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An apocolyptic dream i just had

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:24 PM
alright, so i went to sleep last night around 3 and had a few dreams last night, they where mostly random, but around 12 pm EST i went to sleep one last time, and this is what i remember from it.

Me and my family are on vacation in the states, in or around new Mexico I'm thinking because it seemed like we where in a desert town of some sorts, and i wanted to leave early. so somehow she gets a hold of a small passenger plane plane of some sorts and pulls it under the front awning of the motel, we pack my bags into it, and i leave thinking i forgot something, the pilot then starts to take off. when i come back i see the leaving plane and i pull on the back wheel of it and for some reason the plane flies backwards into the tarmac and crumples like a tin can, my grandma and the pilot then get out and tell me it's o.k., no one has to pay for it and we then drive back home to southwestern Ontario

when i get back she drops me off at the projects where all my friends live, so i go to visit one of them. but i start worrying because i still felt like i forgot something, but then what i had forgotten appeared in my hands and felt the need to not worry.

theres 3 buildings aligned like this:

I I the second i is symetrical to the first, i just dont know how to make it look right

and the road starts to curve up on the left side (the big line is the road)

i go and visit the middle one, I'm at my buddies place and where chilling i think smoking cigs or joints or something, even had a few shots, and i go to his fridge and there's giant ass olives so i eat one, and then a black friend of his comes in, i don't know him or his name and then after that i left.

this is where it gets a little trippy, another buddy of mine comes in from nowhere as im walking down the hall and we take the stairs down, i spit down the middle of it and almost hit a cute redhead girl smoking a cigarette beside her baby in a stroller, she doesn't seem to notice and gives me a smile as i walk past, i walk out the door and i notice that it's missing, and i then get a call from my friend that lives in the building on the right asking me when I'm coming to chill because he knew i got back that day, i told him i wasn't feeling to well and that I'd come there tomorrow. even weirder is that i notice I'm actually coming out of the building on the right, even though i was at the one in the middle

as where walking down the street (to the left on that diagram) something appears in the air, it looks like n outline of the earth, with continents and longtitude and lattitude lines in a very bright white and slowly turned into a perfect image of the earth, and i saw people looking at it in amazement, i also saw my friend with his father and brothers standing watching it, they are some of the most awake people i know, and where responsible for awakening me,, i yell their name but for some reason I've lost my voice, and i start running towards them but they're already too far and go into their house in the building on the left. i start to walk home with my buddy and where still looking at the image in the sky when all of a sudden it becomes engulfed in flames, there's absolutely no noise coming from it but there isn't a way i could explain the awesome scene that it was, and people start to panick, and my buddy starts running down the street and yells ill see you tomorrow.

i look back up at the earth which is now a bright white light surrounded by smoke, and it changed from day too night, the bright light split into millions of lights that seemed to scatter in every direction, after that there was maby a couple thousand lights left and they seemed to go up or ascend. as that happned i was walking towards my home and i saw people bursting into flames, not everyone did though, and i saw a Arab looking man, and for some reason i felt compelled to ask him weather he lived a simple life or not, he said that he did, and calmly walked away even though 2 of his friends had burst into flames before his very eyes. i decided i didn't want to be alone if this was my end and walked back towards the apartments, as i was walking back i saw small fires on trees and bushes and some houses and a cop that was shooting at people, he pulled out a shotgun and shot a grenade at me and it missed and killed a group of people and i continued walking towards the building on the right, when i got there i buzzed my buddy and then i woke up when i saw the numbers 50.

i also want to point out that i had a dream similar to this last year around the same time of the year and same time of day, the difference was that last year the dream was of a world war, and foreign invasion of all armies and nuclear missiles.

these dreams scare the hell out of me and if anyone has any insight I would love to hear it.

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:39 PM
dreams are very individual, i dont think they have a wider meaning.
its information you collected in the past that isnt worked out in your mind enough.
dont watch too much news with tragedies and catastrophies.
look at it this way like i do, somewhere in this world there is a playground with laughing and playing children. right now, non-stop, 24/7. that is the truth. and these children dont care about politics or economy.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:52 PM
its a reasonably well described . reminds of this word : conflagation
i would check the spelling of that

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 04:50 PM
worddd, and if it makes a difference im on vacation in the states right now

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 01:26 AM
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