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Christina Forces Owen To Marry Her (Disturbing Video)

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posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by Bluesma

I think I am getting a little tired of this thread...not saying this for you but for myself.
The biggest problem our society is facing today is the lake of empathy.
The world from religious extremist to political demagogue via corporation greed and in conscience behaviour, has led us to the biggest uncertainty the world today is facing.
As an example this video (and please this is personal view) is the typical reflection of wrong doing because of so called child psychologist thought he had it all sorted in his intellectual brain.
You don't go around and test you children, from the start you give them a lots of love and respect, both together will prepare the child for many aspect of his life.
The environment that we have created is wrong, so to say that we have to prepare children for this environment it is like never bringing a solution to the problem.
Lets just change the environment.
All this issue about celebrity, reality tv, and so on...just degrade our humanity.
This environment create little callouses child that will grow up to consolidate this upper materialistic world we are heading to.
When I see the state of the world I can only reflect on the words that the founder of Facebook said.
" people are more interested about a squirrel dead by their street than people dying of hunger in Africa "

Good sunday.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by kacou

I think that empathy is being encouraged and taught. It seems to me that your argument is that it is being encourage din the wrong directions from what you'd like to see them directed towards.

I would agree with you, when it comes to the current american culture.
For example empathy and sympathy is encouraged towards pets, to a much higher level than in some other cultures.

What and whom are deserving of acceptance and compassion in a culture is all up for argumentation, as it is relative and for each culture to decide what they shall value and not.
Another possibility to consider though is the future effects of children who do not face challenge and discomfort early on in life, and the risk that they become highly sensitive to criticism from the exterior, or difficulty, and unable to face it rationally and effectively.

It is a mistake to think that a highly sensitive personality will therefore be passive and peaceful, in order to avoid confrontation, conflict, and discord. What is more often observed is that child that is highly protected from conflict, confrontation and difficulty becomes a highly sensitive individual later that when faced with such things later in life become overwhelmed and introvert (like isolate themselves from collective interaction and prefer interacting wiht a computer screen instead of real life and people). They see a criticism or disagrement as a violent attack instead of criticism or disagreement, and when they cannot retreat and avoid the situation, eventually blow up into uncontrolled violence or hostility to defend themselves, instead of controlled rational action.

Instead of just listening to the stories from the point of view of the adults who are having problems integrating and acting effectively in their environment, one can get a more complete view if they can watch the actual story happening when they were children, or at least, get the point of view and memories from the other people involved in that childhood!

A lot of times, our memory is selective and highly subjective. In this case, I refer to chidlren that were highly protected or kept from difficulties when a toddler, so that as they got older, the slightest difficulty or challenge from others was seen as major attack and trauma.... and they held onto that judgment.

I personally think that raising kid to have an extra thin skin seems to be a good idea when we are young parents- because we find they can sense what we want from them without us having to enforce and assert it firmly, and because we assume just raising our voice a little will then have enough impact to get them obeying, if they are sensitive enough. In other words- we don't have to put as much energy into the whole discipline thing. It will go "naturally".

Having watched and tried this approach, I foudn that that thin skin becomes a handicap for them, especially as they reach the teen age, when interacting with others and the world outside the family ciricle become the focus of their experience and the world becomes too harsh for their thin skin and reactive nervous systems.

It's one thing to complain about the world being too harsh a place- go for it! In the mean time, your kids are going to have to DEAL with that harsh world as you go about that complaining. Idealism is a neat thing. Realism is a useful thing.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by Bluesma

I enjoyed your writing.
A new paradigm of realism guided by idealism.
As we are here in the forum of all conspiracy, I like to suggest that a great effort has being design unconsciously to drives people from they true origin of humanism.
This of course start at an early age, no children or parents are spare in the effort of detouring them from the core of their being which is love.
Many people refer to me as utopian in idea and manners, but i am part of this world and very active in all aspect of the wouldn't discriminate the dreams that are in fact well at reach to people.
But you have to wake up early, focus in all you do, and treat every one with love and respect...this some time can be a challenge but the reward is grand.
I am an advocate of changing every thing that we do or think in our society for the simple reason because of too many children with emotional baggage from an early age, and too many parents facing a strong unconscious guilt complex.
You mention America but rest a sure that the entire world as such is the same.

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