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Internet Prankster Sends SWAT Team to Cyberbullying Expert's House

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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 01:44 AM
Guys, hey guys... GUYS! I just figured out the purpose of the necklace. It's to draw attention away from the face and the unwarranted self importance oozing from her pores. We know it's secrets!

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 02:08 AM

Originally posted by brill

Originally posted by Bramble Iceshimmer
Swat, modern day Keystone Kops with bad attitudes and soldier's toys.

What exactly should have been done ? If they don't act and it turns out to be true, there's a bigger problem. This is not SWAT's fault they are simply doing their job and following procedure.


I agree with you brill. However S.W.A.T should have raided the frozen food section of the grocery if they really wanted to protect her.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by BioSafe

I may have to add you to my foes. I read it, started laughing, then started laughing harder (silently mind you) jiggling the bed until lady friend woke up and called me a nerd.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 03:16 AM
You would think the swat
would Take a lot more care when smashing some ones door down.
and shooting any thing that moves.
I hope this stops the swat from killing inecent people.

reply to post by thisguyrighthere

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 04:56 AM

Originally posted by Domo1
I find this rather deplorable. I can empathize with people that dislike this woman, she never really seems to know what she is talking about and is all for restricting internet freedoms but SWAT team to her house is beyond a prank.

Really? Cause psychopath's like her won't think twice about doing it to "little people." Honestly, she's lucky the Jackboots didn't have a "negligent discharge" like they so often do when raiding commoners, Oh, of course it's an accident when the Gestapo shoots Fido during a botched raid... I'm with Bhudda on this one. I hope this brings attention to the dangerous militarization, trigger happy hot-hotheadedness, and disregard for constitutional law that characterizes a majority of the "boys in blue".
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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 04:59 AM
Wut, no tanks?

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 05:09 AM
reply to post by Domo1

This needs to go in the Guinees World Book of Records as the greatest stitch up of all time, granted its a waste of resources and slightly dangerous but still............hilarious

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 05:14 AM
Feel bad for this monstrous woman? I leave it to you to figure out whether I'm talking about her ideology or her size. Either is acceptable. If you are so self-important that you go around knowingly angering mass amounts of people then you should expect payback. She's just another lonely and miserable human trying to force her views on other people. Choke on the CS Gas chica, learn something from it.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by BrianC
reply to post by Domo1

I'd actually argue that it is the greatest and funniest prank of all time. But I really like the idea of a free and uncensored internet.

I wouldn't agree, what if she was home and you know swat with them itchy trigger fingers...she could be dead right now and for what, talkin crap on the internet? I dont find it funny at all

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 09:41 AM
This is just an example of how vile and immoral our younger generations are today. No respect for anyone but themselves and always willing to ruin someone's life just for a laugh. I do not find this amusing at all...

LOL, just kidding. I chuckled at the epicness of this.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 10:30 AM
What would have created more lulz, was if the SWAT team fired off over 60 rounds into her house upon entering... but not if the cat was injured.. That's going too far.
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posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 10:48 AM
I remember reading the operation on partyvan however i would never expect to see this as a result.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 11:14 AM
This is a classic fear tactic.
A favorite tool of TPTB.
Underlying could happen to anyone.

Them lulzy folks show their true colors in their actions, not their propaganda.

This is no better than targeting random people at banks and Sony because although this person was a specific target, the message it sends is to the general public.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 01:37 PM
Who cares if she was home and got shot up. one less fat useless waste of skin on earth. people trying to push this kind of cenorship is a joke. Something offends you? boohoo, to bad. deal with it

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by Domo1

I'm sorry but this really made me laugh out loud. Man people now a days are just reckless. Thats why I try hard not to get too far into this internet stuff and I always heard that 4chan was crazy so I stayed far away.


posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 07:59 PM
You peeps or should I say sheeps in here who are on the opposing side of the prank, who are ranting on about how awful this was to have happened to her, need to open your eyes and look around you. There are alot more serious crimes being committed right outside your houses, in your own neighborhoods, in your cities, your states and even your entire country everyday, yet you do nothing about it.

double standard if you ask me

A double standard is the unjust application of different sets of principles for similar situations. The concept implies that a single set of principles encompassing all situations (a "single standard") is the desirable ideal.[1] The term has been used in print since at least 1895.[2] A double standard may take the form of an instance in which certain concepts (often, for example, a word, phrase, social norm, or rule) are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable—taboo—when applied by another group.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 10:59 PM
Yeah. It's funny, if it ain't you.

Seriously though. I understand civil disobedience. I think that if an informed person makes a well thought out decision and is prepared to accept the consequences of their actions and those actions don't harm anyone or violate another persons freedom, more power to them. This ain't that. This was against the law (as it should be).

What is not funny to me (and others perhaps) is that some childish prank (and yes it is childish) wastes taxpayer resources, damaged property and could have possibly cost someone's life. And this is all because the perp didn't like or agree with what this huge necklace wearing lady believes and uses her first amendment right to promote?

Just my 2 cents.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 02:42 AM
Once again I don't agree with what they did, but it is hilarious. It reminds me of the line from Fight Club: "...we guard you while you sleep. Do not # with us".

I completely disagree with internet censorship and this woman's views. Sadly though this will just fuel her fight and win her more supporters, because "Look at the real world damage that these online bullies can do!".

RIP Internet 2011.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 04:01 PM
internet bullying is the most ridiculous thing i've heard of. She's just feeding the trolls, she got what she deserved. If someone would seriously take offense of what someone said on the internet, they don't deserve a computer. If i got online, added some random chick, called her a whore and told her her vag smelled of rotten poo, how hard is it to see its some random guy spamming and trying to troll her? Why can't she hit the block button? Why can't she get off the computer.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by doom27

I agree, being bullied on the internet and letting it get to you has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've seen. If it bugs you, turn off the computer.

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