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i think im evolving- physical changes must readf!!!!! also dream recollection from past dreams

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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 01:06 PM
just spoke to my mother who displays very good senses with her nose and gut, anyway asked her about the whole frequency feeling different feeling lighter, also feeling of an expectation of something to come,

the conversation with my mother is no painful to me as i recall it, because i feel since i started changing im becoming more my true self and we both sense it.

I told her that i may flee to nepal, and if she wants to come illl help pay for anything.

The situation is getting more and more surreal

Its actually happening look outside dont let any thoughts enter your head just observe, observe for a while nature will tell you itself that something is changing.

Also today in uk the sun was really high in sky at 10am and remnained in the sky untill late 6pm untill covered by clouds really strange

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 02:35 PM
There are some other threads in here that talk about the sun and its unusual locations. I personally noticed the sun being way more north in the morning than it has ever been. I think I'm grabbing the handlebars and getting ready for a wild ride!

By the way, do you feel these changes that are coming are good or bad?

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by occy30

im uncertain i dont know what to do, i feel the uk is not safe but i feel like evolution makes sense or somethng not extintion
wot u think

thoughts have stopped running in my mind im always taken aback by the world around me now

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by Felicia4444
Ok brief back ground:
uK FEMALE 20. As a child ran away from places fearless, adventurous and also having a strange profound love feeling for the orient. Always having a big attachment to dreams since childhood of which i spent 4 years in a very dark sick horrific dream zone. Dreams are beyond our explanation at some levels.
Had many upon many strange concicidences happen, also if my friends were to say something about me they would say im strange as in i look like a normal ish girl but everything about me is so out of place nothing can be grouped and also im impulsive and constantly reinventing myself both inside and outside. I also think i may have been an area 731 victim in my past life.

Ive been reading ats for over 6 months now but never made a thread.
Now things are happening to me and i cant find much on the web. Its effecting me that much all im doing is meditating and re searching on the pc.

Dream life regression:
All my life i have had vivid recollections of my dream, most days as i start to wake up i realize i am dreaming and sometimes re-enter the dream conciouss, this got addictive at one point when i was 16, to the point that i was sleeping for days not caring at all about my waking life.
But recently like say over the past year, at moments, any moments no specific reason i will recall a dream i had at a very very young ages. The dream world at this age is nothing of description it something experienced with a human body but nothing about it is 'earthly' and its indescribable, i have a feeling that the different ages i was and the dreams i had were on different planes or dimensions im not sure.

Now i can practically concentrate on remember a dream maybe think of a past one that i remembered recently and somehow a dream i had sometime near that will suddenly come into my head. The big deal is: I have an element of control over it, because im demanding to see it.

My mind for the most part is free from thought.

Thoughts are there but im certainly not using my brain like i used to. I feel very aware of everything around me , and can only seem to function day by day, planning is next to impossible as i just want to follow how i feel on that day. I have experienced ego death and i would have to do a separate post really but basically we are all one entities having different experiences. I think
A few weeks before my mind became free i was experiencing weird feelings in my brain sometimes painful. Now my brain feels weird. YEP WEIRD. Its making me abit paranoid to say the least.

When i first opened the door to phykedellic experience , it was relief because it was like that feeling i had as a child just desperatly waiting to see the magic i knew was there. My intuition got stronger. I live in a house with lots of messed up 20 somethings when i was sixteen. Long story short.
I saw him one morning i can feel my gut is screaming at me something is really wrong with adam. I ask him if he is ok, he doesn't want to talk etc theres alot of background but im trying to keep to the point. anywho he wont come out of his house, at my house there are about 11 of us all squatting in a 3 bed house adam would not answer his phone that day or his house, i kept saying to everyone that something is very wrong and he looked seriously upset this morning, everyone said he is attention seeking etc and didnt want to care about him quite frankly, i go to the bathroom when im overcome with strong feelings of emotion and a certainty that hes dead, i mean at the moment it was like it had already happened and as if i accepted it within. I broke down and screamed at the ppl i lived with to break into his house.
When we did , we found him dead. He had hung himself.
This was one of my first truths, because when we found him i was compleatly numb in shock and regressing the past moments before we discovered him.

Living unconsciously:
Its like ive just woken up because everyday life isnt physically or physiologically the same anymore.
Everything i say and do is much slower and im more attuned to it. I feel people emotions its embarrassingly easy to read and unfortunately because i am a light being and dont have much ego my emotions are always open and honest too.
My friends call me lulu pan, they say im an old soul who never grows up. My behavior and actions have been reduced to somewhat childlike in there innocence and expression in the moment.
I have no motives but to have fun, help people, be relaxed, doing something fun oh wait i just said that.

You know the space between everything that existes (the air?) well i can constantly see speckles like invisible ones and its getting stronger to the point where im tripping out.
SDeriously what the hell is happening to me im anxious to move forward and also find poeple experiencing the same things i know my post literature wize is crappy but i just needed to quickly get some things out and i will build on it from there.

-diet: im only eating to fuel my body, 'bad foods' disinterest me
-most of the time my mind is blank and i find myself just staring and then the thought comes 'why are you not thinking?'
- I can discifer peoples emotion states like you can tell if the water is hot or cold.
- My brain is experiencing strange feelings in my head and the profound urge to meditate or do nothing
- when im with people my ego doesn't work and its not even that ive actually lost every will i had to care about it.
- i dont care about anything anymore , all you have is the moment and its all your existence is
- I 'know' when i die i become my true self in the dream galaxy.
-my hearing and sight seems somewhat more focused
- What ever i am believing is sometimes instantly sometimes slowly manifesting but not in the way like a shamen i cant conjure things!! (not yet...)

Anyway in essence of all of this my old life is completely meaningless im fleeing to Nepal Tibet to do whatever. I actually dont care i dont know why but just to meditate for about a year i think i have to i cant function here in the uk. If anyone wants to join me please contact me. The plan is spiritual freedom in the himalayas and if SHYTF IN 2012 then we have best bets on a safe spot too.

Thanks for reading go easy on me guys this was not the best i could of done but all im capable to do now with this new mindset, i find it hard to concentrate on one thing for perdiods of times and to then organise it, hold onto the thoughts thats also difficult and even understand what im thinking . OMG im so confused!!!


I'm SUPER sorry that I'm quoting your entire first post and I'm about to go off on a long ass post and I'm just going to start typing and w/e comes out comes out so I'm sorry if it seems confusing/ hard to follow...

But I HAVE to reach out to you. You and I are one and the same... just reading through your post stimulated that hidden consciousness and I could feel parts of my brain literally pulsating... It's a hard feeling to explain. How do you tell people that you can physically feel parts of your brain tingling or pulsating??? I like to think of it as the feeling when you switch from one set of brainwaves to another but perhaps it could even be something way more deep and profound.

Reading about your dreams and power of recollection strikes me personally. As a little kid, I used to have the vividest of dreams and I used to get lost in "the dream world". I def used to lucid dream a lot as a child and as a teen and the line between reality and dream has created a blurr over certain parts of my childhood. Did I ever really know or interact with that person? Did I really go out and do that? Or was that a lucid or vivid dream and that memory has stuck with me ever since and I've accepted it as reality???

This has just started happening recently, but I can be doing any day to day trivial activity and randomly out of no where I get a surge in my head and I can recollect bits and pieces of dreams I used to have 10+ years ago... and I start going over the bits and pieces in my head and I can recall more and more details from the dream(s).

Your ability to recieve and recall premonitions again is another thing close to my heart. Long story short, hours before the Japan Quake this year I was literally awoken by the shaking and shrieks of a dream I had. It was no regular dream... and the screams really disturbed me. So much so that I broke my silence with my mother and spoke to her for about 2 hours about this strange dream I had when I hadn't spoken to her for about 5+ months. She was the only one home at the time and the feeling that I had was so strong that my bitter fued with my mother didn't even matter. I went to bed that night and a few hours later was awoken by my dog who was crying. Went to the comp and 2 minutes later went on to google and saw the little bulletin on the bottom for the tsunami warning issued for japan after the 9.0 quake! I have never felt so breathless in my life and when I turned on the TV I was having trouble breathing because I was so choked up, coughing just trying to gasp for air it awoke both my mother and father. When my mom realized the magnitude of the situation she broke down crying as I was already in tears just from the emotional and physical shock of everything. Actually, it was because of this moment that I eventually stumbled across ATS and joined to try and see if anybody here could make sense of my "experience".

I've been plagued with deja vu since a child. They come and go... sometimes a couple times a week. Sometimes a few times within a single day. Sometimes I'll get one every couple of months. But I've always had deja vu. I could be having a conversation with people and I can recall the deja vu/memory of the conversation. Sometimes the perspective doesn't match up correctly 100%, but the gist of things always does. What I mean about that is in my deja vu I'll recall that I heard the exact same phrase, word for word, coming out of the same persons mouth, but in the deja vu/recollection I'd be sitting in a different position, or doing something different where as in reality my physical perspective is different because I'd actually be facing the person who I'm in dialogue with or partaking in another activity. Also, there have been moments in my life when I SHOULD have been gravely hurt, or gotten into a really bad scuffle or something but I'll get deja vu and I avoid stepping into the situation all together so I avoid the negativity. Also, this used to happen to me when I was in grade 7 and 8 a lot, but I could be indoors or outdoors, walking around and I'd hear wind chimes out of no where... and always the same little jingle. I know what you're saying... what do I mean by "it was always the same jingle"?. Well, all windchimes make noise, but the quality is different depending many different factors that contribute to the sound that it produces. But I KNOW it was always the same set of wind chimes because I have a really good ear. Actually all my senses are heightened.

I have really good eyes, artistically and physiologically. I SHOULD have horrible hearing since I listen to music on FULL blast, yet when I'm chilling in the backyard at night with some friends enjoying the good company/conversation, in the midst of everything I can pick up the faintest of sounds off in the distant. I can randomly break out into song and people will stop talking and everyone will listen closely and surely, off in the distance the song I'm singing or rapping to is playing and everyone will be like "Wtf how the hell could hear that when we were all yelling?". I have REALLY good sense of smell and taste and I'm really ticklish so I guess I have heightened sense of feeling as well.

There used to be moments in my past (I haven't experienced this in a long time) when I'd walk into a room or be doing something and I'd go blank and it would be as if my mind was reset or I was being channeled by somebody not of this world or reality and I could feel their confusion. Like, I would just trip out and be like "woah, look at the physical composition of that surface" and I'd have these thoughts running through my mind like "how did they change the molecules and stuff to turn it into that?"

There's been a huge change within me over the last couple of months, on the level of paradigm shifting I would say. I've been getting more and more into meditations and upon even my first attempt to meditate, I've experienced some pretty surreal moments that are straight up out of this world... so I KNOW there's something else out there. I'm only 21, but I feel like I'm so far ahead of my self. Like decades if not centuries out. I'll have the craziest ideas or concepts pop into my head that I just shouldn't be having or privy to that I know could pan out into billion if not trillion dollar investments into the future and beyond. Things that could literally revolutionize reality and life as we know it.

A line from one of my favorite artists currently; I forget better sht than ya'll ever thought of.

I know my place/role in this life, but I'm still trying to put perspective on a "universal" scale... I know that was probably one of the most craziest statements you'll ever read, but I'm fairly confident that my mind will unlock questions and answers that others have not been able to answer, perceive or conceive.

I chose the name Nastradamus because of my love for Rap/Hip-Hop and for my interest in Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus). I feel that Nostradamus was like an individual much like myself. Centuries ahead of his time and he just had such an advanced and intimate understanding of how people/ the human race as a whole functioned currently and where it was heading. Being able to account and keep track of the uncountable amount of variables that influence human emotion and behaviour, psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology...with a great understanding of all these I believe Nostradamus was able to deduce his "prophecies".

Humans, which in turn means the human race, are actually quite predictable. Let "nature" take its course and everything is a "sure bet". Yet people still feel the need to intervene and interject their will onto the world all in the name of greed, lust, and power.

I could LITERALLY sit here and converse all night within this one post but there is just sooooo much to talk about I'll spare everyone who stumbles across this the pain.

I hope that you ride that cyclical wave of life/the universe and stay ahead of the curve to avoid the coming dangers while on your journeys and that you arrive at your destination (physical and mental) in one piece...

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 07:08 AM

Originally posted by Felicia4444
reply to post by occy30

im uncertain i dont know what to do, i feel the uk is not safe but i feel like evolution makes sense or somethng not extintion
wot u think

thoughts have stopped running in my mind im always taken aback by the world around me now

I'm working on shutting my mind down so I can listen. I think we are all evolving, some will transition easily and others will not. But I think we are all going there.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 07:12 AM
reply to post by Nastradamus

Nastradamus, Glad to meet you.

It's encouraging to see others coming forward with these abilities (boy it sounds like I'm in a new X-Men movie ....cue the x-files music
) Both of you sound like this has come pretty naturally. I'm still trying to kick start my path in that direction. I hope you find some solace in the fact there are others out there and that you will never be alone (after all, we are all part of the "one"). Do you have experiences of astral projection (like, do you do it pretty normally and if so can it be controlled?).

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by occy30

Don't "try" anything. Gathering from what others have said and from the OP, it seems that many and the OP force or thirst for their minds to go blank. Agh! I want to say so much but I'm just so limited with this avenue of communication...

For me, I feel like within this small group of people, I'm an anomaly within an anomaly. Yes, I share MANY similarities with the OP and similar people. But my thought process is the exact opposite lol.
While everyone is draining their heads of thoughts, I let the thoughts do w/e they want. If they want to subside or flood my mind, great. I love just fking around in my head with a bunch of ideas and concepts... sometimes many going on simultaneously. Here's a few bars that explain my thought process down to a T...

Hooked on Phonics I find
Sanctity in my kaleidoscope mind
Where ideas collide violently
Like plate tectonics

Just those moments when two (sometimes more... 6, 7!) totally different ideas or concepts that just shouldn't belong, somehow interact, mingle and collide to form a hybrid or new idea/concept... pure bliss during those violent moments of clash.

But then there are the moments when my mind is like a vacuum... and it (my mind) just is.

I've never "tried" to Astral Project as I've never "tried" to lucid dream. I was not even aware of lucid dreaming until a few years ago but after reading peoples experiences and techniques used to lucid dream and just looking back I recognize the signs and experiences.

I feel like people who preach of enlightenment are under false pretenses... and the worst kind of deception is self deception. You can't be "enlightened" if you refuse to take in the reality that is present. You NEED to be aware, and you're not aware if you have nothing going on in your mind. You're just focused on you... and what are you? Absolutely NOTHING!

That's why I sprint towards reality where as others bury their heads in the sand. I LIKE to deal with the lightest of ideas and the darkest of ideas. Constructive and destructive. From the subtle to the most radical... and I feel that the more knowledge and time I spend exploring the darkest recesses of my mind, the more enlightened and confidant I become. My confidence knows NO bounds, and this is often misperceived as being cocky, arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic etc. etc. but like the OP and many others... I've learned to completely and truly stop giving a rats ass about the trivialities of life and people.

While everybody else has been letting go of their egos, I've been absorbing them all. That's why I'm not scared of the future at all because I know I will be "successful" on many avenues and fronts farther down in life. I'm just get started and I'm already leaps and bounds ahead of virtually everything.

I'm ahead of my time, sometimes year (centuries) out. That's why The Powers That Be won't let me get my ideas out.

I WILL change the world in my own way one day, because when there's a Will, there's a way...double entendre don't even ask me how
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