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Boehner plan : cuts only $4 billion in spending in 2012

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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 09:24 PM
And it ``grows`` year after year... but most of that is accounting tricks... and is there really any proof/binding in this bill that will force the cuts for the next 10 years? You bet the answer is NO.

As CBO Scores Boehner's (Laughable) Deficit Cut Plan, Jay Carney Admits Obama Still Does Not Have An Actual Plan

Granted, Boehner's plan is an abysmal joke, with $4 billion in discretionary spending cuts in 2012 growing mysteriously to $111 billion by 2021, and $0 billion in debt service reduction for 2012 and 2013 (growing to $37 billion in 2021), for a combined cumulative deficit impact of $850 billion, which on a NPV basis is more like $50 billion, but at least it is a plan.

4 billion in cuts... hell the US creates more new debt than that every day.

I think Boehner plan was going to be a joke, but not THAT MUCH of a joke... You hear that sound? That screaming? That's the sound of a downgrade.

And guess what people, this whole ``debt ceiling debate``... it's nothing. Congress has to pass a federal government funding bill before October 1 or there will be million furloughed.
So keep on making popcorn, you gonna need it.
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