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Things are getting bad.

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by zatara


I did not realize that Bush Sr's NWO speech was given on 9/11/91! 10 yrs later on 9/11/01 was the worst act of terrorism on US soil ever! Wonder if they are connected??

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:01 PM
The speech was actually in 1990. Exactly 11 years before the "attacks." They like the number 11 very much.
Care to guess when construction on the Pentagon started?

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by jimnuggits

Yeah, are absolutely right about what you say about the american I am about to say something I rather not say.

Many of your leaders are corrupt and the country is taken over by criminals who gather in secret societies....
Do I have proof of this...? No....but there are indications.

If the american people want to live their dream and uphold their american spirit they should investigate their government thoroughly because things are happening and have happened that indicate there is something awfully wrong...the country is hijacked.

These people who have taken over and caused this mess..intensionally or not....will not go away from own initiative, they will stay unless they are kicked out of office or thrown in jail. (rumsfeld, chaney, kissenger...ect..)

The people of the US can want whatever they will with every good intension but if your government has its own corrupt agenda those wishes will never can be made real.

So,... there I said it.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:29 PM

Thank you for opening this thread.I've read all 11 pages.Some very sobering situations from people all over the world. It looks like there is a no exit situation,but it’s not really so. Try your best to find something else, to educate in other fields, to leave the industry you’re in and be flexible to join whatever industry/venture it still works in your area. Just so you don’t think that I’m preaching generalities : I’ve worked for 20 odd years in the automation side of our automotive industry ( robotics and such). Been laid off in a split second 2 years ago. Hit the books again and got more certifications in instrumentation, pneumatics,etc. Perked up my resume,opened a personal website, built it myself and posted my resume. Worked like mad to propagate it with all search engines so people can actually find it.

In 6 months I started seeing hits from all over,and I’ve got my new job partly because people liked the idea ( I’ve listed there my past projects,involvement with different industries and references). This is not about me,just trying to say what it worked.

I was willing to relocate,change industry,pay for my own training if necessary.In a word flexible.I realize it might not work for everyone,but something to keep in mind.

Now,I have to vent at some replies you got here :

@JakiusFogg : stop telling how smart and hardworking other people are (Indians,Chinese,etc).It’s a cliché, get over it. Canadians and Americans are hard working too, pretty smart and creative and it’s not our fault that we have to demand more for wages as compared to the “others”. We have to pay our bills here,in North America. I’m an immigrant myself, I love my home country and I love Canada. I’m getting really tired and p*off at all the employers thinking how stupid we are and how smart others are.Bring it on,put the challenge out there for what you need, you’ll see North Americans can do it,but now for $.50/day, because our rents/mortgages are not $50/month.

To everyone else who thinks that there is no way out, think what would happen if you would stop buying everything else that is not absolute necessity? Stop and really let it sink in for a minute. Who’s gonna come crying that the bottom line is not met?

Whatever money you might have, spend it on your education, take care of your family, and try to help your fellow countrymen to pull through.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at what your government is doing to you: Capitalism says free market, minimal social safety nets and none of that “socialist” nonsense of “free” health care, maternity leave, etc……but, they took your money and used it to bail out the very institutions who betrayed you and made you be in this situation. No regulation because that is “socialism”, but who’s screaming for more oversight now?

We’re in the same situation here north of you, but most don’t realize it yet.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 01:26 PM
Sometimes, resources simply run out.

I've supplemented my income over the past few years since legalization by providing medical pot to the ill who need it. My brother is a legitimate mm patient: it replaces valium and other worse prescribed drugs to control spasms and pain.

A few years back, my landlady freaked and demanded I destroy my crop a few weeks before harvest, and rather than move, I complied and educated her about the laws regarding legal gardens. The following year was good, but then two of my clients passed away. and I wasn't able to replace them due to circumsatnces. The year after thieves stole most of the crop, the next year we had a home invasion after harvest and were lucky to escape with only minor injuries but lost nearly everything ( I talked/shamed them into leaving enough for his medical use), last year weird weather caused mold to hit the crop just before harvest and we lost about 2/3's of it. Now this year I'm forced to move a few weeks before harvest and will see a very diminished crop if anything.

It wasn't the main source of income, indeed, I provided a lot below cost to those truly in need and who had very little, charging or bartering enough only to allow them their pride. But it was a crucial supplement. One year or two I could survive, but not four out of five years running.

It's very frustrating: I can provide a organic product that people want and need at an affordable price if allowed to do so without impediment, supporting myself and others in the process. And now I'm on the doorstep of homelessness. I have the skill, the seed stock, and the tools...I just need the one thing no one has: capital.

I also have a design for gopher-proof, portable survival gardens (Go-Gardens, tm & pat. pend.), a prototype of very fun adjustable-rating (G-XXX) party game, and a design for an atmospheric water extractor/purifier. Being a genius doesn't count for much if you lack access to capital. I've got a great gun rights T-shirt that proves the majority meaning of "regulated" is "equipped". I've got four or more products I could bring to market on 50K or less and make a damn good living off any one of them, if only I could ever get far enough ahead to invest in myself.

But as a Native American without a reservation (the Chiricahua never got one: don't ask unless you want to cry and get angry), I've lived on the fringes of society even when doing fairly well. I've faced both blatant and insidious discrimination my whole life, and seldom manage to acquire more money than a few months ahead of expenses, no matter how hard or how many jobs I've worked (up to three at a time). Never enough to properly finance a business: started three on a shoestring, but the string kept breaking.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by kro32

my daughters have been the best thing that ever happened to me, BUT, if i could have a do-over, i would never bring them into this world. the prospect is financial hardship doesn't bother me as much as what COULD happen if we have a financial collapse and an overthrow of our government. we have been lucky to have not had a war on our soil in our lifetimes, but i fear that could come to an end and swiftly. don't regret not having children, because you don't have to worry over their safety and emotional well-being. i imagine some pretty horrific scenarios playing out. there is nothing i fear for myself, it's them. your children have more power to break your heart than anything or anyone. get your kid-fix by enjoying other people's children.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 07:19 PM
I was married for seven years and for varying reasons didn't have children. One of the key reasons was I didn't want to bring children into this world. I felt at the time, and still do, that if things are getting increasingly harder now (and that was back then and granted some of my own circumstances contributed to that) then I was not prepared out of any self-centred reasons or pressure from in-laws to have kids. I am SO GLAD NOW I HEEDED MY OWN INTUITION! In fact, I know whenever I have purposely ignored my own intuition telling me otherwise, I have run into massive problems.

What is quite funny, well may be not so, is that some maybe 8 years ago, the thought of a slowing global economy deepening into a crisis-to-be forthcoming flashed across my mind on several occasions, even with very little economic knowledge and favorable economic conditions at the time. I didn't give it much consideration as it seemed a bit 'out there' and considered that I was probably just thinking that because I wanted to see a correction of prices which were continually going up. But here we are today witnessing just this unfolding. Even those developing countries which are experiencing high growth have to slow as they are overheating and this is going to cause even further rapid slowing of economies in the developed world. Interesting times!

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 08:27 PM
I lost a job of nearly 20 years, the level I worked up to was against the odds, since my training was in another field. I worked my a$$ off as a younger man to get there. A company man took it all away in one afternoon.

Now I'm a motivational speaker.

I live in a van by the river.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 09:07 AM
My brother who lives in Southern California was laid off from his job in 2008. He now lives with my mother and younger brother at home. He has been trying to find a job but because he hasnt had one now for so long, his resume is just getting tossed out, and employers are now telling people to not even bother applying if you have been out of work longer than 6 months????
What kind of sense does that make?

I told my bro to lie on his resume and say he has been doing landscaping for the last two years with my mothers side business of Interior and Exterior Design. We will see if this works or not......

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by liejunkie01

Thanks for the goodwill. Counselling you say? Nah I have a minor in psychology. The paradigm is if you don't think like some acceptable standard you are nuts. Perhaps I'm taking it too far your right I'm depressed have been most of my life, I'm in a small low point of a bigger up curve right now if that makes sense to you. I have friends U do talk to people I just tend to be more honest blunt and I guess pessimistic than most.

I have lost people I consider my family to natural causes drugs bullets lies unfaithfulness money. Not by choice or any wrong doing on my part. It kinda hard losing people you never quite get over it.

I do get out in nature and appreciate bueaty for what it is. I do appreciate everything and every bit of love I've ever received. That said does it make up for the evil of the world.

Does it make up for what man has done to earth. Drilling her insides out polluting the air water destroying her species introducing GMOs etc. And the sheeple Baghdad allowing t
Lhem to concentrate power using green paper or numbers on a computer to get everyone to cooperate in there evil undertakings cause its all just good business.

I cannot ignore the truth turn a blind eyes as so many others choose to or have to for their kids and family.

The gourgeous red and pink sunset does not make up for the cancer deaths. The great redwoods do not make up for all the starving children.

Do I wish to pass my seed in a world of technological advanced derived from Nazis? Sometimes yes sometimes no, but first I'd have to find a suitable mate one I knew I'd be spending the rest of my life with. Not someone who was gonna leave 5 years and two kids deep with baby momma drama. Experience has taught me most aren't in it for the long haul. Hell people switch jobs every two years just like mates. Its a lame and emotionally bankrupt process.

We have been conditioned into carelessness. Ignore the elephant in the room as it grows into the Titanic preoccupied with shiny trinckets and useless dogma. Because I see this I need counseling and medication. I need indoctrinated into the fantasy. The truth hurts and apparently I like pain because from pain comes progress . Most people now can't put up with an ounce of pain mentally physically or spiritually and that is why were in this state.

The whole world has become slaves where before it was only a few million from select area now they have it all.

Pass my seed into that poisonous nest no thanks. If it was 1950 I'd of had a kid in 2011 its just irresponsible.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 03:06 PM

Originally posted by kro32
reply to post by camaro68ss

I would like to ask those if raising families or taking vacations was worth it with what you know is coming around the corner. I've missed alot of that and sometimes regret it.

The love and happiness my family has provided me is worth more than I could imagine.
The memories that are created while we journey and grow together is what
makes me realize what life and love is really all about!!

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 03:22 PM
Not busy at my dads work, some weeks I don't work 44 hours, layoffs are for sure coming, this is in Ontario, Canada, I think after August 2nd this crisis is going to affect both sides of Canada and the US

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by JakiusFogg

survival is alot of work itself. i have lots to do around my house work wise. i go out and find my own work. it is totally ignorant to work to make others rich and yourself poor. it doesnt have to be that way either but that is the sorporate culture right now. i had a boss/owner who was getting rich while making all of us/his employee's richer also. best person i ever worked for. unfortunately he has past and is probably the only owner i will ever meet like that in my life. and to me working for someone without these same goals is just useless and a waste of my valuable time.
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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 10:19 PM
Welcome to the America I've been traveling around.

I've seen and observed it all, and it defies description... In the past week I've been in central California, and in Reno/Sparks Nevada... Those places alone are depressing, but it's like this all over.

Too many people simply look away, or don't see it.

It is bad, and getting worse... I've seen and met people who are broken in every way a human being can be, people who not long ago enjoyed the middle-class American life, and now have lost it all, can't find a job, and the worst thing of all, too many have simply given up. People who do not want to be dependent on anyone, or the government for anything, willing to take ANY job, and can't find work, no one is hiring, too old, over qualified etc....

Where have we gone so wrong that this could creep up on us, nearly unnoticed until it impacted the elite?

While congress and the president play partisan politics with spending more money they don't have real Americans are suffering endlessly with no hope in sight.

I could tell you stories from the road, many of them, but as time goes on, you will learn of it all with your own eyes.

It is heartbreaking to watch this happen to this country.

Getting bad?

It IS bad, and getting much worse... You don't need stats, or government skewed reports.. Its all out there, go see it for yourselves.

The polices the government is seeking to remedy their fiscal problems are certain to drive even more business and manufacturing out of the country... So, this is only the beginning of the fall... Sooner or later it will impact YOU, if it hasn't already.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 10:43 PM
I just want to say, nearly 8 months ago my husband was in the same position. As a manager he had to keep laying off employees or get fired himself. He dutifully did what he was supposed to, he got down to a minimum of two other employees. A few months roll by and he himself gets laid off. Not only did his company put us through an enormous amount of stress during this time, they also relocated us to this location miles away from our family, only to drop us there with no way of getting home. He got a pretty crappy severance pay, and that was all. It wouldn't even halfway cover our costs back to our home state, plus the fee to get out of our rental contract on our home. We were basically stranded. Luckily we have amazing family that helped us out, even though they were many states away. We are so lucky to have them, and they are letting us live with them until my husband finds a better job and we can get back to where we were before this ever happened. If he can even find a job. Until then he will be taking whatever comes around.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 11:55 PM

Thousands of layoffs were announced in just the past week, and that trend could continue if economic growth does not start to pick up speed....

"These heavy cuts are a sign the economy is stalling. The GDP numbers back it up. This is a concrete result of what you get when you see GDP stalling under 2 percent, like we've seen for two consecutive quarters," said John Challenger, CEO of Challenger Gray and Christmas, which monitors layoffs.

"It's across the board industries. It's not like the auto sector or something doing poorly. We are seeing pharmaceuticals; defense; retailers - in terms of Borders; and financial firms - in terms of Goldman..It's so very broad-based and it certainly poses a risk to the economy turning around, as people lose their jobs, and a lot of consumers who support these companies lose their jobs," he said.

Friday's report of first and second quarter GDP drove home the sluggish state of the U.S. economy and provides a backdrop for a 9.2 percent unemployment rate and the string of poor jobs reports in the past several months. The second quarter grew at a 1.3 percent pace, well below the 1.8 percent expected by economists, but the shocker was a revision knocking first quarter growth down to 0.4 percent, from a previous 1.9 percent.

Layoffs May Worsen if Economic Growth Doesn't Pick Up

More like layoffs will certainly worsen. So first quarter GDP was revised down from 1.9 percent to 0.4 percent. Second quarter grew at 1.3 percent. This much accelerated growth? Unlikely. Let's wait and see the revised GDP for Q2.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 12:16 AM
Well this is a real change for the OP.

A few months ago, the OP was boldly posting replies showing no regard for any of the 'common' folks in society and suckin' up to the wealthy and being a groupie for corporate welfare, and now he is showing some leftist compassion for people.

What happened there camaro68ss? Getting a taste of the bad life now that ya thought you were once immune from??

Ya gonna have to sell that nice camaro of yours now soon? Ya on the chopping block?? Ah shucks, eh??

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posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 12:59 AM
My thoughts go to you and all that in the smae boat it is such a shame that the govments of this world today have no real balls to stand up to the real money men and sort out the dept it is easly done and with real balls the world will be such a better place but this will never happen while the rothchilds- control 80% of the world in one form or another from banks to gold sony oil- investment trust human rights media rail roads and so many more that it is unreal to understand

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by ISHAMAGI


For once I am totally speechless....I really do not know how to reply to your post.....We see eye to eye on some things.......You definitely have one up on the Psycology

I was just looking out for a fellow member that seemed to be too down on things....I do care, sometimes

Enjoy life.

Lj01 out.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by pplrnuts

You are 100% correct!

Just 2 WEEKS AGO the OP was boasting about how he was rich and "not poor like you". Read that post here.

Now, just 2 weeks later he's writing posts about how he's "worried". WHATEVER. No sympathy for this guy.

Karma is coming to getcha OP.

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