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any local hangouts?

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 05:52 AM
Hey All! Long time lurker first time poster

Last few months I’ve been throwing some idea’s together, about an extended trip.. for the past 11 months I’ve been working like a dog, have saved $30,000.. I quit my job today! =D have just sold my stuff… and have 7 weeks until I fly out from somewhere on the Australian east coast.

There’s a long list of specific places I can’t wait to see, Pripyat, Stalingrad, Berchtesgaden… Kathmandu, the DMZ… the list goes on. At the moment, I’m thinking of breaking the trip into 2 sections, one section consists of Thailand through Cambodia, across to Vietnam, over Vietnam toward china, hugging the china coast up to Taiwan, perhaps the Philippines and Okinawa, curling back up china and into Mongolia, returning to china and across to south Korea. The second section starts in India, through Nepal, fast forward to turkey, up Ukraine into Russia, across to Estonia and down through east/west Europe zigzagging until I reach London. I have 4 empty credit cards with 5$k on each & no debt to date!…. I have my trusty 450eod an mp3 player and a backpack.

A few sweeteners now and then, motorcycles are a must.. maybe purchase a cheap one in Vietnam and travel from south to north over a month or two?.. maybe mountain bike through the Normandy regions in France from Caen to St mere Eglise?.. flying.. as much as its required should be avoided.. ferry’s across the Odessa maybe? Bar works a means if for a lay low month in some beachside city..

Anyone want to throw me some idea’s if I ever wind up in a local hang out they enjoyed?

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