it was probably haunted as well.
Well a couple of days ago, it was confirmed, when some friends of ours were eating dinner with a friend who is a rental agent here. They told her they were interested in finding a house the same size as ours, and they explained where it was to see if she knew which house they were talking about, when the woman said, you had friends living there?? "That house is haunted! "A little girl died in that house!" "And none of the Okinawans will live in it." The natives here believe very much in spirits of the dead. There are even roads that they will not travel at night due to the death involved there.
My friends jaws of course dropped when she said this to them. When they told me, my jaw dropped. Then I became kind of PO'd that we weren't told this in the beginning before we rented it! Many times when I would pay the rent, I would mention somewhat to the effect that we thought the house was haunted, and they never said a word! Yet they all knew! Grrr!! Well this is my haunted house story and I just wanted to share it with you. If anyone would like to share something haunted that happened to them, I'd love to hear about it

Can you imagine the things we would have seen and heard if we still lived there? Now it makes sense why such a nice house is rented out to only us Americans.


posted on Apr, 1 2003 @ 01:09 PM

What a story.. I wouldn't have lasted 4 months for sure.. my wife and daughter I am sure would have left in a day or so..

Here's my story (not as good as yours, nor as spooky as the dream I posted in the wrong forum).. anyways

This happened 11 years ago. We had just returned to our home after attending my wife's mother's funeral. She died relatively young from lung cancer and it was a shock for all of us. My daughter atb the time was 3 years old. Anyways, when we got home I had went into the basement to do some electronics work (hobby) and my wife was in the bathroom. At that point the phone rang and my 3 year old daughter answered it. I ran upstais and asked her who was on the phone. She said grandma, I asked her if it were my mom and she said, no grandma Mary (the one that had passed). I of course, being the cynic, smirked and asked her what she had said.....

She told me (and my wife) that jesus was coming. WOW, this floored us as we never go to church and had never taken my daughter to church after her baptism.. Still get goose bumps.


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