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NSA Lawyer Questioned Over Cellphone Location Tracking of Americans.

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:24 PM

NSA Lawyer Questioned Over Cellphone Location Tracking of Americans.

Is the government using cellular data to track Americans as they move around the U.S.? According to the general counsel of the National Security Agency, it may have that authority.

There are certain circumstances where that authority may exist,” he said....
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:25 PM
mmm-hmm. "Certain circumstances." I like that one.

It is, of course, no news to most of ATS that all sorts of things go on with communications monitoring, some public and some not. And of course most of us know that the trendy hunk of plastic in your pocket moght be keeping a pretty good record of your every move. Put two and two together and whatddaya get? A survalience state where people willingly and even eagerly clamor to buy their own high-tech ankle bracelets.

But it's nice to get official confirmation straight from the horse's mouth, as it were. The admissions came during in response to questions from Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall of Colorado.
(visit the link for the full news article)
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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:42 PM
I have also heard from some good sources that it is possible for others to listen in on what the phones microphone is picking up as well. I am not fully sure about all the technicalities and limitations with this, but something to be aware of.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:50 PM
This should be neither surprising, nor new, to anyone who reads the news.

Hell, my wife's blackberry records the location of the pictures she takes!

Up to something nefarious? Perhaps you shouldnt use a normal cell phone.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 03:38 PM
Do you read the Terms of Use before you visit a website/ install an App or software? Or do you check off the box that says "I accept" and move on? I know for a fact a lot of Apps on all phone platforms are very sneaky about what they collect.

Otherwise they would charge $50 for what they charge $1. But business collecting it and the Government Collecting are two different things.

No doubt in my mind that the technology is there to monitor anyone with a cell phone.The problem that they would have is the amount of data collected. Then think about storage for the data, even for a month.

But it wouldn't be hard for the Govt to say, "Hey AT&T give all the data you have on user X" and then for them to pass it over. Or the App makers or Apple/ Google.

Do no evil, my buttocks.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 09:20 PM
I would think that solving major crime is as important as preventing terrorism and in that vein of thought I feel that the capability that NSA possesses, could do much more for society than what it is being currently used for and in my opinion, solving major crimes could be aided by such NSA GPS tracking information capabilities.

The NSA's ability to track cellphone locations by means of GPS markers is a capability that has been around for longer than the public can imagine. With the advent of new cellphone technologies and with the adjustment to how cellphones are manufactured, such changes in manufacturing, now allow for all cellphones to be tracked and much more.

I mention this fact, so that I can better explain my posting.

Such NSA tracking can encompass not just GPS location markers, but can "historically" show on any map, every physical location, every address, every phone and the exact name of neighbors located in all locations monitored by such tracking technologies. Names and address are just for starters.

Such collected and stored digital data, also has the capability to do much more that the public is not made aware of, and it is those added capabilities that we the public should consider whenever we hear that the NSA has GPS tracking capability and that they are tracking Americans in the name of fighting and preventing terrorism.

While GPS tracking of cellphones is a starter, then can also record voice and sounds from the microphone and the cellphone camera without anyone's knowledge. While these capabilities are viewed as a urgent requirement for supposed national security, I contend that the same technology that is currently being misused for national security and the Patriot Act has the additional means to help solve major criminal actions such as major murders or major crimes.

I will provide an example and offer some discussion.

When anyone famous like the recent rock star Amy Wineheart died under mysterious circumstances, her death and also the death of Michael Jackson could have been investigated much more thoroughly if such technologies were allowed to determine if someone was indeed secretly murdered or in fact if they committed suicide by just looking into this GPS tracking feature that the NSA alludes to.

Knowing that all cell phones can be tracked and viewed on a map showing all locations, times etc. etc, it is this feature that if applied to major murders could help to identify murder from suicide and or natural causes. It could also identify witnesses and those in a close proximity to a crime.

This proximity feature is the one feature that is kept from the public's knowledge, because I fear it is used to identify those that could potentially harm some covert activity or illegality that they prefer to keep secret.

Such secret data could identify anyone who was in the vicinity of a major crime and if such criminals in government want to keep evil secrets, this is where they know who will sink them and this is how I fear these proximity witnesses get identified for assassination and or become typical federal witness suicides or accidents by being loose ends that such criminals would move to eliminate them before becoming legal witnesses to a major insider federal crime.

Such a secret and covert crime fighting capability would allow the NSA, any Law enforcement, FBI, DHS and others if they so chose to do so,the ability to see not only the GPS locators of the cell phones being tracked of say Amy Wineheart or Michael Jackson's cell phones, but it could also list every name, every cellphone, that came and went, before, during and after the crime or that was in the vicinity of the crime. Others like for instance, personal doctors, managers, lovers, drug dealers, pizza delivery guys, candy grams, escorts, family and friends, etc.etc.

Such technologies would allow investigators to see all the cell phones GPS markers that came in and out of a physical location and could either confirm reports of the victim being alone with no visitors prior to being found dead or confirm they were murdered by just looking at the GPS location and then comparing cellphone GPS markers to see if perhaps someone came and went without being seen by determining cellphone proximity association.

Another recent case is the Brooklyn murder of the young boy. I contend that by viewing such GPS cellphone tracking information on a map, investigators would be able to know every person the killer called and even if he didn't call anyone, any cell phone anywhere near the murder scene would be identified.

Such GPS tracking capability would secretly show all cellphone owners being present or nearby and in such a use of such technologies, all guilty parties could then be duly arrested for the crime being investigated and would I feel help to explain in an investigative manner why 3 butcher knives and a cutting board were found in the refrigerator, with only one killer under arrest.

This technology has many benefits to society, but if NSA is the only agency that has the means to determine such factual findings in major murders or crime, then at present we are improperly using such NSA capabilities because it is not being used to solve crime in the manner I have described. Such GPS cellphone tracking data capabilities could provide much more to someone who understands that such data can reveal much more than just owners name and address.

Such NSA technological capability has the ability to support solving major crime and I for one hope that such technologies would be used on all federal officials to determine their criminality if any and or their complicit involvement in any conspiracy to commit crimes against the American populations.

Fighting corruption would be a great use in my view, but I fear this is exactly why only the NSA has such a capability. They don't want anyone to know more than they currently know and that I find is what is wrong with this NSA use of such cellphone tracking data.

While I hope this posting is understood for the emphasis on crime fighting that it could do, such a new law enforcement tool would indeed help bring to justice those that need to be arrested and not just the few, but the many guilty others that need to be arrested for their criminal actions.

Such a tool is currently available to the NSA, but it should not be kept from those other agencies that could use such a technological look into the data of cellphones in order to help fight crime and bring real justice back to the people.

Thanks for the thread. I hope I have provided some additional food for thought regarding such new and impressive NSA cellphone tracking technologies.

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