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We are all gonna die! Heatwave

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:41 AM

Come on, the woman in the story was 86 years old. Why is everything about death and fear? Although summer is pretty scary just wait in 5 months folks will be freezing to death.
i remember from last year a Chicago man had a heart attack putting in an air-conditioner window unit and they claimed that as a "heat related death" (if i remember correctly he was in his late 60s). There is a old song titled, "Heat Wave", and one from the 70s where the lyric says, "Hot time summer in the city... Sidewalk is hotter than a match, yeah..."
Next thing you know there will be fires out west and drought in the desert only to be followed by trees in the northeast losing their leaves (give it a month or two).
i predict in Dec. there will be frozen white powder like substance falling from the skys which will accumulate in such mass that trucks will have to plow it from the road and it will cause car accidents and people slipping and breaking legs and arms. i also predict an earthquake will happen in California next week - maybe even an hour or two from now. Also, parts of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers will flood next year in the spring and maybe in the fall. And Florida or the Gulf of Mexico will be hit by a hurricaine, although my antennae is picking up it possibly could be the Atlantic coast
So far in my life-time (50yrs.) i have yet to see any of this doom and gloom weather/geological stuff happening in my life (except for the regular doom and gloom, famines. wars and politicians lying and such).
i mainly posted this for those who are to young (or to old) to remember that they do this every year, and every season. (no this isn't a thread about climate change, i'm still on the fence about that as i never know who to believe).
Anyway this news story just "got my goat" so to speak, as it was about the 5th one that i've read concerning the summer heat.
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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:26 AM
News flash!
We are all going to die!!!!!!!!!
It's the nature of things.
The media is on a feeding frenzy because of this heat,
other then the US is going down the tubes because of this debt thing.

I remember last year it was just as freaking hot and dry,but it started sooner here.
The year before,it was a very cool summer,never got above 90.
Cycles,that is what it is,just cycles.
Just like the current heat wave,it has happened before,
BUT it's getting more extreme.
Who knows.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by kdog1982

Haha i used your avatar as my fb avatar for a long time, doesn't get much "cooler" than that. i lived on a river where it was prone to flooding, so i checked records back to the early 1930s before i purchased the property. It seems that the cycles are not much more extreme for flooding in the midwest USA (2003 & 2009 were bad but close or below 1936). Heat waves i'm not sure about as i've seen the reports claiming slight changes.
But climatic change is another topic which i don't know enough about (i have trust issues).
Now they are talking about starvation in the horn of Africa, but i remember the food getting stuck on the docks during the famine in the 80s because of warlords and such. As i don't know if this is just part of that areas cycles or what i'm not sure. Like Bangladesh experiences flooding all the time. That is not to say those folks don't need help, but is the problem solely weather related? i don't know that answer.
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