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Crime Crime Crime! (A Conspiracy)

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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 08:09 PM
Greetings ATS...

I recently opened a topic under the "Rants" section of the BTS forums under the same title that, during some research I did for the aspects of CRIME, I've come to realize a conspiracy of government control through its use of the SCIENCE of Criminology!

Bad civilian, no doughnut!

Here's an excerpt:

OK... so what do the lawyers call 'crime'? Lets look at the stupid list:

1. Terrorism. oh oh, this crime has an 'ISM' attached to it... very broad reaching... Ted Kaczynski was a master wood carver, a skilled chemist, and (according to some noted scholars) a brilliant mathematician. Since Ted Kaczynski was known as the terrorist "Unibomber", those three skill sets can now lead L.E.O.s to suspect CRIMINALITY.

2. Conspiracy, Attempt, and/or Intent. oh oh, this CRIMINAL prefix(?)( ie: Attempted jay walking, Conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, Possession with the Intent, etc.) now delves into the individual mentality of a person... THOUGHT CRIMES... as well as it now allows speculation and hearsay a foothold as 'evidence' based upon 'expert' testimony!

3. Possession (9/10ths of the law). What exactly is possession? The physical handling of a specific property by an individual? It sure appears that way. So, If I take possession of a 100 oz. gold bar, that legally makes it my possession, correct? Isn't that known in the Corporate world as an 'Acquisition'? And if someone disputes the validity of that acquisition, the burden is on them to prove otherwise in a court of 'law'?

Squatting (the act of taking possession of a home stead or plot of land)? Isn't this form of possession known in the Corporate world as a 'Hostile Takeover'? And if someone disputes the validity of that hostile takeover, the burden is on them to prove otherwise in a court of 'law'?


CRIME... JSTOR provides this abstract. I recommend reviewing the data beyond the link for additional info...

The concept "crime" must be restricted to behavior which is so defined by the criminal law, yet assumptions of proper scientific methodology make it necessary to define rigorously the pehnomena under investigation in criminology. Owing to lack of causal homogeneity within the general category "crime" and within the legal categories designating specific crimes, these two propositions present an apparent contradiction. The contradiction can in part be resolved by definition of homogeneous units within these categories, but for complete resolution definitions of homogeneous units must transcend legal categories.

Contradiction.. to steriotypical profiling, known as a 'category'. Resolution to this contradiction - A CRIME AGAINST JUSTICE AND MANKIND - "must transcend legal catagories"

Who here agrees that 'crime' is categorized into little boxes and indexes? misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, felony, gross felony grand felony? Category a,b,c.d.e?

JSTOR reveals that Criminology IS A SCIENCE... O... M... G... SCIENCE that punishes humanity...

What about this little thing called 'SCOPE', a generalized record of EVERY police contact a person has had, which is not a legal record but all the same admissible in court as a character referrence during a fact finding. A case can change, be thrown out, dismissed, but that doesn't mater, if you were booked for murder and found innocent SCOPE still will show you as being booked for murder.

Right off the bat, no mater what future charges you face... 'MURDER' is seen by the minds who judge you... WHICH INCLUDES EMPLOYERS...

So, CRIME... It's what condemns you, whether you know it, accept it, or dislike it.

I'm looking for more feedback from members on this, so I'm opening this up from my personal rant to providing an eye opening thread on this REAL conspiracy to enslave the people and strip them of their freedoms and rights...

NOTE: Mods, if my moving this topic from BTS 'rants' to ATS 'general conspiracies isn't appropriate, please forgive me. If a thread needs to be moved can you please bring the BTS thread to this ATS thread? Thanx in advance.
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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 10:28 PM
I guess we all figured this out lol, and I'm just now getting the memo.


Why discus a remedy when none is apparent.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:28 AM
There is a lot of history, complexity and conflicts in the system. I see the overall aim of the legal system is to resolve conflict. With people being complex creatures, we have a complex system to accommodate it. In America things have badly gone of the rails sine 9/11, international law was compromised, the law of physics and forensic analysis disregarded and a system of lies and double speak introduced to cover up and promote the law of personal ideals over the law of social norms and civility. Basically the system has taken a step back into a survival of the fittest approach over a survival of the system approach.

Consequently we have a process occurring known as 'tragedy of the commons'. This is where people are stuck doing what is best for them and not taking in account what is best for society. Over fishing and extinction of a species is one example. Many previous civilisations go through this process during their decline and end their golden age of progress, some become extinct.

The corruption of the system and introduction of official lies to a serious state crime has created a vicious circle of more deception, corruption and murder that is on a downward spiral. The economy is out of control, society is stressed and too many people are distracted and confused from all the ongoing lies as integrity in the system is broken. There is only one real solution I can see, reinvestigate 9/11, get to the bottom of it, clean out the corruption and reinstate integrity as part of the core social framework. Otherwise the golden age of the USA is over as it self destructs.

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