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The Great Teddy Bear Shipwreck Mystery

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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 03:11 AM

A 1904 Steiff bear, known as Growler, is one of the world's oldest

In 1903, 3,000 teddy bears were sent by ship from Germany to America only for them to disappear. Some claim the bears were the first ever made and would now be the most valuable in the world. So what happened to them?

In the Steiff museum, in the German town of Giengin, the mystery of the missing bears is explained to the visiting children with a tale that they were lost at sea.

The idea of shipwrecked teddy bears captures the imagination, but is it true?

The company was established by seamstress Margarete Steiff in the 19th Century. In 1880, needing a present for a nephew, she found a pattern for a toy elephant and made it from soft felt. Drawn to how soft and cuddly they were, children in the neighbourhood were soon asking for elephants too.

She started to make the elephants alongside her dressmaking business but it was her nephew Richard Steiff who came up with the idea of a toy bear.

As a student at art college in Stuttgart he used to visit the zoo and sketch the bears. At the zoo they had cross-bred brown bears with polar bears and these became the inspiration for his first life-like toy bear.

"Before the bear, children were playing with porcelain dolls, soldiers, tin toys. They were hard and cold and Richard wanted to give children a companion that they could hold," explains Leyla Maniera, a former bear expert at Christie's and consultant for Steiff.

Steiff's first bear was called 55 PB. The 55 stood for its height, P stood for plush and B for beweglich, German for moveable.

Is 55 PB the first teddy bear???

- A replica of 55 PB teddy bear is on display at the Steiff museum
- But its status as first bear is hotly disputed
- The name Teddy Bear comes from former US President Theodore Roosevelt.
- On a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902 Roosevelt was offered a stunned, lassoed bear to shoot but he refused
- This was depicted in a cartoon in the Washington Post, which inspired Russian immigrant toy maker Morris Michtom
- He created a bear to put in his toy shop window in Brooklyn and called it Teddy's Bear
- Richard Steiff registered his design in July 1903. There is evidence of a sample being sent over to the US late 1902/early 1903 but it would have taken a while to design and make
- The US bear appeared towards the end of November 1902 so the timing is very tight, possibly even simultaneous.


posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 03:58 AM
good news, not just history wise but in the antique world. I've came across a few antique bears and other stuffed animals, some of the 1904 Steiff brand, because of my grandparents owning an antique shop.
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