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Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway killer

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 01:49 PM

Defense lawyers are appealing the new psychiatric report.

The defense and Breivik also discussed the next detention meeting, which is scheduled for 6 February.

- He would like to face you himself. He is very clear that he wants to attend and talk about his case, said Lippestad.

- In the previous incarceration meeting, he was interrupted by the judge. Does he have a desire now to say what he was then?

- He has not said what he wants to talk about.

He’s a male chauvinist? I think that was pretty clear already. The food dispenser metaphor didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Then again, he does seem to flip back and forth through Book 1.

I would suspect he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend but a Mother for his children. It isn’t always the same thing.

Anders never talked about politics with me.

You should always try to find out some of their key important issues. That you didn’t is part of the reason he didn’t respect you. But respect isn’t necessary for wanting a good breeder. Not looking for a conversation of depth with someone he didn’t think was capable of it, and proved it by never even having the thought to ask a relevant question.

You’ll notice in 2083 that he had some respect for women he wrote about who challenged him. He didn’t agree with them. He liked provoking them. He’d throw them into a fire. But he does have more respect for them and enjoyed their presence.

Political dissection of 2083, first part of Book 1.

This is all very Pro Frankfurt and becomes more so as it goes along. Pulling you along further and further into the ideology. Much like 2083 does. I particularly like the part at then end where he talks about how the people of the Frankfurt school were all individualists who didn’t want to dominate cultures, when in reality all of them eventually started to use their framework to do so. Seeing themselves, and their defenders all as white knights of individualism done their way.

Irony, it never fails to entertain.

The other noteworthy thing about Breivik’s section on intellectual history is its provenance. All of his ideas came from the United States. Even that may be understating it. Nearly every syllable of Breivik’s diatribe against critical theory, “cultural Marxists,” and militant feminism was taken from a think tank in the Washington, D.C., area. His rampage was, in effect, the American culture wars continued by other means.

I find this very interesting. Much of what he’s got in Book 1 and 2 is taken from sources, even when unattributed.

Kaczynski, traces of McVeigh, and I'd be interested to know if he picked out his weapon based on Lepine/Gharbi. Traces of Lepine's suicide note seems to be in there as well.

I'll note that some of his information on Canada and fertility I suspect come from the magazine Macleans. May 2007. Macleans does a piece about Lepine on a semi-regular basis. I'd link you, but apparently this particular issue looks to be pulled out of their archives. A piece on Lepine was in the April and June editions. Lepine changed his name, it was originally Gamil Gharabi. Muslim.

A good summary of Breivik’s opening pages appears in “The Time of the Spectacle,” a book now being written by Douglas Kellner, who is a professor of philosophy at UCLA. He has published a number of volumes on critical theory -- including a study of the Frankfurt School figure Herbert Marcuse, who features so prominently in Breivik’s text as to be one of the main villains. Kellner provided me with some paragraphs from a recent draft of his work in progress, and I would prefer to quote his remarks on the compendium rather than having to spend any more time reading the damned thing.

Ah, so you too like to rely on secondary sources for your information so that you don’t need to process it yourself.

(Of course, that would assume some knowledge of the existence of the Russian Orthodox Church.)

That’s just silly.

Breivik uses the term “cultural Marxism,” writes Kellner, to label “everything that he opposes, including all forms of left, liberal, and progressive thought…. In his genealogies of cultural Marxism, he privileges the Frankfurt School whose work he interprets as the origins of the ‘political correctness’ movement (i.e. anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, and other forms of tolerance)….” There is no evidence that the author read a single work by a Frankfurt School thinker or anyone else that he denounces. “The presentation is generally trite,” notes Kellner, “and based on secondary sources.”

I’d be interested to know if this is true. At some point did he go from looking at sources himself to looking at only secondary sources? Why is that? Or did he read them, and then find and use someone else’s work to summarize it?

The only part of 2083 that is truly his in entirety is Book 3. Which begs the question – is the ideology to support the Proof of Concept, or is the Proof of Concept to support the ideology?

I'd like to further note that he hints that you'll find these holes if you look. Layers in layers. Its a game of can-you-see-me.

Where is the real Anders Behring? He is Sigurd, and he is Loki. Only one God touched both Mjølner and Gungnir, want to bet he knows which one? Is he a crusader or is he a composite of anarchic political mass murders? Is he a religious conservative, or is he looking for the end of all religion by coopting the mythology of Armageddon and Ragnarok? (1000 years of peace, and the death of the Gods.)
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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 12:08 PM

Especially Christian Lollikes use of Behring Anders Breivik's manifesto arouse violent offense Ulfsby:

- Breivik's main mission has been to spread the message of the Manifesto, which he did by killing all those people. He actually succeeded with it! By creating more awareness about the Manifesto appear as useful idiots dancing by Breivik's pipe, he says.

A Danish theatre is going to make 2083 into a monologue piece.

Lollikes is wrong. He is 100% wrong. Plus, I would imagine that the Danish director has in mind some form of caricature juxtaposition with the text.

My bit above is that those who disagree need to do so in a way that actually provokes thoughtful challenge. The only thing they do not do. They rely solely on an appeal to indoctrination and silencing people. This is lazy and stupid since in these people are usually the same people telling you how freedom of information is the key to all success.

Prior to the latest trend to be punitive and silencing, activists like B'nai Brith were doing pretty well challenging difficult publications in the public.

Nothing sells like taboo.

She said Breivik could not have been stopped.

- Even the Stasi Germany, which we will not compare ourselves with, could have stopped him. The only thing might have been a chip in people's minds, said pst boss told Dagbladet.

31. July Kristiansen was quoted as follows by the British Sunday Times:

- Norwegians have not naturally an Aryan appearance. Hitler would have had posters of him. He has the perfect, classic, legendary looks.

12. August she complained Sunday Times quotes a VG interview, said the statement came outside the interview situation. She regretted the statements about Stasi Germany.

I read that. You'll notice that his hair was darker in the incarceration meeting he's probably been lightening it back to a blonde colour for a while. This type in red or blonde goes brown before going grey/white. So while he regrets the nose job, he's still been trying to preserve that look.

The Nazi Germany "Nordic Ideal."

I'll draw your attention to this "Nordic Ideal" picture's similarities to the Multikulti Hunter picture, and the Popped Collared picture minus the slicked back hair. What worked? Their propaganda.

Anders has clearly read Generalplan Ost, looking for its failures and problems.

I further suspect he's read a book by Margaret Atwood called "The Handmaid's Tale" looking again for what makes these plans unpalatable - looking for what not to do. Commander Breivik bears a striking resemblance to The Commander in The Handmaid's Tale. As does his plan for how to implement his coup.

The influence is in taking what worked out of things, and looking for obvious failures so as not to embrace them.

It has been noted that he quoted Atwood, but I suspected that the influence was deeper. I re-read the book.

I know that I told someone online years ago something to the effect of why a Christian theocratic dominated state for increasing population in an era of increasing fertility problems was awful, and referenced them to this book. I'll be damned if I can remember where. The conversation was in English, which narrows it down hardly at all and I'm ...ubiquitous?... online and I don't see it on the one's I posted as a regular. Which doesn't mean much with me. It has been killing me to try to recall where I had this conversation.
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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 12:28 AM

He moved home to his mother and was thin and pale. In the period 2006 to 2007, he is described as more quiet, less talkative and less intense.

More controlling of food intake.

Oslo, he lived, but quickly disappointed it. Was selfish in bed, it was not good, because looking at your own pleasure. He took me to sightsee, but was unable to show his emotions. Typical macho figure, cold as ice, a real male chauvinist.

Prefers sexually submissive. Photo seemed to suggest they were.

From 2083, essay by Edna McNicholas:

Autonomy versus Intimacy

In traditional relationships, men had autonomy and authority while women had neither. Women were expected to be submissive and subservient, without the right to their own opinions, feelings or needs. In modern relationships based on equality of gender roles, female and male autonomy are of equal importance, and intimacy, the mutual sharing of the being of each partner, is of vital importance to the continual development and deepening of mutual trust and love. According to Scarf, each partner not only brings herself or himself to the relationship but also the influences of known and unknown family backgrounds which have a profound bearing on the struggle between autonomy and intimacy in the relationship.

Each person in a relationship needs space to be a person in his/her own right, to pursue independent goals which meet his/her independent needs. Each one also has intimacy needs, the need to set aside time for the sharing of oneself in love and closeness with the other. However, despite the modern emphasis on equality of gender roles, both men and women are still influenced by the traditional gender-role conditioning which demanded that women be the love- and caregivers to their highly-sexed, emotionless husbands and that men be the strong, male providers for their fragile, emotional wives. Women feel guilty about having autonomous needs and feel they should be always available to provide the love and the closeness in the relationship, while men feel they should be strong and independent and cannot admit to their need for love and closeness. For both men and women, the struggle is also in the questions: how much they can give of each other to each other in intimacy without losing their autonomy, without being absorbed into the identity of the other; and, how can they "be intimate without exposing yourself to the terrible possibility of rejection and abandonment?"

Today, the struggle between autonomy and intimacy is part and parcel of the deepening and development of mature, loving relationships.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 06:36 PM
Okay, I'm now going to address the above noted reaction.

This sort of reaction indicates not a lack of emotion but an intense neurochemical reaction (oxytoxin) and fast bonding. This would fit in with my developing hypothesis about intense neurochemical reactions being the underlying theme here. What people keep suggesting is a lack of emotions is the opposite. Memory recall of July 22 is also indicative of high emotional state with intense neurochemical reactions increasing recall (effect is more commonly noted in PTSD.)

Oslo - Behring Anders Breivik (32) in the bed was too violent, I do not listen, what good is a woman - stood about him was his girlfriend, who was known to the Internet.

Right on target. This seems to have been added to the article.

A "Breivik" miniature, Norwegian police arrested

"Allah, destroy them and make them suffer," is written in a message broadcast on the background sound of a song in Arabic.

This is the fifth extremist Muslim compared to Anders Behring.

They are trying to work out how they can have media get their story, give media to the victims, avoid transmission of the most grizzly stuff, and not allow for Anders' words to be leaked in full to the press and God forbid they leak them with him actually saying them himself instead of by transcription.

Good luck with that.

- Breivik will be a most possible open trial, but it is clear there are conditions that are not suitable for openly television, says the defense attorney of Breivik, Geir Lippestad after the meeting.

Having more moral conundrums in public again?

I've never seen this sort of moral see-saw drama in a lawyer played out in the media before.

This seems to be going into the fake diploma business still. They are really on this.

What sort of serious job that requires a certain type of training doesn't require your transcript sent by your accredited university directly? You walk in with your fake diploma and people believe it? Seriously?
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 11:18 PM
Mostly rehash in the news.

Notice in the comments, the thanks for the support for the cause.

Not the pictures of the wedding. Pictures of him as a Templar, or a King. Interesting, is it not?
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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 06:14 PM

The newly appointed rettspyskiatriske experts in terrorism case, Terje Tørrissen and Agnar Aspaas, want to get Anders Breivik Behring admitted for observation.

Breivik have over their defenders signaled that he will oppose this. He does not want to cooperate with new experts, according to the defenders.

Council is willing to take it to the Supremes. New experts want to put him in for observation.

He has striking many of the symptoms. He appears to be highly organized, extremely determined and fixed on a main goal. These are all signs of Asperger's syndrome, says Belfrage, Professor of Criminology at My University in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Possibly. People are under the impression that people with certain disorders look a certain way. Being attractive and smart, and having an interest in human dynamics might mask the presentation.

This guy says not Aspergers, because he assumes that the previous diagnosticians would have considered it.

Again, I’ll note that more than one forum of those with high functioning autism have discussed this subject already over the last 6 months.

Another along the same lines:

The psychiatric report. I’ve read it through already, but I’ll see if I can scan it through an OCR and translate it.

Norwegian authorities are reportedly considering building a one-man’s psychiatric hospital unit to accommodate confessed terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, inside the prison where’s now being held. Meanwhile Breivik refuses to answer more questions from police until they promise him ongoing access to a computer.

Apotheosis…. Buehler?

Have the facility on the way - might I suggest that letting the neural networks go stale might be counterproductive?

Breivik also wants the computer to have a text program because he reportedly intends to write a book about his attacks and his ideology. Newspaper Dagsavisen has reported that justice ministry officials are considering proposing a law that would seize any income from books written by convicts.

What happens if he’ll give it away for free?

The modern era – it brings such interesting problems. I think he’s proven he’s willing to forego money for expediency. What do they do if he chooses not to profit from the release of his book? Go around the usual publishing channels? His comments seem to make it pretty clear he’s willing to.

According to Breivik's lawyer, Geir Lippestad, the 32-year-old no plans to speak to the audience this time.

Breivik working on a comprehensive defense speech that he will keep during the trial.

The prosecution would do best by trying to get him off his planned patter. I would suspect that he’s been pumping his lawyers for the several possible scenarios so that he can plan for each of them.

Breivik has also made it clear that he does not want to photographed in connection with the detention meeting.

Next incarceration meeting is on February 6, 2012. I’m sure he’s been informed that the last time there was a leak. He was clearly anticipated it last time, and I’m sure he’s anticipating it again this time. So this is to maintain interest and mystery.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:43 AM

This will get pulled down. I've watched quite a few of these by now.

They hope that the infection won't spread if you can't see it. The infection already exists, and is resisting normal methods of extermination.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:37 PM
Someone in Russia is all about the videos of Breivik Porn today.

This is a piece by a journal about Multiculturalism. It is about Anders' cross over with paganism, before rambling off in to a discussion about theosophy.

Breivik is not alone among the right wing about these ideas, says Salomonsen and shows, among other things, the right radical Journal telos. Where it is claimed that Christianity's "spirit" must be incorporated with Pagan as "spirit" as the European cultural heritage, the ideals of Charlemagne, to accelerate the radical European nationalism.

I hate to mention this - but this isn't a "radical right" thing. The underlying concept of modern governance has been well established to have a Christian-Wotan flavour for some time and you can find such discussed in political books. I've even linked one in this thread.

The link is interesting, but not for discussing theosophy and Wicca. The groups that he'd be involved in are not touched on at all in this, suggesting to me that the researcher has a limited introduction into feminist or asexual paganism solely.

pic of the girlfriend here. Russian don't care too much about
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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 11:00 AM
link,a1366518,1,f,161015/pb,a1366516,2,f,-1/pl,v,,2490542/ sb,k103266,3,f,161015=

I’m going to have to listen to this a couple of times. They are discussing the variety of Anders’ psychological disorders. Borderline personality, I think that they refer to the possibility of personality split.

I find one the journalist’s easier to understand, from the little excerpt of Anders himself I find his enunciation much easier to understand….but the psychologist on here, he mumbles and has a different accent. I’m not good enough with this language spoken yet to really get anything he is saying.

I’ve been reading quite a few forums of Nazis – the gauntlet he threw in the ring seems to have some of them in a bit of a tizzy. They hate him. Except there is a something else happening with some of them. I believe he fairly accurately identified as sub-set in them, and his ninja-templar-wotan magic is working on them.

I’ve run a few of these guys down to their real life personas. I suspect that some of them are suffering from a case of not liking the males of other groups. The women on the other hand….

The argument of the government for keeping him locked up until trial is that he has a recurrence risk.

Procedure – sometimes it is unintentionally funny.

Check the comment. Old woman is married to Anders.

Phenomena – What happens when you make the state into the spouse? Answer – some of collective spouse stand out more than others. Sometimes not in a good way. Collectivism as regression to harems and nuns. The collective harem, and the widows as the brides of Christ phenomena.

The sheer amount of culture-hack Anders threw down is #ing astonishing.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:41 PM

According to the defender has Breivik an explanation for why he wants that he built for half a year ago tried to bomb the bits together, now to be preserved. - He has told why he believes it would be best if you do not rev the building, but we want not at this stage to comment further, saying Jourdet. Breivik's views on the design of the government quarter, however, something he has informed the police that he wants to explain himself about in a later interview, said the defender.

Because he can't help but try to strategize on your behalf now. The building has proven to be strong and resistant. An excellent icon for what he wants Norway to be. I'm sure he's got other reasons, but this is likely in there.

The more of these he does, the more likely it is that his barriers are starting to come down.

- Breivik says he has called the ministry, but says he can not remember what the content of the conversation was, and that he can not remember exactly when he called. He is however clear that this happened during the planning, said Lippestad to VG Nett.

I have two observations. There are certain actions that warnings before hand are considered fair play.

Second, for him to forget would suggest that he was in a state of severe emotional dissonance that he would repress remembering it. Did he sound to be in a state of severe emotional dissonance? He practices and writes things out. He however, doesn't forget them. Last thing he said he was beginning to forget he could write out in full.

Didn't this phonecall come from London? In a perfect Norwegian accent?

Appeal about the new psychiatric report is rejected, so it will continue on.

Will Anders go to Heaven? Bishops comment.

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 03:00 PM

Researcher Franck Orban of Correctional Education, believes that Breivik has had access to al-Qaeda's manuals, which are available on the Internet. - It is difficult to say with certainty that he has read al-Qaeda's instructions to the jihadists in prison. But several elements of the manifesto reminiscent of their rhetoric. It suggests that he has had access to such sources, says Orban. - As a result, his pre-sense of prisons have been inspired by the militant Islamist own description of prisons. It is paradoxical, since he also has an image of reality is the opposite of theirs.

I've pointed out that he's modeled on Jihadists numerous times. Use what works.

I've read Al-Q's manuals, I'm sure he has too. That this is only starting to be addressed now is one of those eyebrowing raising things. Just barely has anyone touched on this aspect, probably because it doesn't fit with apologist tone that the media has taken with Islamic Terrorists.

For the insane, a much more conspiratorial tone. Its all about the Jews, and how the bomb couldn't work that way (tell McVeigh that-oh wait that's jewish conspiracy too.) and multiple shooters.
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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:39 AM

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik will give a television interview. The talk will take place before April 16, the day his trial begins.

A Norwegian news agency Breivik has been promised to cooperate with a large foreign media company, which is larger than just a newspaper.

(link translated with google translate)

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:59 AM

A TV interview neatly avoids the primary problem with a print article - that the agency prints it in full, and then promptly creates three other articles which they give front page status that pick and choose from your words, and all down stream feeds remove context.

This will still happen, but a live TV interview were he has negotiates that his answers are given in full will be a pretty effective defense.

What language will it be in? I assume English.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 08:12 PM
"As of mid-December, the self-confessed killer has been allowed to receive visitors in prison and have access to the media."

If they allow him to be interviewed, that means that Breivik has been thoroughly brainwashed and will not bring up the subject of the other shooters.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by starviego
"As of mid-December, the self-confessed killer has been allowed to receive visitors in prison and have access to the media."

If they allow him to be interviewed, that means that Breivik has been thoroughly brainwashed and will not bring up the subject of the other shooters.

I have followed your posting on the web on this subject. You are a veritable force of conspiracy. I salute you sir.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 10:21 PM
In the depths of the psychiatric/mind-control industrial complex, no one can hear you scream.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 11:23 AM
Oh my star - very dramatic. Being lonely is his biggest problem right now. But do I think there is something more to this story, and that Anders isn't lying as much as the police are suggesting? Yes I do. However, how much of his sincerity is because he sees more to something than is there?

The police were concerned that he would give out messages once the media ban came off. He did. He told someone that he was thriving. This has very little strategic value, which most of his other things are very calculated. This is a missive.

2001 Goes to London

2002 - Has book on Structural Design of Buildings on bookshelf
At this time, none of the online "radicalizing" influences exist.
In 2001 he did run into an influence. His suggestion that the people whom he discussed these things with ended up just settling down to normal lives is probably correct. They were snowballing probably on a theme, and he took away more than they did from it.

2005 - Meets Belarussian girlfriend, acts like a cad, has massive neurochemical bonding reaction and goes into withdrawals afterwards.

2005-2007 - Establishes his business.

2007 - I believe that I talked with Anders in 2007. Conversation about fertility in the West, and patriarchy. Gave a book suggestion, and may have linked him up with his Canadian data source on fertility. This casual link may have also given him the link to a Canadian feminist killer, and his weapon choice. Character from the book and the media sourced killer have been incorporated into his 1500 page character sheet.

Find this odd? He has also directly addressed in 2083 the political concerns of others he has been in direct contact with, such as pacifist resistance types. Appears to be a theme. With similar online habits, might make for an interesting study of socially created narratives going very wrong.

2007-2009 - Interacts with a pagan group. Takes up practicing shooting. The description one of them gives about how he reacts with a specific type of laughter when shooting a bird out of the sky and how it looked, is the same laugh described when he was shooting people on Utoya. Goes to Liberia. Dopamine system is in full swing here, I can see it in his passport photo.

2009 - Finishes at least the bulk of Book 3 and is ready to publish. Starts to withdraw from current online gaming group.

2011 late - Old online gaming buddy obliquely suggests that Anders withdrew from one group and was in contact with another who were feeding the extremist process. Anders has suggested the same thing.

Though-out this time line he has been skinny and bulked up a couple of times, and engaged in hair pulling. These are all dopamine related reactions. From 2009 to 2011, he has been engaging in a process to teach himself to game his serotonin and dopamine reactions. This is just damn fascinating.

Now if Anders is schizophrenic or has borderline personality, it could be that he sees suggestions as being more directive than just discussion. Or misidentifies people (online primarily) as being part of a greater conspiracy when they are not. Layers in meaning where it is not intended. Or found people who were willing to push him along in his narrative as part of their's - a match made in hell.
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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 01:53 PM

A picture of the room finally.

In 2002 he was neat, that bookshelf and the books on it are perfect. In this photo he is not.

Several jewelers believe diamonds are worth about 4,000 million

680,000,000 USD. He had diamonds he thought were worthless in his home that were worth 680,000,000 usd.

He could have financed the whole thing the way he wanted to. 25 million to self-publish.

Oh My God.

Pictures of him right after he was arrested. That is not a man who is happy.

At 18.27 the Terrorist was arrested. "The accused followed our orders and lay down on the ground and was handcuffed. He said that he looked at us as brothers and that he was not looking for the police. He further said that this was a coup d'etat and the goal was to frame Labour islamifiserte Norway, "said the report

Just before two o'clock at night (on July 23, 2011), Breivik examined by a doctor. VG has reported that he seemed upset, skin was flushed, his eyes were tired and pupil size. doctor who came to Utøya said the condition could be a consequence of mental stress or the use of ephedrine.

Or he was trying to control a reaction to his own actions. Which is quite likely what it was. Parallel processes.

He will allow the media to photograph him, may try to make a statement at the incarceration meeting, and has decided to continue with interviewing with the police.
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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 08:38 PM
I am going to see if that number of 4,000 million is some sort of translation error. It has to be.

Turkey in July / August 1998
• Liberia in April 2002
• Ivory Coast in April 2002
• Malta in April 2004
• Estonia in April 2004
• Croatia in August 2004
• China in July 2005
• Lithuania (police unsure of when).

He said where his employees were, and has maintained that even if the police have only tracked a few. He said he didn't meet all of them in person, however this list covers the places where his employees were located.

«Kostymeparty 2010/2011 - Politibetjent - Merker + bilskilt».

This is the note he had in the Fiat. They suspect it was a "operation name." It is also a reminder about what the next persona is. Sargent. He keeps notes to keep himself on track and focused. He did this in the court room as well.

I would suspect that the last two are reminders of two possible problems with his current persona that he might run into. Being asked about the license plate not being right, or his branding on his costumes.
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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 11:30 PM
Money translation is wrong. My google translators are getting worse. Things they could translate they don't anymore, I don't get it. Oh well, I'm starting to be able to read Norwegian anyways. It said 4000 Kroner not 4000 million. That equates to about 700 USD.

Okay, back to the bedroom.

The two pictures on the wall are from his favourite graffiti artist. Their content and placement is meaningful.

He could swing his chair around and look at these two pictures of people who are distorted, terrifying and terrified. He could look up from his pillow at the woman. Identified weaknesses.

Campaign of terror - he started with himself. Ugh. Though I would wonder if the terrified woman is something he was teaching himself to be okay with, or if he has some sexual reaction to it. How deep into the sub-dom pron did he get?
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