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A Dream of Eagles one hundred and fifty years of historical fiction.

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 06:18 PM
A dream of Eagles is a series of novels written by the Canadian author Jack Whyte.
There are nine novels in this epic rendition of the Arthurian legend, beginning with the Sky Stone and ending with The Eagle. As the title of my thread would suggest this tale brings the reader on a journey of one hundred and fifty years, to the barren deserts of North Africa where the reader first meets the main protagonist Publius Varrus. The first edition of the Sky Stone was released in 1992, The Eagle was released in 2002(yes writers do quite often take their time) nevertheless Jack Whyte has put many years of research and his life into this century spanning work of historical fiction.

Here’s a list of all nine novels.

>The Sky Stone (1992)

>The Singing Sword (1993)

>The Eagle’s Brood (1994)

>The Saxon Shore (1995)

> The Fort at River’s Bend (The Sorcerer, volume one 1999)

> Metamorphosis (The Sorcerer, volume two 1999)

> Uther (2001)

> Clothar the Frank (2004)

>The Eagle (2005)

Could you imagine trying to spin a tale of 150 years? Having to invent hundreds of characters, add to that their brothers, sisters, friends, foes, children and many grand children. Quite the task, no?

Of course the tale is played out across the grand theatre of the Roman Empire, from about the year 300ad to 450ad. From the barren deserts of North Africa, across the Mediterranean, to the great capital city Rome, into the conquered lands of the Gauls and finally Roman held Britannia. Southern Britannia remained in roman hands for so long that it became a peaceful part of the Roman Empire for hundreds of years. This period in time was known as the Pax Romana.

When the Roman Empire began to crumble one of the first things the Romans did was call back most if not all of their legions to central Italy and the areas surrounding the capital.As you can imagine many soldiers never made it back. Many legionnaires died while fighting their own little wars trying to get back to Rome, others chose to remain behind simply due to logistics(soldiers could be stationed thousands of miles from Rome). Publius Varrus is stationed with his legion in Britannia when the collapse of the Empire becomes horrifyingly apparent to him while those around him seem to think that the problems facing the Empire are just a small hiccup in it’s thousand year history. He chose to remain behind.

And so the story truly begins....
At this point for respect to the author I shall say no more except for the fact that Varrus and his best friend whom Varrus saved from a Berber raiding party many years ago in the far lands of North Africa. Stay behind with a handful of likeminded men and build upon their knowledge of soldiering, engineering and societal planning in the hope of creating unknown to them what would eventually come to be known as Camulud(Camelot) and the legend of king Arthur.

I hope ATS enjoys my synopsis of this truly epic one hundred and fifty year adventure.

Spike Spiegle

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 06:52 PM
Thanks, always liked the King Arthur tales.

Might check it out in the future.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 07:18 PM
Wow~!! Yes.. I've actually heard of this's 'kinda' mentioned every once in a while on tv documentry when they are talking about King Arthur or the Roman Empire.

Now what's interesting, is .. heh.. makes perfect sence.. interesting also is the History international ( I think) is the archeological findings that are 'myth' of Beowulf .. I know right... but they've been found in the exact spot the states and it seems everything correlates in some way.

and ... Knighs of the Round is as well.. ~!

I've always woundered just how King Arthur ACTUALY got started, I know some say it was a just a myth.. but in light of the HI's video documentry, makes one really wounder if actual stories became ledgend and ledgends became myth..


posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 05:34 AM
Looks interesting.

I would like to search for it and read it.

Nice thread.

posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 01:22 PM
I usually stick to 'classics' and stay away from anything written in the last several decades, but this series might be interesting. Excellent summary.

Thanks for sharing. I'll check the library.

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