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Invisibility Works

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posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 10:52 PM
A system was observed in use by the D.E.A. which creates near perfect invisibility without Cameras or LCD tape. The system utilizes the mirror-like properties of UV range Ionization in sunlight.
In July, 1993 we were collecting evidence for a federal law suit against a persistent group of trespassers. We finally caught them using Generation-2 Starlight equipment. The morning after, just before dawn we observed a team down on a flat rooftop setting up a pyramid shaped tent frame about 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Next they pitched a tarp over it which looked like the bright side of Tin-Foil and had a UV (Blacklight) colored band around it about 2/3 the way up from it's base. It was readily seen in the ambient range during the darkness with the unaided eye, but as the sun came up we saw only what was behind it and the surrounding area.
This was part of a stealth system that works only in sunlight. The device is an optical reflector with it's primary emission in the UV range and apparently is also a capacitor which is charged by the energy in sunlight, then discharges and recharges at a near infinite rate in full sunlight.
When viewed directly, the personnel interacting with this system are noted only by a heat mirage-type wavering like on a road on a hot day. They are however plainly viewed via reflections on plate glass windows -not mirrors. We knew that the key to understanding the function of this system lied in understanding the reason why reflections appeared on plate glass and not on mirrors. We spent months researching this and at the 18 month point had a plausible theory; The system functions somewhat like HF radio skip propagation works. The sun charges particles in the ionosphere, causing them to become mirror-like and both electrically & optically conductive. [As a ham operator I can put a few watts on the other side of the world with stations in Africa and Europe coming in in the morning, Hawaii in the afternoon and Australia as the sun sets]. Charged ionosphere particles particles are both electrically and optically conductive. This UV Pyramid device -which works only in sunlight- generates a massive excess of charged UV-range particles in the immediate area. Their personnel have some simple device which gives them an opposite charge -attracting these charged particles to their bodies. So when a viewer looks at them, these mirror-like ionized particles predominate in the sight picture and he viewer sees what's behind them and the surrounding area. It works both with personnel and vehicles.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The Image is DISPLACED in the sight picture...

A mirror or a car bumper has a chromium backing which is both optically AND electrically conductive. Any electrically conductive substance "keeps the image moving" almost like it's too slick to hang on to. Plate glass is optically conductive, but NOT electrically conductive and razor sharp images of these personnel are plainly viewed. We formally sent a F.O.I.A. to the D.E.A. and the FBI and have certified that this information in non-classified and authorized for dissemination.

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