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Population control Isn't it about time?

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posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by 547000

I have no clue how cheese is made either.

It grows on trees.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:01 PM
I don't have enough posts yet to create my own thread, so I thought I'd stick on the end of this dead thread.

This is an essay I am writing for a class that I have taken a particular interest in. I was able to choose my topic for this paper. This is only the rough draft and still lacks the body of the work. I have nearly all the research done, it's coming time to fill in the blanks (2 weeks left until paper is due). I wanted to get some feed back on what I've written so far. Tell me where I've left mental voids (aside from fact and the body).

Technology and Population Control
(Narrative Essay)

(In early adolescence through aged adulthood you make certain decisions, you may have picked up a name brand soda or snack from a convenience store, you might have bought a pack of cigarettes or some beer, you probably chose a car you wanted, you decided what job you wanted based on the market, you decided were to go to school, you picked who you wanted to date & marry, you decided where you wanted to live for various reasons, you decide how to eat and how to spend your money, you decide what kind of insurance you need, you have kids and make decisions and purchases for them. What if I told you that you made the majority of those decisions because of exterior forces and not by personal choice. What if there was a system that geared us towards making these decisions because it made us believe that these are the best choices we can make and that the lifestyles we live are best suited for spiritual, moral, and conscious growth. When in reality the system pushes our backs against the wall and makes us choose between the stick or the hammer. This ‘illusion’ of choice keeps us complacent and indoctrinated, and if we knew the truth behind this system, we would be furious. )

The world we know it is ever expanding, technology is developing at a rate so fast that the average person can not realistically keep up. We see production of food on a scale we’ve never seen before, the world’s human population has never reached such a lofty amount in our known history. Our governments nationally and globally have taken notice to this expansion.

Why have they taken notice? Before I get into why I must mention this is a topic not talked about much simply because it is not in our environmental sphere. However it is a topic that must be talked about, because it is an issue that our children and our children’s children’s grandchildren will continue to face. However I want to talk about population control in our current environment. I may build upon these current events using common or similar events that have occurred during the history of man and in the history of America, but the focus is about what’s going on today, moving around our day to day lives, unnoticed.

back to the Why?, why is it even valid to postulate on this topic, why is it pertinent to dissect and critique the topic of population control, specifically through the means of technological mediums. It is necessary because it effects us as individuals, it effects this group, it effects your family, your education, how you travel, how spend money, what jobs are available, what experiences you will have, it diminishes your chances in your pursuit of happiness, and not only the pursuit of happiness but your pursuit of purpose and meaning, it effects your prospective dreams, and ultimately it effects how you will die. These ideas are commonly thought to be left up to the individual, through personal choices they feel that they can be the determining factor, most people feel that the truly do have a choice, that they get to decide the outcome of these things, but they don’t, the majority of people living in post-industrialized totalitarian states masquerading as a capitalistic societies do not have a real choice. They are lead by the hand to accept certain values and authorities. They are given the illusion of freedom and choice, stepping outside these bounds rarely leads to prosperity and people that aren’t in sync with this mentality are castaways (look at the rising number of social and personality disorders and the rising number of incarcerated peoples).

Thesis – The elite of our country, not the government, have forcibly created a network of social institutions to govern us on a day to day and long term basis, they manipulate the nuances of interactive media, advertisements, sports, all styles of the arts, and other forms of community convergences; they do all of this in such a way to control our unconscious decisions that inevitably alter the following concepts, but are not limited to them: human lifespan, the ability to propagate, personal financial security and indebtedness, the characteristics of our personalities and morals, and mainly, our conscious ability to recognize when we are being deceived.

The topics I will cover in an attempt to shed some factual light on this issue, are:

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by wishful1gnorance

1. the indoctrination of children (creating educational and environmental circumstances for children that push them towards falling in line and accepting certain personas and values).
2. the abolishment of freedoms (established by the fore-fathers of this country) including the façade of voting, social institution web, tracking of individuals, police state, and other minor issues.
3. the unavailability and degradation of nutritional foods.
4. the reliance on government and corporations.
5. ignoring popular opinion and the mass distractions,
6. and finally a few far out theories (Sterilization, Vaccinations, HAARP, inciting wars (providing troops with 2nd grade equipment, poisoning the land with depleted uranium)). I guess the first question that comes to mind is, “Why is population control necessary for the survival of the human race?
7. I will be skipping religion, while it is a massive institution that has always been regarded as a form of controlling peoples; and I maintain strong personal opinions that have illuminated my path on this topic, but it is simply to vast to cover in this paper.

(Keep in mind that these topics are intertwined, and it is hard to talk about one and not talk about another. I will try to narrow down the scope of the topics to specific events, so we can contemplate the individual effects they have on us, which allow us to see the big picture.)

Before I start talking about these topics, it is important to note that in coming to certain realizations there is colorful and positive language in certain quotes that is intended to misguide us from the truth. Words like, insurgents, humanitarian efforts, improve global health, prevent, avert, promote, among many others. Understand that these words are purposefully vague and ambiguous and are used to gain support for ulterior motives.

Also understand that it is impractical to start a conversation like this and not talk about it to great lengths. It is relevant to do so to build a strong foundation for discussion.

Definition of Technologies in this essay

The control of a living system must be cyclical like many other natural systems in our environment. So we will start with the logical beginning and work our way back around.

Children are our lively-hood and our future, they are the reason for many of us to get out of bed in the mornings. The first few things we think about in the care for our children are: What are they going to be eating today? Do they have a roof over their head? Are they sick? Are they getting a good education? What kind of friends are they making? What interests them? Lets discuss the outside influences that impact the decisions you make, and what influences your children to make their own decisions.

Through behavioral sciences children are governed with advertising and educational systems to make consumer savvy choices, these choices also affect how their parents spend money.

Loss of Freedoms
The Network of Social Institutions

Food Quality and Choice


Mass Distraction and Turning a blind eye to Popular Opinion
Marketing is needed to create an awareness of products, if we never heard about a product we may have never decided that it would be something that interests us. If you never heard of bunggie-jumping would you go strap a rope to bridge and jump? If you had never heard of cell phones, would you as an individual try and make a pair? Marketing certainly does have it’s place in the world of markets. Markets are going to exist no matter what world we live, people will always want to trade, buy and sell goods. We all understand the basic concept of marketing, but when has it simply gone so far that it not just persuades or informs us, but subconsciously makes our decisions.

When nothing happens we shrug it away as Haha another failed attempt, and walk away discontent with nothing to show for it.


(The rest of the world has grown tired of our egotistical ways, they are fed up with it. We have encroached on the doorstep of too many peoples. Remember the phrase, “Oh how the mighty have fallen” ? If we look back on to the beginnings of WWI and WWII we would see many similar foreign tensions that are arising today. When we become blind to ways of ourselves we have lost sight of enlightenment. The military and corporate dictators that have become the leaders of the world have sequentially and methodically dominated the majority of Earth over the past century and continue to do so today under the ruse of a better world.)

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson

We the people are the only power strong enough to stop this system of control, however the government no longer

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by wishful1gnorance

however the government no longer fears us, we have become indignant and callous, indifferent to the ways of others, guided by our decisions that keep us guided towards the materialistic, too weary and battered by the system to make an effective stand.

“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad.”
— James Madison

We must keep our fore-fathers words in our back pockets as we enter this new age of distortion. Are we really living in a better world than the generation before us? “Don’t confuse change with progress”. Will you continue to sit complacent as your freedoms are abolished? Or will you make a stand that is considered to be our God given right by the constitution

I ask you to think about the impact you have on this world, and if and how you are realistically contributing to it, or if you are just falling in line.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:35 PM
Look,i understand why you believe population control is something to consider-but the actual problem is not with the size of the human population-its the GREED and EXCESSIVE CONSUMERISM of the majority of the population,at least in most First World countries..The "More,More,More!! OMG,im never gonna have enough Stuff!!"-mentality.

Most of the industries in this world causing pollution,are there because so many people demand the products they manufacture. Think:3 TV sets in some households,every imaginable gadget,wardrobes filled with 20 times more clothing than the individual would ever need,and these are 3 of hundreds of examples one can think of.

Think how a family like the Rothschild's or Du Ponts,the Krupps,the Queen of England,etc,have more money than they can spend in quite a few lifetimes-while children starve.. But in their psychotic greed,they who REALY can make a lasting and notable difference,choose not to.

It is these things that is the real problem,not the size of the population.I look with shame at my front and backyard.This house and grounds we live on,is supplied for us by my husbands employer,a mining company,while he works for them,we get to live here.BUT there is space for 2 more families to have a small little "granny flat",and a small veggie garden each.For 2 couples with 1 kid each,it would be fine.So the portion of land that now houses 5 people (me,the hubby,and my 2 youngest kids,plus a lady i let live rent-free in my outside room) it can comfortably house and feed 11 or 12. Take a look at how much land is owned,for instance,by Englands Queen Elizabeth-Good Lord,can you imagine how many families could live and built sustainable food resources on even half of what she owns?

Greed,Materialism,Improper use of land,Socio-economic injustices-these are the demons.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:37 PM
I would fully support these population control freaks leading by example, I trust none of them have kids and they have all been neutered?

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:49 PM
Population control is inhumane and not needed. We are not overcrowded yet. If people learn to live in one with the earth, we can house many more.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:58 PM
I believe we are heading for over population if we do not make changes within the next few years. I think the government should only allow women to have 2 offspring.

As for animal extinction, we can control this by cloning. We can provide as much food needed, meat wise simply by cloning.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 04:05 PM

Originally posted by apoc36
I believe we are heading for over population if we do not make changes within the next few years. I think the government should only allow women to have 2 offspring.

Western populations are declining, hence we are told we "NEED" to bring in high fertility immigrants- so your comments would appear to be directed at the likes of Burkina Faso, good luck in enforcing that in a country such as that, would be quite a brutal endeavour............

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 04:11 PM
Population control my ass. They have no interest in controlling the growth of the Earth population. They are more interest in the extermination of the human race.

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

I get where you are coming from, and some changes will be made, that is a point I had meant to include but not gotten around to it, or hadn't figured out how to work it in. However, I think you are comparing the difference between tomato-tomAto, yes they are different, but they are the same thing. If it's too many people or mindless consumerism, there still isn't enough to go around.

People are not going to make a large reflective changes to stop it, hence the control. It seems that you're living situation is a little more convenient for self-sustainability then others, especially since you posses self-awarness.

I on the other hand live in a 2nd story apartment, with little room to create a garden ( I do have pots but they produce very little) I have to drive across town to get to work and school and I am living in one of the cheaper (by space) apartment communities, yet even with diligent saving I have little to show for it. .

What if I lived in an urban city with little funds or economic backing to make a significant change and were to be "stuck" there until others made change, that's regardless though. It's to difficult to focus on that one aspect of it, that oh it's all simply because we want more, well if you think about it, in one way, shape or form, everyone does, we all have a spiritual void that is never filled, wether we need more food for the winter, clothes for our family, space for them to live, even if you already have, you want to hang onto what you have. Until you can let go of everything and everyone and all worldly and esoteric wants, you are in the same boat as the rest of consumers, there is little difference between the two ideas.

What I am talking about is how we got to the stage of mindless consumer, why did our culture nurture this unhealthy attitude towards spending and resources. How did we get here? How did we convince the 300 million people of the US and a large portion of the foreign world to participate with this repetitious behavior? This is where my paper is trying to go, not towards the individual portion of the "pie". Thanks for some real input, it gets my blood pumping.

posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 09:17 AM
Ok Ok I re-did the math...
Hear me out…

We will use the "Las Vegas Metropolitan area" (*Not Las Vegas city limits*) as an example from the 2000 census as a comparison.

In 2000 the population of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area was (1,563,282) people. The Las Vegas Valley is roughly (25) miles long from North to South.

Now, we shall look at the distance in a straight line from (A) Las Vegas, NV to (B) Barstow, CA. At a distance of 130 mile's apart. (We all can agree there is pretty much nothing there, as for google satellite confirming this.

25/130 = 5.2

(25) miles fits into (130) miles just over (5) times. so we will round down to 5.

So this data provides the common sense fact that from point (A) to Point (B)

That accommodates space for (7,816,410) more people to live a modern day Las Vegas Metropolitan style life style. (7,816,410) is just above 3/4th of (10) million. The world population is around (7) billion people. I just made room for 0.1% of the worlds population between Las Vegas, NV and Barstow, CA… This is not counting East and West of this 130 mile distance that we limited to a straight line.

Are you starting to see my point? These things are explained within a lot of the UN (Agenda 21) documents about Population control. The sad truth is the people and organizations are on record with plans of misinforming the public. This goals of funneling people in general into Subcompact cities. As in like, "modern day" ghettos with lots of pretty distractions, drugs and entertainment to keep the people blind, deaf and dumb to anything outside the carefully constructed box around them.

eg., The "light rail" system is part and parcel of Agenda 21 planning for subcompact cities. ... There has been repeated calls for de-industrialization of the developed world by the global elite. (Always follow the money. Be it funding or profit.)

***Agenda 21 Sustainable Development has already barreled, like a locomotive, into your“city, county and state. “For example, many cities have “light rail” systems, designed to get individuals out of their cars. “This is achieved by city and urban planners encouraging growth in some areas, and stifling it in other areas, thus directing where humans live. “The common methods used are limiting road expansion, limiting parking, subsidizing public transportation, etc. - Here is an excellent example of an independent article covering this subject -

So what is the point I am trying to make? It is not a problem with overpopulation and or Overconsumption… It is a problem with unitizing innovation and technology in a balance with nature or common sense human stability. Let us focus on overpopulation for a moment… Overpopulation is a perception. as in the math we did above, lets take it a step further, shall we?

Lets expand it to a distance of 130 miles squared from North to South and East and West. So (130) mile's height and (130) mile's width… 16,900 square miles of space. So considering Las Vegas holds a population of (1,563,282) people. Considering Las Vegas metro is roughly 25 miles by 25 miles. You should be able to fit 25 size Las Vegas size metropolitan cities between Las Vegas, NV and Barstow, CA covering enough land to house and accommodate for 39 Million more people (@ 0.5% of the world population with in an area 130x130 mile's large.

Further Example just based on the land mass of the United States alone. (United States total land area: 3,536,290 square miles). That would be enough space to accommodate (8,845,149,606) people with a Las Vegas metropolitan spaced lifestyle. The United States total land mass is only 6.14% of the total planets land mass coming in at (57,510,000 square miles).

To get back to the main point, Next is Overconsumption:

The problem with Overconsumption is mostly due to products we do not need on a fundamental way, And/or for our survival. Modern day "consumerism" is not a natural thing. It is a programing thing. There is a great movie I would like you to watch if you have not seen it. "THX 1138" (1971) - This was George Lucas's directorial debut. There was another movie much like this That was called "The Island" (2005). This gives depth to the in the box mentality I am speaking of.

The earth can hold "space wise" (143,846,956,512) People living under modern means of living.

The real point is not "Overconsumption and Overpopulation" "We’ve got a problem" It is more of a problem with utilizing innovation's and modern technologies. Is the real problem, what they say it is with their BS statistics? Take for example the use of "Aquaponics" Here is an independent article that speaks of the possibilities of Aquaponics for survival -

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posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 09:17 AM
Continued: A 256-square-foot Aquaponics system will produce 110-220 pounds of vegetables and 15-20 pounds of fish per month! Think about it!

Is part of the problem consumerism? Yes, but more to do with the "limits" of what we consume and buy. Do they have Aquaponics on the shelves of Wal-Mart? Are people educated to be self-sustaining?

Think of modern day building skills and technology. The Majority of Las Vegas residents that live outside of the "Resort district" is based on a single level living platform. I do understand that most apartments and condo's are multi level complexes, but we for the sake of debate, will average out the levels of structures to about (3) floors of modern-day living in stacks. When considering modern day multi level complexes, don't you think that they could be built better, Taller? I am willing to bet that modern-day Las Vegas style Apartment/Condo buildings are as least based upon 30 to 40 year old building techniques. But that could be an overstatement. Our focus should be on exploiting our tech to build a new future and way of live for the worlds population we have. considering we have enough space for (143,846,956,512) People. It is more about how we do it as a problem, rather than, how we could do it. No matter what it gives the powers that be, get more power, more control to teach us there is a problem with "Overpopulation" when they puzzle pieced the way we live before the turn of the 20th century. Welcome to the 21st, as in "Agenda 21's" agenda for the 21st century.

Rest assured we still have room for 20.5 times more people in this world. and thats based on the way we are currently living.

We live in a day where I own a water filter that fits in my back pack pocket, that will filter upto 500 gallons of pure clean water from a bucket of piss and #.

The problem is the brainwashing and dumb people.

I will end this message with the following

I would like you to research "Climategate" and how the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December (2009) was exposed for doctoring statistics that support the fear mongering BS this post was based upon. - - Infowars covered this very well in this video.

The end game for the agenda they have planned for us is... to "Carbon tax" us. Meaning they want to tax the air you breath and use. Key point this is how they plan on funding the NWO...

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posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 04:23 AM
1 in 7 people are hungry but we have more than enough food to feed everyone. Food is wasted and over eaten. This is a fact. I forgot where I saw it but I am certain of this.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 04:39 AM
I would suggest the OP offers themselves up to be the first one to be controlled....lead by are consuming food of the are using the water of the planet...and you yourself are wasting the oxygen required by please step forward and be counted.....sacrifice yourself for the better of all mankind....take the first step....

i got it....lets just remove some water from the oceans...create more usable land mass....and voila....instant growth areas for the ever expanding population...

Another about we start a third world war and take out a 1/3 of the population in one fell swoop...that would solve a lot of problems would it not....

hmmm....maybe if we eliminated fat people know the ones...they who actually take up the space of two in one body.....

no no no....why not let the filthy greedy rich who cannot possibly consume all they aquire in a single life time give it over to the people who need it...and distribute the wealth evenly throughout the world....guess what...i think there would be some solutions forth coming quickly from those groups then.

ok anohter thought...take allllll the monies built on defense from each other and use it in off world colonizing for the greater good of mankind....instead of using it to kill off mankind....

How stupid are people to not realize that the population is not the problem....the problem is not over population...the problem is greed of the few that sacrifices the many....

if the OP is studying this in college then they are seriously being misled....I would go to a different college that might teach humanism say over population control....

the only reason for population control; would be so the rich can get even richer off the slaughter of the poor...simple as that....the gluttons of society are the only ones who would even promote population controls.

selfish SOB's
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